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The Incubus System Chapter 266: The Shadow Ritual I (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 266. The Shadow Ritual I

I was quite shocked by their drastic change with just a few sentences. Moreover, I only said what I wanted since I was sure our relationship would last for a lifetime.

"How about we move to another room It's a little cramped here," I said. Their movements were getting wilder every second and I was not sure I could hold myself back. Also, I was afraid we would break the sofa if we did it here.

They stopped upon what I said and got down from the sofa.

"As your wish, Your Highness," they said.

A breath escaped my mouth as I stood up from my seat and walked towards the door at the end of the room. I was planning to ask them a lot of things, about their origins, their parents, their life in the dark dimension and what happened there before we started the ritual, but it seemed I had to postpone it.

We entered Pearl's private room with the dim blue light mixed with warm yellow light illuminated it. It was the room I used when I had a threesome with Pearl and Mia for the first time. I stopped in front of the bed as I thought for a moment. Although that bed was quite big, I was not sure it was enough to hold five of us. Indeed, it looked sturdy, but there were four 'hungry' demons here. As I--- Although I wasn't that hungry, who knew what happened if my Incubus instinct got triggered

"I think we will do it on the carpet," I decided since I didn't know how the Ritual went. What I knew was I had to do sex with my partners or servants, then the low-level demons within my skill range would die. There wasn't any description of how the skill killed my enemies.

"I'll get started," I said after we were in the middle of the room. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath since I was quite nervous with this absurd skill.

'Shadow Ritual.'


My heart suddenly skipped a beat, as if something had awakened my Demonic instincts. My lust rose rapidly as my Incubus instinct started to take over me, but since I could control myself well, I could maintain my consciousness and my sanity.

[You have activated your Demonic Form.]

[Fly has been activated.]

[All skills effectiveness 30%.]

My Demonic Form activated by itself, turning me into my original self. But different from when I did it with Celia yesterday or with Emma the first time, somehow I could feel something new as if the beast inside of me had been released from its cage. My wings flapped a bit. The movements were enough to create a breeze in the room. My tail was also snaking in excitement. Slowly, I opened my eyes, showing them my eyes glinted in red. My naughty smirk grew on my lips. The dark aura from my body spread out, forming a huge strange formation beneath our feet. That formation diameter was even wider than the bed near us.

[Shadow Ritual initiated... ]

The dark aura beneath our feet spread up and formed a huge dome that covered our bodies. At the same time, a sweet erotic fragrance wafted. It had the same fragrance as my charm skill. The difference was, that skill not only affected them but also me. Our faces began to turn red, our breathing was getting heavier. Their eyes locked onto mine. Then an announcement appeared before me.

[4 servants are in your range. Yuffy, Luna, Maria, Ivy. Do you want to use the skill on all of them]



Later, the screen disappeared and was replaced by another announcement in front of me.

[Please choose your target.]

[Human/Hybrid-beast/Elf/Demon ]


[Detecting target... ]

[Targets found: Rat Demons, Shadow Imps, Chaos Imps]

[You may start the ritual...]


My heart beat faster as my lust shot to the top of my head. I snapped my fingers, cancelling my Demon's clothes as well as them. Then without saying anything, I pushed one of them and pinned her onto the carpet. The most appetizing one for me... Ivy.

A naughty grin on my face as my eyes looked at her with extraordinary thirst.

"I gonna f*ck you until you beg me for mercy," I hissed, either to threaten her or tease her. Those words came out of my mouth since I couldn't hold back my lust.

But instead of fear, Ivy grinned in excitement.

"Yes... f*ck me, Your Highness. Fill me with your love." Her ragged breath was in her voice. Her wings flapped against the floor and her tail stroked my cock. As for the others, they didn't hesitate to 'attack' me. Maria and Luna hugged me from my sides. Their lips kissed and licked the sides of my neck, shoulders, wings and back. As for Yuffy, she licked the tip of my tail, giving me the pleasant stimulation and tickle straight down my spine, making my body tremble and my mating desire even higher.

"Damian," I whispered. My gaze swept side to side, indicating that what I said would apply to all of them.

"Call me Damian, do you understand" I said again. I usually prefer my real name, but somehow... I wanted them to call me by my Incubus name, the name that Lilieth and Lord Damon gave me.

"We understand." After that answer, my lips fell on Ivy like a hungry beast eating its prey and she replied with the same dirty kiss. It was so hot and passionate, our tongues moved wildly as did our lips. But only briefly I descended on her neck and chest. One of my hands squeezed her breast impatiently. At the same time, I could feel stimulation coming from all parts of my body. I didn't even know who did it since my mind went blank. They were licking the tip of my tail, one of their hands was playing with my balls, the other was kissing and licking my back and neck, pressing their naked bodies to me.

Our ragged breath filled the whole room. In just that short time, my cock was fully awake and my load was full. It was so fast since I usually like long foreplay, but not this time. My body demanded me for penetration, right now, as if I were a degenerate who couldn't control my own lust. And I couldn't say no.

My body felt hot, I felt like I was drowning in my own desire and lust. My waist moved to rub my erection against Ivy's entrance. Her entrance, which was also wet with her liquid, twitched, signalling that she was in the same state as me and asked me to put mine in her immediately.

Unable to contain the throbbing desire within me, I distanced my head away and used my Demonic Erection.

'Demonic Erection lv 3.'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

As I moved my waist, my cock enlarged and extended in front of her entrance. Even though I knew it was too big for her hole, still... I wanted to penetrate her with it.

"Open wide and give me a good scream," I said whether it was a command or a request.

Quickly, Ivy spread her legs voluntarily since she already knew what would happen next. But rather than being afraid, she looked so excited. Her breasts heaved up and down, her eyes fixed on my big cock, something that would stab her mercilessly, yet she wanted it so badly.

Then without saying anything else, I pushed my cock into her.

"Aagghhhh...!" A scandalous erotic voice came out of her mouth as her body jerked in surprise. Her back lifted slightly and her head bent backwards. Her eyes turned upside down, her face flushed with pain and pleasure mixed within her.

As I--- I was also in pleasure, so much pleasure till my body shivered with it. Since I penetrated her using my Demonic Erection lv 3 without much foreplay, her hole felt very narrow and it rubbed against my cock roughly, creating a different sensation of pleasure.

"OHHHH!" I grunted loudly as I raised my head in the mid-air. All my muscles tensed, my adrenaline filled my body. It wasn't a rough penetration since I did it slowly yet it was so delicious and the tightness made me go crazy. Now I understood why I wanted them to call me Damian this time since what I did was too wild for Ethan. This act was more suitable for Damian. The Incubus and the Demon Prince, Damian Lucio.

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