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The Incubus System Chapter 267: The Shadow Ritual II (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 267. The Shadow Ritual II

As my whole erection stake went in to her, the glint in my eyes was getting brighter, likewise with Ivy and the others. A strange power filled my body before it spread out as a dense dark force and penetrated the ground ferociously.

My waist moved, thrusting my cock deeper into hers and shook her body violently. I felt like drowning in the ecstasy of pleasure and desire. I knew it hurt but strangely she did the same. Her legs clamped me and her waist moved with me. Her red eyes were filled with thirst mixed with excitement. Her cheeks were red and sweat was dripping down her forehead since she had to hold my big cock. Her ragged breath was evident from the movement of her chest. Her moans kept coming out of her mouth. I could hear her calling my name and asking me to do it harder, asking me to give my all to satisfy her, me, both of us, and I gladly did her request.

As my waist moved and the pleasure piled up inside me, someone grabbed my head from my side and kissed me passionately. Maria tilted her head to deepen our kiss without hesitation and sucked my tongue and saliva. Our saliva dripped from the sides of our mouths but we didn't give a f*ck with that.

"Angh!" I jolted and released my kiss in reflex. My mouth was wide open as I could feel a kiss accompanied by sucking on my triangle tail. The pleasure and stimulation piled up in my body made me reach my limit in no time.

"Ohh!---Ohhh! Yesss!!---More! More!!!!" I shouted like a mad man. It was a weird feeling since I could maintain my consciousness, my movements, yet I was also immersed in my own instincts and desires. I felt like a drunk person no... More like I felt like I was in a lucid dream. I was aware of everything I was doing and I could control it yet my consciousness felt dim and my flaming desire flared within me.

Then my scream was swallowed up by another kiss that came from my other side. Just like Maria, Luna kissed me wildly. Her eyes glinted in thirst and hunger since she couldn't wait for her turn. If I hadn't held myself back, maybe, I would have used my tail to penetrate them, but I didn't want to take their virginity with it. I wanted my cock to be the first to enter their holes. I wanted my hot flesh that claimed they were mine.

Ivy's screams grew louder as we almost reached our climax.

"Ahhh!" Again, I released my kiss accompanied by another grunt. My hot load was fired inside her and the pleasure filled my body. It was an extraordinary one, more than I've ever tasted. My body stiffened in that great sensation.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[Your Servant's Demonic Power is fully charged.]

Yet... It wasn't enough. I wanted more penetration. I wanted to spend my cum till they begged me to stop.

I pulled my cock, letting my cum out of her pussy and dripping on the carpet. Although my Demonic Erection had finished, but not with my normal erection. My cock was still hard and ready to fire its load again. My cum and Ivy's liquid was dripping from the tip. It was crazy since I had never felt this way before.

"Shit!" I pulled Luna impatiently, pressed her front torso to the carpet and started to swipe my hard cock to the front of her entrance. At the same time, she bent her legs and showed me her delicious pink entrance.

'Demonic Erection lv 3'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

My cock enlarged and extended in front of her wet entrance. I didn't know whose liquid wet ours, what did I know we were both wet. My thumbs pulled her entrance to the opposite direction so I could enter her sweet hole easier, even though I knew it wouldn't. Yet I couldn't hold myself to give her my full size even though this was her first experience. But judging from Foxy's condition, she should be okay.

I pushed my cock into her, slowly, even more slower than when I penetrated Ivy. Still, her narrowness and tightness clamped me so hard. And her resistance was crazy.

"Aahhhh! Ahhhh!" Her cry echoed throughout the room. But she didn't struggle. And my grunt sounded between her cries. I just got my climax, yet now, I found myself penetrated another. I was in high pleasure, so much pleasure that I had difficulty controlling myself as well as them even though I still could maintain my consciousness. The rough friction, the tightness, all of it made my mind blank.

Luna called my name and begged. But she didn't beg for mercy or to stop. She wanted more... I knew all of us were influenced by this skill. That skill made our bodies beg for sex like a group of mindless sex beasts or mindless sex demons to be precise.

As I managed to put all of my possession into her, I leaned my body forward, pressing my front torso on her back. My hands pinned the back of her hands on the carpet.

"Luna," I whispered in a ragged breath into her ear. I wanted to give her a bit of comfort since I knew I was too rough. But since I needed to use my Demonic Erection either inside or outside of her and the result would be the same.

As she turned to me, she kissed me although I knew she was holding my possession inside her. It was a soft and gentle kiss. Just like Ivy, sweat soaked her forehead and temples. Our tails coiled around each other, but rather than like a pair of vicious snakes. It was more like a couple who were dancing shyly. Somehow rather than me, she was the one who gave me comfort. As if she was telling me she was fine and I shouldn't blame myself or feel guilty for it.

"Thank you..." I said as we broke our kiss. My hips started to move and her body started to shake every time I thrust my cock into her. Her moans mixed with yelp came out of her mouth. As for the others, I could feel their wild touch and kisses landing on my body and kissing my skin, but I couldn't tell whose it was.

The ragged breath and clashing flesh sounds echoed through the room. Not only me, but she also moved with me, bringing my cock deeper into her willingly. The pleasure that was shot from the bottom of my cock filled my body. Not too different from before, I just needed a few minutes to reach my limit. It was too fast yet both of us couldn't hold back the pleasure that was built up quickly every time I stabbed my cock. Although the penetration was fast, the enjoyment was the same. Moreover, her tightness exceeded Ivy's so I didn't need too much time.

"Cumming," I said as I sped up my pace.

And a few seconds later, my cock twitched and shot my semen in her. Our loud moans sounded like a lewd orchestra and that showed how much we enjoyed it.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[Your Servant's Demonic Power is fully charged.]

She collapsed onto the carpet and her pussy released my cock by itself. Her virgin blood mixed with my semen came out of her hole as she tried to catch her breath. Although she was tired, the smile on her face showed how much she enjoyed it. So did I. A satisfied smile on my lips, but the blood and semen dripping from the tip of my hard cock showed that my flaming desire had not died out yet. In other words, as long as the ritual wasn't over yet, I wouldn't be satisfied and my cock would be erected no matter how much I cum. I didn't know how to end this skill, but I guessed this skill would stop automatically after all enemies in the skill area die.

"Damian~" Maria and Yuffy purred by my sides in a spoiled tone. Their bodies pressed against mine. Their hands groped my chest and abs, signifying a clear challenge. What they had just seen didn't make them afraid, instead, they were even more excited by it. I knew what they wanted was me--- No, what they wanted was to satisfy themselves, us. It was the same as me. We were like a bunch of couples who were in love and couldn't contain our lust.

I turned around and grabbed their hands. My tail caressed Yuffy's entrance before shifting to Maria's, feeling how wet and impatient they were. A smirk on my lips.

"Let's continue," I said in the same thirst.

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