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The Incubus System Chapter 269: Mysterious Dark Power II

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The Incubus System Chapter 269. Mysterious Dark Power II

The Demon Hunters' PoV (Mrs Clea, Ruby and Emma)


The sound of the phones' ringtone filled a large room with computers and monitors on modern minimalist desks. The room was dominated by a simple white colour with various technologies in it. A gigantic screen was in front of the room, where people could see it from all directions easily. The click-clack sounds of fingers moving across the keyboard also filled the room, accompanied by the sound of people talking through their headsets. The women and men in office uniforms with the demon hunter organization's symbol on their right chest sitting behind the desk looked overwhelmed with all the calls that came non-stop. They typed word by word on their report before they said thank you and hung up the call only to take another call and listen to the same problem and also make the same report. Their brows were furrowed in either confusion or exhaustion since these endless train calls lasted at least almost half an hour. Several people were seen pacing back and forth in a hurry to send some reports to the investigation room. It was an unusual event that occurred in the demon hunter association's control room.

A 'Shadow' was just about to pick up another call, but before she could pick it up, Mrs Clea who was standing behind the female operator suddenly tapped her shoulder to stop her and took her headset.

Mrs Clea's hands put that headset on her head before asking the operator to pick up the call. She recognized the demon hunter's ID who made the call from the monitor, which was why she decided to take the call by herself.

"Tell me your situation, Larry," Mrs Clea said without further ado. It was the first time this crazy incident happened.

"Oh--Um... Good evening, ma'am," said Larry in surprise, not expecting the chairwoman would pick up his call.

"I want to report a strange incident that we just experienced, ma'am. Our location is at a construction site at no 269 patrol area."

"What's your report" asked Mrs Clea.

"Uh... How can I explain it" Larry's voice sounded confused with a clear doubt evident in his tone.

"W-We just encountered a mysterious power, ma'am. That dark power emerged from the ground and formed hands with claws that killed demons in an instant. It-It's really crazy! Those demons can't escape or fight back. We've also checked our surroundings, but our Demon Compass doesn't show any other demons' presence. I-I know this sounds like bull**, but I'm serious! I'm not joking around! Oh! I-I think this has something to do with that great demon!" Larry blabbered with a stammering voice since he was at a loss for what to say. It even made his report sound like an empty babble.

Weirdly, Mrs Clea didn't look surprised.

"Did you catch another person's presence there Or anything suspicious" The calmness of her voice sounded odd.

After checking the surroundings accompanied by a noise from the headset, Larry spoke again.

"I found a wild cat, ma'am. Does that count"

"Did your Demon Compass react to that animal" asked Mrs Clea. Although what Larry said sounded stupid, judging by the great Demon's strength, he could have disguised himself as an animal.

"No, ma'am." His answer was followed by a displeasure hissing sound of the cat and another noise.

"Ouch!" Larry yelped in pain.

"What happened" Mrs Clea's voice turned serious as she expected the worst.

"That cat has clawed my handsome face and ran away, ma'am," he said accompanied by a faint groan of pain.

A breath escaped Mrs Clea's mouth either out of relief or out of frustration with Larry's overreaction.

"Is there anything else" she asked again. She didn't have time to worry about minor injuries like that since the association was in a panic now.

"Uh... Do mosquitoes also count" Larry was really confused since there was nothing there, not even a trace of that mysterious power.

"And your Demon Compass' status" asked Mrs Clea. She wanted to say 'that's impossible' but considering how chaotic the headquarters was right now, she wanted to take all the possibilities, even if it sounded stupid.

"It doesn't react to them, ma'am," replied Larry.

Mrs Clea pinched her nose bridge and closed her eyes tiredly.

"Alright. Treat your wound in the 'usual place' and be careful." Of course, what she meant was their nearest demon hunter hideout.

"Yes, ma'am."

After that Mrs Clea hung up the call and returned the headset to the operator. Soon, another call came and the operator answered it.

"Is that Larry" Ruby's voice came from Mrs Clea's side.

"Yes. He and Tiffany also experienced the same thing as the others," said Mrs Clea as she raised her head, staring at the large screen in front of the room with a large map of Nighthallow City on it. Dozens... No, hundreds of blinking dots were scattered all over the map, showing where all the calls were coming from. Some were accompanied by footage on the right row of the screen. It showed the abnormal events that shook the Demon Hunter Association's headquarters that night.

Just like what Larry and Tiffany experienced, all the demon hunters in the Nighthallow City saw the same thing. Some black hands emerged from the ground or walls to grab and hold the demons before tearing them apart and killing them mercilessly. In some cases, this mysterious power saved the demon hunters and the victims' lives. Surprisingly, even though it was a demonic power, that power didn't kill or hurt humans. Mrs Clea was pretty sure this was The Great Demon's power, some kind of his deadly skill to be precise. But the question was, how could he divide himself across the city and detect other demons so easily No, this was crazier, he even could be in several places at the same time and none of the demon hunters could detect his presence.

'No. I can't jump to conclusions too quickly, he could have an army,' thought Mrs Clea.

Previously, Ruby and Mrs Clea were talking about Ethan at her house after they got Tiffany's report that the bank almost confiscated his house because of his mother. Both of them were so furious about it since they didn't think his mother could go that far. Then suddenly a call from the headquarters came to deliver this emergency news... The report made Mrs Clea and Ruby immediately go to the headquarters to check on this abnormal event that had never happened in the human world's history before. All of them were very shocked and couldn't believe what they saw. This was insane! How could such a power exist

Indeed this was great news. Because this power could make the human world win against the demons easily, protecting the city without any casualties but they were also aware of the great threat behind it. Since it meant, the great demon was capable of mass slaughter and he could use it on the demon hunters or humans.

"Shall I join them, ma'am" asked Emma who was standing on the other side of Mrs Clea. She had just finished her check-up when Mrs Clea and Ruby asked her to come with them to the control room. Judging by the mysterious power, Emma was sure it was Ethan's. Unfortunately, she couldn't contact Ethan with her Telepathy as an announcement that said he was in the middle of a skill called Shadow Ritual kept appearing in front of her.

"Yes. You're going out with Ruby today." Then Mrs Clea turned to Emma.

"But your main mission is to find out about that demon."

"Yes, ma'am," said Emma. Although she preferred to go on patrol as usual since she knew this would be a waste of time, she couldn't refuse Mrs Clea's orders.

Mrs Clea turned her gaze to Ruby and gave her a threatening gaze.

"And you, please do your duty professionally," she warned in an emphatic tone. She had heard that Emma was Ethan's girlfriend so she intentionally gave Ruby that warning.

"You don't have to worry about that," Ruby replied in a slightly annoyed tone. She caught what Mrs Clea meant.

As Mrs Clea returned her gaze to the front, Ruby asked.

"So... What's your plan"

A long breath escaped Mrs Clea's mouth.

"Investigate it and talk to that demon." It wasn't like they had any other options than that...

"I think we need someone who can replace Renart. You know... Someone who might have the same power as him," said Ruby again. She said it with caution since this was a sensitive topic for Mrs Clea. And of course, who she meant was Ethan. From Tiffany's information, it was clear that Ethan could fight, so she decided to use this excuse to recruit him.

"I told you I can't drag him into this mess. His father has sacrificed himself, at least I want to let his son live in peace," said Mrs Clea. Her eyes glared at Ruby and it made Ruby lower her head without being able to say anything. Yet, his sudden fighting ability bugged her so much. Was Ethan the same as his father

'I think I need to check on Ethan...'

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