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The Incubus System Chapter 273: Night Guest II

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The Incubus System Chapter 273. Night Guest II

I mostly repeated what I had told Tiffany before and added a few things to my story. Although she should have known about it from the spy who's been following me for a year. Especially when Bern hit me and almost knocked me out in one hit in front of our house. The others, it all happened behind the closed door, so I could give her as many reasons as I wanted. Like, I trained myself every night, learning it via videos on the internet and also asked Olivia to train me. Still... I knew that sounded odd. So all I could do was remind her of my father's strength. After all, since I didn't fight using any martial skills, I was pretty sure this still made sense to her.

"So you're trying to say you suddenly can fight on your own" Mrs Clea concluded as she frowned. Currently, only the two of us were sitting on the sofa, Celia decided to 'run away' to her room with the reason that she had to study for her exam. And I could say it was the right decision since it meant I just needed to put my concentration on Mrs Clea.

"You didn't count my training" I said in objection.

"Training without a trainer is barely called real training, Ethan," she pointed at what she meant.

"But my dad also got stronger despite he never trained. He was even able to knock down three big guys at once when they tried to rob us in front of the supermarket two years ago," I retorted with a frown. My displeasure was clear from my voice. It wasn't a lie. The three of them were drunk and my father's body was smaller than them.

"Maybe he was training somewhere. Like a gym or fighting studio, but you didn't know about it," said Mrs Clea. I bet she couldn't say that he trained in the association.

"He was too busy working and taking care of us. I had never seen his Gym or fighting studio membership card. I asked him about it before and he said he didn't have any. Also, he often told us that he was once a weak man just like me, but got stronger when he turned 18. Isn't that the same as me" Well, I bet my father started working as a demon hunter when he was 18 years old.

Mrs Clea was silent. Indeed, in plain sight, it was just a normal similarity between father and son. As if it was in our blood. Although I couldn't deny it... It was because we had the same Nephilim blood in our veins. But what she knew was that my father was getting stronger because he got the association's vaccine and got special training there so she couldn't reply to my statement either.

"I think you are different, Ethan," she finally opened her voice after a moment of silence.

"Then tell me... What makes me different" Rather displeasure, I said in a much calmer tone. My eyes looking at her showed my seriousness as well as a bit of my bitterness. Indeed, I was different from my father and I realized it. Since the power that triggered our blood was different.

Once again Mrs Clea fell silent. It was a difficult question for her.

A long breath escaped my mouth as I shifted my gaze to another direction and looked at the distance.

"There were so many changes after my dad left us. A lot of mysteries... Experiences and pains... It taught me a lot of things." I shifted my gaze to my palm as my mind remembered how I was before.

"I know I have to grow stronger for my beloved one---" Then I turned to Mrs Clea and looked at her gently.

"-- also for the person who has been secretly protecting me," I said with a wistful smile. Those sentences came from the bottom of my heart. Since I didn't know when I could say a proper thanks to her, I decided to say it now.

Mrs Clea couldn't hide the surprise on her face. Since obviously what I meant was her. Her eyes trembled, but she didn't take her eyes off me. I could catch a trace of her happiness and also the sadness, either because of her incapability to give her fullest protection to Celia and me or because she couldn't do anything despite knowing the fact that the association used both of us as demon bait.

"I'm glad to hear that," she replied with a simple answer and averted her eyes from me.

We were silent for a moment before she spoke again.

"I believe... If your dad didn't die in that accident. He would be proud of you..." Her voice sounded melancholy.

"I know it wasn't an accident." The accident could mean two things. The car accident and the accident since my father usually wouldn't lose to the Imps. And I was sure she thought I meant the car accident.

"The hospital has already given their statement, Ethan. I'm sure they've examined him well," she tried to reassure me, although I could catch the sadness in her eyes was getting clear.

"I don't think so," I said straight to the point before looking her directly in the eyes.

"I know they lied to us. I know my dad didn't die in a car accident. I will let it slide since I know they had no other choice. But I still hope that one day... they will tell us the truth."

Again Mrs Clea froze after hearing my words. I could see her emotional status turn into panic.

"Where did that conclusion come from"

"Those wounds weren't because of an accident, but belonged to animals. No... Those were from monsters. And the hospital tried to cover it up," I replied.

"How can you be sure Did someone tell you" she asked again.

"I saw those wounds with my own eyes. Even ordinary people can tell that they were not accidental wounds." The look in my eyes showed how serious I was.

Mrs Clea just opened her mouth, I knew she was about to retort but I immediately interrupted her.

"You don't have to worry. I said I will let it slide. I won't tell anyone either." After a short pause, I spoke again.

"I understand why they can't tell me," I said in a calmer tone.

A breath escaped Mrs Clea's mouth before she lowered her head and nodded repeatedly as guilt appeared in her emotional status.

"I see. Thank you for your time and explanations, Ethan." She stood up, indicating that she wanted to end our conversation.

"No problem." I followed her.

She just turned and walked a few doubtful steps, but a second later, she stopped and turned to me.

"Ethan... Please remember no matter how difficult your problems are, I'm sure there will always be a way out," she said in a gentle voice. And I quickly caught what she meant was that vacate letter. It was just that she couldn't tell me directly.

I replied with a smile.

"I understand. That's why I strive to become stronger. I will not lose."

As I could catch the melancholic feeling from her gaze, Mrs Clea's eyes trembled in emotion. Then what happened next was beyond my expectation. Suddenly she opened her arms and hugged me tightly. I could feel her body warmth, her scent, her heartbeat and all the emotions she had been holding back since the beginning of our conversation. This time, I was the stunned one. Rather than a suspicion or a goodbye, I felt the hug was saying 'I'm glad you're okay. Please be strong...'

"What's this for" I said as I could let my voice out. I didn't make a single move since I didn't know how to respond. I knew she was my father's ex-girlfriend, someone who would have been my mother if my father had not died. The demon hunter's chairwoman. But right now, she was just a mere neighbour who shouldn't know much about me. Obviously, this was not what a lonely married woman should do to her young boy neighbour.

"You have done your best. Please take care of yourself..." she whispered. I could feel her sincerity from her voice and her hug. Somehow it gave me a nostalgic feeling.

They were simple sentences. But it meant a lot when you got it from an enemy as well as someone who had been guarding you for a long time. Slowly, my hands went up to hug her and my eyes closed.

"Thank you..." I whispered.

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