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The Incubus System Chapter 274: Lewd Live Show I

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The Incubus System Chapter 274. Lewd Live Show I

10.01 PM

"Has she left yet" Celia, who was sitting in front of her desk, turned around and greeted me with a question as soon as I entered her room before I even closed the door behind me.

"Don't worry, she's gone," I said followed by the door closing's sound.

"Did she suspect you" Celia asked impatiently.

"I do not think so." My feet approached her. I came to this conclusion since I kept checking her emotional status throughout our conversation, even before she left.

"Foxy, you can come out now," I said again since I realized Foxy was still hiding herself using her hiding skill. At the same time, I sat on the side of Celia's bed.


Foxy appeared by my side and plopped her head in my lap like a spoiled cat. Her tails wagged slowly.

"So what's your plan" Celia asked. Her concern was still on her face.

"I'll keep an eye on their movements and gather more information about the association." My hand moved to stroke Foxy's head, past her ear to her shoulder repeatedly. Two things kept me calm, despite the suspicion.

First, from Mrs Clea's gesture and her emotional status, I could conclude she never intended to catch me or suspect me that I was that great demon. She just wanted to know why I was able to fight out of nowhere. I was guessing she started thinking about recruiting me but her principles and doubts held her back. I could understand this against what she said to Ruby, that she wouldn't let me join the Demon Hunter Association. But with The Great Demon's appearance, I was sure she had no choice but to start looking for someone who had the power to fight that Demon. And I was perfect for that.

Second, with the fewer cracks and my Shadow Ritual skill that could kill demons from a distance, I didn't need to patrol like I used to. What I needed was, gathered my servants somewhere and had sex with them so I didn't have to appear in front of them as 'The Great Demon' for the time being and I could do everything behind the scenes.

"Is that all You aren't planning on leaving this house or anything What are your plans Do you still want to take over the association" Celia asked in confusion.

"If I leave this house, it's the same as telling them that I'm hiding something." After all, the Demon Hunter Association was a large international organization. Wherever I went, even abroad, they could find me easily and Mrs Clea could have ordered the spy to keep an eye on me like before. This was the reason why I told Tiffany about the vacate letter because I wanted to borrow the association's network to find my mother.

"For my plan, I still need a lot of information about them," I added. The Demon hunter association, although the demon hunters weren't as strong as me, their network was in the top-notch as were their resources. So I couldn't underestimate them.

"Do you have to do it I mean--- Taking over the organization will make you look like a bad guy and the enemy of mankind," asked Celia in a gloomy tone. Her worry was clearly audible from her voice.

"I have to. This is not only because of what they have done to us. But also for the human world..." I replied in a gentle tone, trying to calm her down and indicating I didn't mean anything bad.

"I never intended to destroy that association. But with their current strength and progress, they wouldn't be ready to face a demon attack. Besides, I don't want to live forever in the cat and mouse game with them." And the only peaceful way was to take control of the organization that hunted me down. Although the crack wouldn't get any worse, at least for now, the fact that Myra had been able to create a device that could create the crack was undeniable. Who knew it could happen again in the future. Whether it was the demon or the human's doing. After all, since the demons had started to learn about the crack, they would definitely look for opportunities to escape to the human world.

Celia exhaled a long breath.

"I understand..."

Foxy, who was silent, finally spoke.

"Master, when are we going to do it You know--- What you said earlier..."

It reminded me of the rough play I just did with my other servants.

"Oh right. I forgot to tell you. I think that skill it's too much for you. Are you serious about doing it" I said in doubt. I was a bit hesitant to do it.

Foxy's tails that had been waved around stopped moving. She got up from my lap and looked at me with a clear trace of disappointment.

"Yes, I'm serious. Why do you say that skill is too much for me"

"I just finished doing it and... it was crazy. That skill will affect both of us. Our sexual drive will boost up just like we are in my Charm skill. I don't know if you can handle it," I explained.

"Are you going to break your promise" she said with a pout. I was sure that skill could raise her level significantly, so she didn't want to miss it.

"It's not like that."

"Is it that bad" Celia also asked curiously.

"Yeah. I acted like a sex maniac when I did it. It was insane. I don't know if Foxy can handle it or not."

Foxy put her arms around my neck and it turned my gaze to her.

"Pweasee..." She begged with a spoiled tone and puppy-like eyes. It made her cuteness point increase by 100%.

"Besides, I'm a demon, remember" she added.

I quickly turned my head the other way to cover my blushing face

"Fine. But don't regret it..." My heart was pounding since she was the cutest among my partners and servants.

And what Celia said took me by surprise.

"Um... You know, you guys can do it here," she said with the same flushed face as me.

Her words made me turn to Celia.

"Do you want to watch a live porn show" I said in shock. It was shocking me since I just found out this side of her.

"It's not what you think!" she retorted with a pout. Her face was getting redder.

"I'm just thinking... Maybe I can join you someday. Besides, isn't that a good idea since I can strengthen myself without fighting" she explained. But obviously, she was a little bit afraid to join me in person.

Hearing her words, my heart pounded even more and it triggered my daily quest.

[Do you want to accept a daily quest]

[Performing the Shadow Ritual with Foxy in front of Celia.]

[Target: Foxy and Celia Strongheart.]

[Reward: Title and EXP.]

[Yes] / [No]

'Right... Did I grow an exhibitionism kink now' I thought since I never thought it could trigger my quest. Still... The previous rough intercourse without foreplay bothered me a lot.

"What do you think" asked Celia timidly.

"What about your studies" At least I wanted to make sure this didn't interfere with it.

Quickly, Celia turned and closed her book before turning back to me with a smile.

"I've finished my study for today," she said with an innocent face.

"Are you serious" I confirmed with a suspicious look.

"I'm serious. There's no way I will let myself fail my exam," she replied confidently.

I sighed once again.

"Okay. But... This is going to be really wild," I warned her.

"I understand ..."

"Then I'll borrow your bed."

After I chose 'yes' on my daily quest, Foxy and I got onto the bed and sat across from each other.

"Foxy, this will hurt," I warned once again. Even I didn't think I would use my Demonic Erection lv 3 on my servants on their first experience before.

"Yes, I'm ready, Master," replied Foxy firmly as she cancelled her Demon's Clothes.

But her body, which was smaller than my other servants, made me even more hesitant to do it. Then... An idea crossed my head.

'Wait for a second... If my Shadow Ritual only requires penetrating actions. Then don't I just need to do foreplay before I do that skill'

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