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The Incubus System Chapter 275: Lewd Live Show II (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 275. Lewd Live Show II

Celia's PoV

Celia's heart was beating fast as her eyes looked at her brother's clothes turning into a dark aura that disappeared like smoke, revealing his naked body with his limp cock clearly. The body that had taken her virginity last night. The body of the man she loved.

His eyes fixed on Foxy made Celia a little jealous. But she held herself back since she wanted to know more about the skill before she joined them. Moreover, Ethan had warned about the crazy effect of the skill.

Celia's heart was beating faster and faster. Her hands that were on her thighs, squeezed her pajamas. While his body approached Foxy's small body. With that warning, she expected her brother to act like a starving beast and Foxy was just a weak, defenceless rabbit. But what she saw next was different from what she expected, her brother kissed Foxy gently. His hands travelling on that little demon's body didn't show his rough movement, but a gentle one, as if he treated Foxy as something frail and could break at any moment.

Celia thought maybe this was just the beginning, but it wasn't. Ethan squeezed Foxy's small breast gently, fiddled with her nipple between his fingers, sucked it, traced her body. Just as he did with Celia yesterday.

As the seconds passed, the scene in front of Celia grew hotter as their bodies rubbed against each other. Celia couldn't take her eyes off the two of them, especially from Ethan's expression who seemed to be enjoying every move he made. Foxy's soft moans mixed with his ragged breath made Celia's desire rise. Moreover, Celia's memory about how she did it with her brother last night was still vivid in her head. Indeed it felt so strange to see someone she loved doing it with another, yet instead of being jealous, she wanted to join them.

Unconsciously, Celia stretched her arm forward as she lifted her buttocks from her chair. But suddenly a cracking sound from his body alarmed her. Celia's eyes widened and her body froze like a statue as soon as she saw how her brother had transformed before her eyes. From a human named Ethan Strongheart to an Incubus named Damian Lucio. His familiar face turned into a handsome man who looked foreign to her with body features that clearly indicated that he was not human and his eyes glinted in red.

The dark aura from his body spread out, forming a huge strange formation beneath them. That formation diameter was even wider than her bed. Celia gasped and withdrew her hand upon that formation. Her body that fell back on her seat, trembled with that dark power. The dark aura spread up and formed a huge dome that covered their bodies and Celia knew it was his power. The Ritual had just begun

After that, their faces were getting redder, their breathing was getting heavier. Not only Ethan but also Foxy. But that wasn't all, as soon as they turned around and her brother's back touched her bed, Celia's eyes widened in shock once again as her gaze fell on his cock. It was so big, even bigger than when they did it last night. Yet it didn't make Foxy back down. Instead, she looked so lustful for him and rode him without hesitation.

"Oohhhh~" Foxy's moans and Ethan's ragged breath made Celia's desire even higher. It was a weird feeling since she felt a bit of fear from the scene in front of her, but she also found it was an appetizing and sexy scene.

Her heart beat faster as her lust shot to the top of her head. She bit her lower lip in temptation. Her eyes were locked to Foxy's body that shook violently on her brother's waist. Her face was red and her hands tied by his tail behind her.

Once again, Celia's hand-stretched forward and she slowly started to rise from her seat as her instinct to join them was getting higher. Yet, the dome got in her way. Celia pushed the blackish transparent dome and hit it, yet it was so strong. Also, since Ethan and Foxy looked so immersed in the skill, they were completely unaware of what Celia was doing.

Since Celia didn't want to make a fuss that could provoke Mrs Clea's suspicion, she finally returned to her seat and looked at them, especially her beloved brother. His muscles, his horny face, his horns, his wings, his tail, his demon eyes. As she looked at him, somehow those weird features weren't scary for her anymore.

Indeed, he acted wild, his mind seemed immersed in his own lust and all of those showing his status, yet his movements… Even though it looked rough, the moment Foxy looked in pain he quickly restrained himself, stopping his movements for a moment or slowing them down before continuing again. It was as if he had gotten used to it. And obviously, he did it to soothe his sex partner. It was a weird movement since Celia found it rough yet gentle at the same time. Foxy was like riding a wild horse but also a tame one. A horse that knew when he had to move wildly and when he had to stop or move slowly. Although from his face, it was clear that he was immersed in his own pleasure. His groans, his ragged breaths, his tense muscles showed it all clearly. Yet even in that state, his consciousness could control all of that. Even with those rough movements, that appearance, Celia immediately realized that gentleness, that thoughtful movements only belong to her brother. In other words, even though his needs and appearance changed, Ethan was still Ethan. He just changed gradually to a better version of himself.

Previously, there was something in Celia's heart that kept bothering her after she discovered her brother had turned into a demon. She was afraid, even if he could maintain his consciousness now, he would change gradually. She was afraid his consciousness as a human would fade away and he would turn into a complete demon. The evil demon she feared. She was afraid that one day he would attack humans and not care about them anymore, or his temperament would turn bad and he would turn arrogant. Moreover, he was a Prince now. Yet Ethan showed her something else and it made her happy.

After 15 minutes of the ritual, the dome covering them began to disappear and Foxy fell into Ethan's arms. Gently, he laid her on his side. Celia could see his white liquid flowing from Foxy's small pussy.

When Ethan had just distanced himself, Celia's body moved on its own to approach him.

As Celia was on the bed and bent her knees in front of Ethan who was sitting across from her, their lips collided and Celia could clearly see her brother's shocked face. Their tongues entered each other's mouths and clashed with each other. But only for a moment, Celia broke her kiss, hugged him tightly and buried her face in his shoulder. Although the muscles and this foreign figure was different from her brother, her heart said otherwise. His scent mixed with the smell of his cum could be clearly smelled from his body.

"Celia What happened" Ethan's voice coming from her side was filled with obvious confusion.

And Celia answered by tightening her embrace.

"I'm glad... That you're still yourself. No matter how wild or rough you're..." Celia whispered.

"Of course I'm still me." Her words confused him even more.

Trying to get her point straight, Celia pulled her body and looked at him. Her hands that shifted to his cheeks, held them gently.

"What I mean, you didn't turn into a real demon..." she explained.

A smile appeared on his lips.

"Don't worry... I will always be myself," he said in a gentle tone.

His words soothed her. Then once again, their faces drew closer and their lips met.

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