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The Incubus System Chapter 276: Pain?

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The Incubus System Chapter 276. Pain

Ethan's PoV

My and Celia's lips moved in rhythm as we deepened our kiss. It wasn't fast or too slow so it was more like an emotional kiss than a dirty one. Her tongue and mine collided and twisted. Still... As the seconds passed our gentle kiss turned slowly into a hot kiss even before my cum dried from my cock.

But Foxy's grunt interrupted us.

"Ugghhhhh!" Just from her voice, I could tell it was a pain grunt. Realizing something was wrong, we broke our kiss in surprise and turned to her worriedly.

Our faces turned pale as soon as we saw Foxy who was curled up in pain. Her legs bent, her hands wrapped around her body. Sweat dripped down her face and body. Her breath looked heavy and from her expression, she was clearly in pain, but for what

"Foxy, what happened" I held her forehead in worry, trying to measure her body temperature. I also used my Observation skill to check the status.

[Servant's name : Foxy ]

[Level 20]

[Ages: 118]

[Race: Demon - Two Tails Fox Demon ]

[HP: 421/421]

[DP: 153/153 ]

[Skills: Hiding lv 3, Shape-shifting lv 3, Tail whip lv 5.]

[Emotion: In pain ]

[Condition: Normal ]

[Weakness: Chest and Ears]

[Talent: Fast Movement.]

[Demonic Aura - Status: Deactivated]

I furrowed my brows in confusion. Although her emotion was in pain, why was her condition normal

'Is it because she levelled up too fast' I made a wild guess. Since the Ritual killed a lot of the Chaos Imps so she rose 6 levels in just one Ritual. But shouldn't that be a good thing After all, when I went up 8 levels yesterday, I didn't feel this pain either, except for the fact that the tubes' power almost exploded my body. But it was a different case.

Foxy groaned in pain. Her small body trembled violently.

"M-Master... It hurt..." she cried.

"Brother, do something!" said Celia in a panic.

I extended my hand to Foxy and used my skills.

'Dispel, Dark Healing.' Since she was a demon she should be healed with these two skills, though judging by her status, I was not sure either… Unfortunately, my guess was right.

My dark aura covered her body.

[Dispel skill succeeded.]

[Dark Healing has been used.]

[Your servant is in perfect health.]

"What" I muttered with a frown, either in confusion or surprise and looked at my palm. The announcement showed there was nothing wrong with Foxy, yet her expression told us something else.

"What happened" Celia pulled my hand impatiently and demanded an explanation from me in a panic.

I turned to Celia and shook my head from side to side quickly.

"The skills didn't work," I said in confusion.

"So what should we do" said Celia again.

The only solution I could think of was Yuffy, since she was a healer I was sure she could do something about this or at least she could tell me the cause. After all, since she knew more about the demon world, I was sure I could get a hint from her.

"Wait here!" I said. I snapped my fingers to use my Demon's Clothes and quickly got down from the bed.

I had just stretched my hand forward to open my portal, but another painful groan sounded from behind me, making me turn to Foxy.


"Foxy!" Celia shouted in panic and worry. Her hands shook Foxy's body which was covered by a dark aura. Celia's tears filled her eyes. I could see the obvious fear on her face.

My heart was beating fast. Fear also filled my mind and heart since I didn't understand what was happening.

I returned my gaze to the front. I knew I had to pick up Yuffy immediately to help Foxy. But this time an announcement appeared in front of me, stopping me.


[Congratulations! Your servant, Foxy has evolved into the Three Tails Fox Demon! ]

[Foxy's strength has increased by 20% permanently. ]

[Foxy just unlocks new skills! ]

[Demonic Claw (Requires 2 DP) - Skill used by the demons to turn their hands into strong claws that can give bleeding status effects and have the chance to do instant death to lower-level opponents. The chance of rate success is increase by per level. ]

[Blue Flame (Requires 3 DP) - Launch 1~ 10 blue fire orbs to target (the orbs will increase depending on skill level). Each orb will inflict 50% INT points and has a chance to give burn status. ]

Realizing what had happened, I turned to Foxy once more. My eyes widened in shock as soon as I saw Foxy's change. Likewise with Celia who was next to her. Her change was not only in her tails which increased to 3. But also her body. Her height increased by about 10 cm. Her hair grew slightly longer, covering her neck. Her woman curve looked clearer now as her boobs and ass were slightly bigger than before. Her face also looked a bit mature.

[Servant's name : Foxy ]

[Level 20]

[Ages: 118]

[Race: Demon - Three Tails Fox Demon ]

[HP: 451/451]

[DP: 173/173 ]

[Skills: Hiding lv 3, Shape-shifting lv 3, Tail whip lv 5, Demonic Claw lv 1, Blue Flame lv 1 ]

[Emotion: Relieved ]

[Condition: Normal ]

[Weakness: Chest and Ears]

[Talent: Fast Movement.]

[Demonic Aura - Status: Deactivated]

Celia and I froze as our eyes looked at Foxy who was sleeping on the bed. Her face looked more relaxed and her breathing had returned to normal. From there, I concluded, the pain was because she was evolving!

Soon, Foxy opened her eyes slowly and sat down with enthusiasm, indicating that her energy had returned to normal. Her eyes looked at her palms for a moment with a smile before she turned back to look at her three tails moving in excitement.

"Oh! I've managed to evolve!" Her excitement was clear from her voice.

"Thank you, Master!" she said with a happy smile.


Other yellow pajamas covered her body and clearly, even though it was the same clothes, she looked more mature in it than before now.

Since I didn't answer her, she turned to me.

"Master" Foxy called.

Noticing mine and Celia's shocked faces, Foxy frowned in confusion.

"What's the matter" she asked, shifting her gaze to me and Celia.

Without saying anything, Celia hugged Foxy tightly.

"Thank goodness. You're fine!" she said in relief. Her voice was shaking and her eyes were full of tears since I bet Celia thought Foxy would die earlier.

While a long sigh of relief escaped my mouth as I plopped myself to sit on the side of the bed.

"You should tell us that you were evolving," I said. My heart almost stopped because of it. Not to mention, the guilt since I just had sex with her. I thought I did it too harshly. Well, I couldn't blame her. Since she was in pain, I was not sure she could say or think normally, just like when I was in pain yesterday. All I could do was scream in pain.

"Did I scare you" Foxy asked innocently. But I knew it was unintentional.

"Of course, you scare us!" said Celia with a sob.

"Sorry..." Foxy said apologetically.

"Don't do it again," I said since I could understand her and she nodded.

After another sigh of relief escaped my mouth, I patted her head gently.

"I'm glad you're okay," I said in a relieved tone.

"Sorry for worrying you..." Foxy said.

After a short silence, Celia released her embrace.

"Shall I bring some water for you" Foxy asked.

"It's fine. Just get some rest." I turned to Celia.

"You too. You have to take care of your health," I reminded her. Although her evolution didn't seem to have any other bad effects besides that pain, who knew there were others later.

They replied to me with a nod.

I got off the bed as I returned to my human form and was just about to walk towards the door, but Celia stopped me.

"Where are you going"

"I will watch TV for a while. Just in case, we have another uninvited guest." Of course, I meant Ruby or Mrs Clea. I knew Foxy's previous groans weren't that loud, neither did our moans when we had sex. Besides, I was sure Mrs Clea was in panic due to the second appearance of 'the black hands', so she should be at the headquarters right now.

But Celia and Foxy pulled me back to sit in their midst.

"It's you who need rest, more than us," said Celia.

"You have to take a break once in a while, Master. Please accompany us to sleep tonight," said Foxy.

Another breath escaped my mouth.


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