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The Incubus System Chapter 283: Parasite II

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The Incubus System Chapter 283. Parasite II

Hearing my words, the High Parasite Demon formed a tall muscular male figure. While the others formed smaller males.

"Who are you---Human" He said the last word as if humans were lowly creatures. His anger was clear from the tone of his voice.

"Human" My evil grin reappeared on my face.

"What makes you think I'm human" I stretched out my hand with my palm facing up and used my Devil Space.

'Devil Space!'

A black cube came out of my palm, a second later it expanded rapidly and covered the place.

[Devil Space has been activated.]

Even if I locked this place, our fight would definitely destroy this room and the noise would lure the others to check this place out. So I had to bring them into my Devil Space.

At the same time, I also activated my Demonic Form.

[You have activated your Demonic Form.]

[Fly has been activated.]

[All skills effectiveness 30%.]

As Diamond heard the cracking sound from my body, she turned to face me slowly. Her eyes widened in shock and fear when she saw the man she loved turned into a demon. Diamond's body trembled even harder. I thought she wouldn't get inside my Devil Space because her MP was low. But I guessed she got into this skill because she hugged me.

"Incubus…" The High Parasite Demon hissed in anger.

But instead of answering that demon, I looked at Diamond and smirked, a seductive one.

"Don't be afraid. I'm still your naughty student." Even though Pearl asked me to postpone it, I couldn't hide this fact anymore. Besides, I'd rather end this game of cat and mouse sooner.

As those words left my mouth, my fifty black lances appeared and hovered around me. It was a frightening sight, even I could see Diamond's scared face since my Demonic Spike turned the background around us to black.

Without a word or taking my eyes off Diamond, I waved my hand forward, launching my lances at those slimes.

Shocked by my attack, they countered it with their Acid Bomb. Dozens of green coloured orbs appeared around them flying towards me. But I waved my hand, moving my black lances through those Orbs. Still, some of them collided, accompanied by a loud hissing sound.

This time, Diamond's eyes turned to the green Orbs that came at us in fear.

"E-Ethan!" she said in a stammering voice. As the Orbs drew near, she closed her eyes in fear.

But I simply used my other skill to counter it.

'Shadow Barrier!'

A black transparent dome enveloped us.

[Shadow Barrier has been activated!]

[Time remaining: 02:57]

As those Orbs hit the barrier, a loud crashing sound accompanied by another loud hissing sound accompanied it. I could feel the ground vibrations since those Orbs managed to make holes in the walls, furniture and floors around us. But not a single Orb broke through my barrier since this barrier was able to block all types of common skills. Yes, my Observation skill could distinguish the skills into three types now, common, high and epic. The common skill had no description besides the name, while the other two had it. Unfortunately, I could only create one barrier at a time and this barrier could only stay in one place.

Meanwhile, those demons desperately tried to dodge my lances or brush them off with their hands that had turned into whips. But I controlled my lances to turn and dodge their attacks. While the rest stabbed right at their energy orbs accompanied by a series of announcements appearing in front of me.

[Critical hits!]

[You have shot a Parasite Demon for 700 HP. ]

[You have shot a Parasite Demon for 710 HP. ]

[You have shot a Parasite Demon for 708 HP. ]

[You have shot a Parasite Demon for 703 HP. ]

[You have shot a Parasite Demon for 697 HP. ]

[You have shot a High Parasite Demon for 704 HP. ]

In just one hit the Parasite Demons turned to ashes. All that was left was The High Parasite Demon who was floundering on the floor and groaning in pain with my remaining black lances surrounding him. This was what I got from distributing a lot of my status points to my INT and LUK, one of the main reasons that made my HP far behind the others. My damage was deadly, even to demons above my level. My melee attacks were even deadlier than this. It reached over 1250 damage points if I managed to hit my enemy's critical point. But I didn't think I needed it to fight a demon like him, even though his level was above mine.

Scary indeed, but I found this was the best way to deal with those demon lords if they found out about me before I reached sufficient level to fight them. Rather than just defending and running away, I decided to put all my strength to fight them.

I turned my gaze to the demon who could only stare at me in shock and anger. An evil smile on my lips.

"Tell me, who is your lord" Killing him was easy so I was more interested in interrogating him.

But instead of answering me, he said something else.

"You brainless incubus! Didn't your lord tell you about the demon lords' expansion plans Has your lord turned into a chicken after the king captured his wife two weeks ago" he hissed furiously. I was sure who he meant was the Incubus King, Lord Letos.

Since he said something more interesting than just his lord's name, I kept my mouth shut and let him say what he wanted. My evil smile faded.

Seeing me speechless, he snorted mockingly. Now he was the one who smiled evilly.

"What's the matter Has the cat caught your tongue Or do you admit that your lord is a chicken" he sneered. Since I hadn't responded yet, he continued again.

"Oh... I forgot. Even your lord sacrificed his favourite wife just because he was afraid of the king. Pathetic!" he scoffed.

'I see... So Lord Damon didn't manage to execute Letos,' I concluded. I guessed this was the main reason why they hadn't contacted me for a while. Apart from his words regarding the demon lords' expansion plans, it meant that my guess that they had noticed about the cracks was correct. Since I saw this as my chance to find out more about Letos and the plan, I decided to ask him again.

I moved my lances closer to him. Reflexively, he backed away and unleashed his Acid Bombs, ready to counter it.

"I never heard of that plan! Are you trying to deceive me" I pretended to be on Letos' side. And since he was ready to counter me, I recast my Demonic Spike to make sure I had more lances than his Orbs.

"What do you mean you haven't heard of it Didn't the demon lords agree to expand their territory using those weird cracks That way we can make the human world our base and overthrow the king!" His eyes looked at the surrounding black lances in caution. With that many lances, he wouldn't be able to escape even if he changed his form.

"I never heard of it!" I retorted again. My lances moved slightly towards him.

"This is your lord's idea! Even The Spider Queen, The Gargoyle king and my lord, the Glob King, have approved it!" he said in anger.

As soon as I got that information, my evil smirk reappeared on my face.

"Oh, I see..."

Noticing my smirk, his face turned shocked and pale.

"You---You don't work for Lord Letos, don't you" he immediately realized his mistake.

"I don't work for anyone. But I'm on the king's side," I said in a casual tone. Without saying anything else, I waved my hand forward throwing my black lances at him.

Desperately, he countered with his Orbs, creating a loud hissing sound and a pungent acid smell that filled the room. Then, he tried to use his shapeshifting skill to transform into something smaller. Unfortunately, before he succeeded, my black lances stormed at him and stabbed his critical point. Besides, with my Vision skill, I could pinpoint where his location was.

[Critical hits!]

[You have shot a High Parasite Demon for 689 HP. ] X5

In an instant, he turned to ashes.


[All enemies have been defeated!]

[Congratulations! You just killed a Demon Lord's Assistant!]

[You have gained EXP!]

"Piece of cake," I muttered with a smirk.

But Diamond's heavy breathing sounds brought my attention back to her. Even though I could see the fear on her face and feel her trembling body, she couldn't do anything but hold on and lean on me. She just had a shocking incident and was under my Demonic Curse influence so I could understand her plight.

I raised my hand and clenched it.

'Devil Space Deactivated.'

My Devil Space broke like glass and uncovered the real room. All the damage caused by my previous battle suddenly disappeared. The walls, floor and furniture around us had changed back to normal. Then I turned to Diamond.

"You have seen the true me. Do you still love me now" I said in a calm tone.

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