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The Incubus System Chapter 284: The Demon Seduction

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The Incubus System Chapter 284. The Demon Seduction

Diamond's PoV

Hearing his voice, she turned to him slowly to see the demon who was embracing her. Their eyes locked with each other. Fear and shock were evident in her eyes, her breath was still gasping even though her chest wasn't as tight as before. Her shaking hands still grabbed his sweater. She didn't even struggle or try to get his hand off her waist. Their bodies pressed against each other, making her sure he could feel her tense muscles and her beating heart.

Surprisingly, an overwhelming feeling of resignation enveloped her heart. His presence overwhelmed her, making her feel like a helpless rabbit before a beast. Her voice stuck in her throat even though all she wanted was to answer him.

"E-Ethan, i-is this really you" she said in a stammering voice as soon as she could get her voice out. Indeed, she was afraid. But silence would not answer all the questions in her head. Also, judging by how Ethan slaughtered those demons with ease, neither screaming nor running away was a good way out. So she decided to get everything out of her head.

"Yes. It's me, your favourite naughty student," he said in a calm tone. There was no tension in his tone. Instead, he looked relieved to be able to show his true self to her.

She fell silent again. She wouldn't have believed this if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes. An average man suddenly turned into a handsome demon who was completely different from him. Her eyes travelled to every unusual feature on his body. His strong horns, his black wings, his dense muscles. His red demonic eyes intimidated her and filled her with a strange fear. It was a tingling sensation, something that made her feel so weak and powerless despite all her abilities and bloodline. Now she understood why a weak student named Ethan could intimidate and dominate her.

As her gaze fell on the blood on his clothes, she remembered what she had done.

"Y-Your wound...! We have to treat it immediately," she said in a panic. Her gaze was fixed on the spot where she had stabbed him. One of her hands released her grip and approached his wound in hesitation. Her guilt was evident on her face even though it was that slime demon that made her do it.

Realizing her hesitation, he grabbed her wrist and pulled it to touch the wound. But she tried to free her hand, she was too afraid it would make the wound worse.

"It's okay. It's healed." His whisper soothed her.

Upon his words, she didn't struggle anymore and let her palm touch his stomach. As her hand landed on his skin, she frowned in amazement and was shocked since what he said was true. The wound disappeared without a trace as if he had never been injured before. Finally, she lowered her hand and head.

Again she fell silent. She didn't know what to say

"Are you still worried about me Or is there something else on your mind" he guessed. The look in his eyes that was full of intimidation yet gentle made her feelings wavered. His dominance made her body and mind shrouded in a strange feeling. Afraid and excitement filled her. Her body screamed as if he was the right man for her. The man who could fulfil her craving for dominance and gentleness. But her common sense warned her otherwise... He was a demon! Yet how could she resist him

So many questions ran through her head, but she didn't know where to start.

"Are you here because you want to rule the human world" she said in a stammering voice. Finally, she decided to ask the basic thing. Although from the previous conversation, Diamond had concluded that he was not like other demons, she decided to ask him for a proper explanation.

"I never thought of that," he answered

"Really" she said. No, it wasn't because she didn't believe him, but she wanted more explanation since putting her trust in a demon wasn't an easy thing.

Without warning, he released her grip and pushed her into the chair behind them.

"Ah!" she flinched in shock. And before she could react, he put his hands on her chair handles, preventing her from escaping and leaning over her.

As soon as she opened her eyes, his handsome face was in front of her and his eyes were staring at her with seriousness. Her heart was about to stop. She should have felt scared, instead, her excitement overwhelmed her.

"If I want to rule the human world, why am I still here Why did I save you Why am I still studying like an ordinary student Why am I not wandering around destroying the world" he answered her disbelief with a train of questions and he said it in a calm tone. She didn't catch on to his intimidation from the tone of his voice.

The only thing that crossed her mind was that the demon hunter association was still protecting the human world.

"I-It's because---" Before she could finish her sentence, he interrupted her.

"I'm the one who they called The Great Demon, Diamond. The black hand's phenomenon is also my doing."

Diamond was shocked by his words. He could be lying, but judging from the previous battle, she was pretty sure he wasn't lying. Think again, his appearance was in accordance with the association's description. And about the phenomenon, even though the association had announced it as their magic tech, many people still doubted it and Diamond was one of them. Yet she decided to keep quiet since she didn't want to cause public panic. Those two things were enough to explain how far his capabilities were.

Seeing her stunned, he continued his words.

"I was a human named Ethan Strongheart. Even though I've turned into an Incubus, I never thought about dominating the human world. You don't have to be afraid."

"Y-You once a human" she said in a stammering voice. Her blue eyes couldn't take her gaze off his Demonic eyes. She even started to question her sanity.

He smiled.


She looked at the demon smiling in front of her. The intimidation from his eyes was inversely proportional to the sweet smile on his lips, throwing her feelings into turmoil. Her pupils moved side to side as she thought hard. Then what Pearl had said a few days ago flashed through her head. It was so absurd even though for a fairy tale, she didn't think it was a real thing.

"What does Pearl's story mean, is you" Diamond remembered she said "Even though he's good, he's still a demon." to her sister for answering Pearl's nonsense.

"Yes," he confessed.

Her shock was clear from her expression and eyes. She remembered Pearl using her man, Damian, as the unique demon in her story. Even though she had never seen Damian before, since what Pearl had told her was the truth, she came to another conclusion... Damian and Ethan were the same person.

"That's why she agreed to do a threesome with you," she muttered.

"Um-hum," he hummed with a relaxed tone. Slowly, he brought his face closer to her ear and it made her heart beat faster and her breathing heavier.

"Now answer my question, Diamond... Do you still love me" he whispered in a seductive voice.

"Is that a threat or a seduction" she finally answered. She couldn't tell what he meant anymore.

His soft chuckle sounded like another seduction to her.

"A seduction." His lips moved closer to her ear.

"Because I want you to be mine..." he whispered again. His temptation was clear in his tone and it made her shiver in a weird sensation.

While Diamond was still in a daze, he pulled his face away and tilted his head to look at her. Their eyes locked once again.

"What have we been doing all this time... Did you do it because you love me Or just because of the contract and our lust" he said in a soft voice.

Diamond was silent. Her eyes were on the demon in front of her. Her head was trying to find an answer to his question. Was it because of the contract Did she really want it out of lust Or because of her twisted love, the wrong yet a pleasant thing that filled her mind and heart.

"It's because I love you..." She finally said her answer. It was risky and falling in love with a demon was definitely not everyone's dream, yet it was hard to break free from him. After she fell in love with him, she couldn't remember how she lived without him anymore.

"Then... be mine, Diamond..." he whispered with a smirk. His face drew closer until their lips collided with each other. Diamond closed her eyes, letting the demon who had just slaughtered his friends kiss her. Strange as it may sound, but the kiss was warm and sweet. It gave her a pleasant feeling in her heart.

Unconsciously, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue to enter his mouth. The urge to take that sweet kiss to the next level was undeniable.

* Ring* * Ring * Ring*

The telephone on the desk rang, interrupting their kiss.

They released their kiss. As he moved away from her, she leaned to the desk. After she pulled a couple of deep breaths to calm herself and cleared her throat, she reached out to press the loudspeaker button.

"Yes" she replied.

"Good afternoon, Miss Diamond. Your next meeting will start in 10 minutes." A male voice answered.

"Thank you for reminding me." Then she hung up.

"Looks like we have to end our meeting here." Ethan's voice came from her side.

"Yes---" Diamond just turned around, but her words stopped as the demon who had just kissed her turned back into her favourite student, Ethan. In addition, the bloodstains on his clothes had disappeared, as if he had changed his clothes to a new one with the same style and colour as the previous one.

"Before I go." He stretched out his hand to her.

"Do you want to be my loyal partner"

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