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The Incubus System Chapter 290. Naked Gala Dinner III

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The Incubus System Chapter 290. Naked Gala Dinner III

After those words, Mia entered the room. Like Olivia, she pushed a small cart with a plate covered by the food cloche on it. A happy smile graced her lips. Her eyes that were looking at me trembled in emotion and longing. From her expression, she looked much more relaxed and calm than the last time we met as if she had let go of her burden. A great expectation was clearly visible in her gaze. I believed she wanted to spill everything that had been stored in her heart all along. So did I.

I knew it had something to do with her kingdom and I had to find out with my skill since she couldn't possibly tell me. But, at least, I wanted her to tell me her condition. And about my mind reading skill, I wouldn't do it now since it would ruin the game. I would do it once the game was done.

For her clothes, instead of a corset like Olivia's, she wore a bra and panties, although it didn't look like one. The bra was made of beads that hung down and covered her breasts, but her breasts' size was too big, so I still could see it clearly. Even the beads that moved side to side over her nipples make them even harder. Her underwear was the same as that. It was just some beads hanging around her waist.

After stopping by my side, she placed the plate on the table and opened the food cloche. This time it was the colourful Caprese Bites*. Then she sat next to me.

"Let me feed you, Damian," she said in a spoiled tone. She leaned closer to me and pressed her breasts against my arm. (Caprese Bites is a simple Italian Salad skewered with a toothpick).

"Look who misses me after a long absence," I teased as I looked at her. A smirk on my lips.

"Something bad has happened to my family and I have to take care of it." She didn't give much of an explanation since I knew she couldn't.

"But everything went well right" My goal was only to make sure she was fine, not asking her problems, so I would not go too deep into it.

"Yes... At least for now." This time her tone was a little gloomy, indicating that all of this was not finished yet. But only for a moment, her smile grew again and she leaned closer to me. Her warmth mixed with her soft skin and the beads that were moving along with her body tickled me.

"Just forget about it. We haven't seen each other for a while. I just want to have fun with you and forget about it."

Hearing her words, my other hand ran through her hair and down her cheek. My eyes were on her.

"Do you think of me only as a tool for fun" I said in a gentle yet serious tone.

"Don't misunderstand me. I never thought of you that way," she said in a slightly panicked tone. Then she looked gloomy again.

"It's just... My mind is too full lately. I want to free myself from all this. Even for a while."

"I understand." I decided not to ask her again about this. At least I knew she was feeling much better now. Whatever it was, it already gave her a lot of pressure and I could understand her request.

"It's my turn to feed you," she said. Her hand took a piece and brought it to my mouth. I just opened my mouth to eat it but she pulled her hand away and giggled after she saw me miss my target.

"You couldn't possibly think I'd feed you in the usual way, right" she said in a teasing tone. She giggled between her words.

"What do you want to do" I asked.

She took a bite of the cherry tomato, cheese, vegetable and held it to her lips. Her hand pulled the toothpick. After that, she came closer to me, her eyelids that half closed made her seduction clearer. Realising her intention, I opened my mouth and as our lips touched each other that food passed from her lips into my mouth.

I chewed the food. Our eyes met each other.

"What do you think" she said with a mischievous smile. Of course, she meant her seduction, not the food.

"Not bad," I said after I swallowed my food.

"But it's not enough for me."

"Oh, really~" Her hand took another and showed the salad bite in her hand.

"Let's use another way then." This time instead of putting it in her mouth, she brought it closer to the side of my face and traced my skin with it. This time our eyes were looking and seducing at each other in a sensual way, as well as the smile on our lips.

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue as the food passed my mouth. But she didn't avoid it. As that food entered my mouth, I could feel something touching and tickling my balls. My mouth moved to chew my food and my eyes went down to check what was going on below. As I suspected, the tip of her tail was playing with my balls. Her move was gentle but it was enough to make my body shiver.

Her giggle returned my gaze to her.

"Does it feel better" she teased. Before I could answer, she leaned closer and said again.

"If that's not enough, I still have other ways," she said.

"Show me your best seduction," I said with a smirk.

Without taking her eyes off me, her hand took the last Caprese Bite and bit it like the first time. I opened my mouth to take the food between her lips, but this time not only her tail tickled my balls but her hand also rubbed my cock. Just like her tail movement, it was a gentle and pleasant one. It alarmed my whole body and my cock with her sudden movement. As I chewed my food, her lips came close to my ear. A soft giggle came from her mouth, indicating she was enjoying my expression before her lips descended to kiss the side of my neck.

"Mph..." A muffled moan escaped my mouth. I closed my eyes slowly as I enjoyed the subtle stimulation that swept over my body and mind. It was not enough to burn my lust but good enough to tickle it.

But only for a moment. As soon as I swallowed the food in my mouth, Mia stopped her movements. Again, her lips came closer to my ear.

"We'll continue this later. I can't wait to play with you--- Damian." Then she distanced her face and stopped her movement.

"See you later." She stood up and smiled sassily. Her hand moved the empty plate onto the small cart and left.

"Do you like the food, Damian" Pearl asked with a smirk. Her eyes fell on my half hardened cock.

Well, that was a funny question. How could I remember the food taste when she teased me like that

"I prefer the seduction." I remembered the taste of fresh vegetables but couldn't remember the other.

"Then I'm sure you'll like the next one." Pearl clapped twice again. This time, it was Ivy and Maria who entered this room. Although they were in their true appearance, Ivy hid her wings and her horns. The maid outfit covered their bodies. The sexy maid outfit, to be precise. Since it was just a black and white lace with ribbon that covered around their breasts and waist. But their breasts were exposed and hung shamelessly without any cover. Likewise with their pussy. A mischievous smile on their lips since--- Even though I did my Shadow Ritual with them every night, usually I was the one who seduced them. So this was their chance to seduce me to their heart content.

"You make a perfect combination..." I muttered without taking my eyes off them.

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