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The Incubus System Chapter 291. Naked Gala Dinner IV

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The Incubus System Chapter 291. Naked Gala Dinner IV

They stopped beside me, placed the plate on the table and opened it, revealing a soup plate containing a warm thick cream soup. The soup itself wasn't that hot since I didn't see any steam coming out of it. Still, the fragrant smell tickled my nose.

I took a deep breath since based on the soup's thickness I already knew where it would be going and what they were going to do.

"What's with the long breath" Ivy teased me with her signature spoiled tone. Which was accompanied by Maria's giggle.

"Nothing. But the soup makes me think of something else," I replied in a casual tone.

Maria plopped herself next to me.

"It does look like yours." Then she brought her lips to my ear.

"Thick and juicy," she purred.

"So--- you want me to eat the soup that represents mine" I asked in a teasing tone. I knew it was real soup.

They giggled again.

"Yes~ We are sure you will enjoy it," said Maria.

Maria took the spoon on the side of the plate, but her hand dropped the other spoon.

"Let me take it," said Ivy. Then she ducked down to the bottom of the table.

Meanwhile, Maria scooped the thick warm soup but rather brought it to my mouth, she smeared it on top of one of her mounds. With the soup's consistency, it didn't spill around too much. Still, some dripped on the side and her pink tip. It looked like my cum on her breast. Plus her alluring gaze fixed on me.

"Please enjoy your soup, Damian," she said with a smirk. She ended it by sticking out her tongue and licked the remaining soup on the spoon.

'As expected.' Without answering, I leaned closer to her and stuck out my tongue to lick the soup. My tongue moved over her supple breast, from the side to the top, taking all the liquid on her skin into my mouth before I licked her pink tip. Her breasts heaved up and down upon my movement and her moans followed.

"Ngh!" I twitched as soon as I felt a movement on my lower half and I already knew who it was. As my tongue swirled around Maria's tip, I glanced down and caught Ivy kneeling between my legs and toying with my cock. Her movements were not rough and it was hardly called oral sex, she just did a little touch here and there. A kiss to the tip of my cock. A lick to the side. Another kiss on my balls, then another lick on my inner thigh. Her hands traced my abs and slowly circled my navel. It was a subtle movement yet my body enjoyed it.

I pulled my head and released my mouth from Maria's breast.

"Isn't it too much" I said as I held back the tingle sensation from my bottom. Even if it was just a light stimulation, there was no way a man could withstand this kind of service.

"It's only a seduction, Damian. She won't do as far as a blow job," Pearl replied with a smirk.

I turned to Pearl.

"So the rule is according to your personal opinion, am I right" I said straight to the point.

Pearl rolled her eyes to the side in an innocent face.

"I don't know what you are talking about~" Yep, that was too obvious. Previously, she said what I did with Olivia was a violation, but she didn't say this almost oral sex was a violation.

"Damian, the soup will turn cold if you don't eat it soon." Maria's voice made me turn to her. This time two scoops were above her breasts. Some of it started dripping from there. Without saying anything, I brought my face closer and licked it.

Minutes passed. The tingling feeling of Ivy's kisses and licks started to torment me since my mating urge Rose rapidly and my cock started to harden. Plus Maria's moans and her ragged breath. Also, her skin and her breasts' suppleness everytime my tongue travelled on her body. But luckily the soup wasn't that much.

I pulled my face away after I licked the last drop of soup on Maria's skin. As for my cock, it was already sprung at its fullest size.

"Umm... I wish I could have more than this," Maria whined in a spoiled tone. I could see her wet pussy even though I didn't touch it.

"Um-hum. I also want to play with his 'Lil brother' longer," said Ivy before she gave a goodbye kiss to my cock. They were really enjoying this play.

"We can continue the play after the dinner," Pearl said. To which they responded with grunts. Still, they followed her words and stood up. Their hands tidied up the plate and the utensils.

"Don't let us wait for you too long," Ivy said before they left.

"How long will this go" I asked Pearl.

"About 3 more dishes and we can play our game," she replied, followed by her claps.

Emma and Diamond entered the room just like the others. But rather than before, they were naked. Pearl quickly shifted to the side as soon as Diamond and Emma sat down on either side of me. A mischievous smile on their lips as soon as they noticed my hard cock.

"If you keep setting a double standard on the rule, I won't hold myself anymore. If I want to cum, I will cum," I declared.

Although those words were for Pearl, it was Emma who answered me.

"Don't worry. We aren't going that far," she said in a relaxed tone. Her hand opened the food cloche and showed the stuffed mushrooms.

"It will be a waste if you spend your cum here. You know I hate it when you take it outside," Diamond added. Her legs had turned into tentacles. One of them took a bottle of wine and poured it into the glass.

A breath came out of my mouth.

"Fine. Let's see what you want to do to me." I knew this play's idea was ice breaking, but I refused if they made me their toy.

"Just relax, Damian." Diamond gave the glass to me, which I took and sipped it. Her tentacles spread through my body and its suckers kissed my skin. But what they said was right. Rather than a seduction, the tentacles moved gently to massage me.

"Say ahh~" Emma's hand brought a stuffed mushroom to my mouth and pressed her body to my side. I didn't open my mouth and looked at the food in her hand suspiciously. Who knew she would do the same as Mia. But since she didn't move, I decided to open my mouth in hesitation and she fed me right away.

I chewed my food and glanced at both of them alternately in confusion.

'Are they planning something'

"Is that good" said Emma. Her hand cleaned up the rest of the sauce on the side of my lips.

"It's delicious," I said before I opened my mouth and Emma brought another food into my mouth.

"Is the massage good enough" said Diamond. Her tentacles moved slowly all over my body yet she didn't touch my cock, only till my inner thighs.

"Give more pressure on my shoulders," I demanded. And Diamond did what I asked.

I closed my eyes and decided to enjoy their every move. Every now and then, I opened my mouth and Emma put the food in my mouth. I didn't know what their plans were, but this was definitely a nice one.

After I swallowed the food in my mouth, I opened my mouth again. But instead of food, Emma's kiss landed on my lips and her tongue slipped into my mouth. It made me open my eyes. Just a moment later, she broke the kiss.

"The plate is empty, Damian. Do you still want more" Emma said with a giggle.

I glanced at the empty plate to confirm her words before glancing at Emma and Diamond alternately in puzzled expressions.

"I think that's enough," I said. Then I sipped my wine in my hand. The plate was empty yet they didn't do anything to me. Wasn't that weird

"Do you still want more wine, Damian" asked Diamond.

"No, thanks," I said. Trace of confusion was clear from the tone of my voice.

“Alright.” Slowly her tentacles turned into a pair of legs. While Emma moved the plate and the wine to the cart before they stood up.

The eyes moved side to side at them in confusion once more.

"That's it" I asked. I knew this was what I wanted, but it was too fishy for me.

They answered me with a sweet smile.

"If you want more, we can do it in the next game," said Emma calmly.

"See ya, Damian. I hope you enjoy the next meal," Diamond said before they left.

"Right. Next food please." Pearl's voice came from beside me and as I glanced at her, I noticed the naughty smile on her face.

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