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The Incubus System Chapter 293. Naked Gala Dinner VI

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The Incubus System Chapter 293. Naked Gala Dinner VI

Minutes passed. The room was getting hotter for me, no, but for all of us. Since no one could resist the hot scene in front of them. Occasionally, my partners and other servants swallowed their saliva, hard, till I could hear their faint gulping sound. Their eyes were glued to what I did to Luna.

My mouth and tongue moved over Luna's body before I put her food in my mouth, just like when I did it with Camila. I controlled my pace and movement, making sure she could feel all my touches and movements, tormenting her with all my subtle stimulation.

Her soft moans that filling the room, added the erotic feeling to the scene. It started to ignite everyone's desire including me. My cock was starting to harden on its own to the point I wanted to rub it on her, especially her cute face. Unlike Camila, Luna didn't hesitate to tease me with her expression. She licked her lips, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to show she really enjoyed my touch. Sometimes she smiled mischievously and opened her mouth as if asking me to put my cock in it. It made my desire higher. Unfortunately, I was not sure the cart could withstand two people's weight and my movement. Besides, I was sure Pearl would say that was a violation.

The food on top of her body ran out. As I pulled my body, I crazed the remaining sauce that stuck to the side of my lips with my thumb and licked it. I never knew the combination of food and entertainment could be this good. The food filled my stomach, while the entertainment filled my cock with my load.

"Next," I said. I started getting impatient since I wanted to go to the next game and spilled all my desires there. Besides, it was getting harder for me to see tempting sights like this. Their ripe breasts that hang gracefully, looked like fresh fruits that invited me to enjoy them right away. Their pussies that were a bit wet, looked like pleasure caves that invited my fingers and my cock to explore it. But as Pearl said, I couldn't bang them here and I didn't want to ruin her game.

As before, Maria removed the cart from in front of me and replaced it with the last cart. In a matter of minutes, I quickly finished the food on Yuffy's body. Although I didn't skip my seduction and touch her like the others, I indeed did it faster than before. I ended it with a kiss and a whisper saying that I would play with her longer in our next game since it was getting hard for me to hold myself back. Wouldn't it be better if we took all of this to the next level while all of us were still in the heat

After Yuffy answered me with a nod, I returned to the sofa with Pearl.

"Getting impatient, hm" Pearl teased in a sassy tone. Her eyes were fixed on my hard cock.

I turned to her and smirked.

"Look who's talking," I said in a teasing tone.

"What do you mean" she frowned.

I responded by pointing at her erected nipples with my gaze before shifting it to her wet pussy.

"I think I should feed it soon. It will be bad if it goes wild and won't let go of my cock after the climax," I said in a casual tone.

In reflex, she crossed her legs to cover her pussy, pressed her lips and pouted since what I said was true. I was sure she was in the same heat as me.

"Bring out the dessert," she said.

This time Celia and Foxy entered the room at the same time. My eyes widened either in surprise or in temptation because their appearance looked like a dessert for the Demonic side of mine. Unlike the bold appearance of my previous women, they were wearing white lingerie with a pair of small fake angel wings behind them.

Still, since the lingerie material was very thin, it still showed their bodies clearly. Instead of a cart, two trays of dessert were in their hands.

They put two plates of my dessert on the table filled with some fruit tarts, a fruit mousse and a glass of infused water before they sat beside me. Meanwhile, Pearl moved from her seat to give them more room.

My gaze moved from Foxy to Celia and observed them. Their cute faces that slightly blushed made them look even cuter than usual. Coupled with their white thin clothes, it was a perfect combination of sexy and innocent. Somehow it tickled my Demonic side to taint their 'purity'.

"What's with that look" Celia complained with a bashful face. She had never worn a sexy clothes like this before. Moreover, I only had sex with her twice so I could understand her reaction.

"Nothing. I found both of you are so cute tonight," I replied casually.

"Just cute" said Foxy in a disappointed tone.

I turned to her.

"And sexy," I added with a smile.

But Foxy's disappointed expression didn't change.

"Do we look less appetizing to you"

A chuckle came out of my mouth. I slipped my hands around their waists and pulled them closer to me.

"Both of you have your own charms. So stop comparing yourself to others." I realized that ever since Ivy and the others joined me, Foxy felt insecure with herself, especially since her level was the lowest and had a childish appearance compared to the others. While Celia was my youngest partner, she was a little insecure with herself.

A naughty smirk appeared on my lips.

"Besides... There is no way I didn't find sweet and tasty desserts like both of two, appetizing. Unfortunately..." I glanced at Pearl and she returned me with a proud smirk as if she was saying 'I know those costumes look well on them. You will not be able to resist their seductions'. I sighed before I continued to speak.

"There are so many restrictions here. I can't do what I want freely." And I really meant it. With the heat and my condition, there was no way I could stop myself once they started to seduce me.

They smiled shyly at my answer.

"Which one do you want first The fruit tart or the mousse" Celia immediately caught what I meant.

"Both of them sound delicious. I can't choose," I said. I was sure they already knew what they had to do.

"Then..." Foxy took the mousse and the spoon. While Celia took a fruit tart.

"We shall feed you both of it."

According to my request, Celia and Foxy brought the food to my mouth. Instead of opening my mouth, I turned to Celia as I remembered something important.

"Wait a second. Have you had your dinner" I asked worriedly. I remembered we came here with empty stomachs.

"I have. That's why I got the last turn," answered Celia.

"Good then." After that, I opened my mouth. They fed me in turn, innocently. Why Because they forgot to seduce me. Even though Pearl tried to remind them by giving them the sign from the look in her eyes, they didn't notice it since I kept distracting them and hugged them tightly. Since they lived with me, rather than as a seduction, they were more used to acting as my family. As the result… They spoiled me as usual.

After the plates in front of me were empty, I drank the water before placing the glass on the table.

"Thank you for the food," I said as I gave Pearl a triumphant smile. Pearl could only reply to me with a pout.

"Oh wait! We forgot to seduce him!" said Foxy in shock. My triumphant smile had reminded her of Pearl's task.

Another chuckle slipped out of my mouth since the plates were already empty, so it was too late.

"What should we do" Celia said in a panic. In hesitation, they turned to Pearl in sorry, while a burst of laughter escaped my mouth upon their panicked faces.

"We are sorry, Miss Pearl," they said in unison.

A breath escaped Pearl's mouth.

"It's fine. Besides, we still have the next game." Even though her disappointment was obvious, she still tried to comfort Celia and Foxy with a smile. She stood up from her seat.

"Since dinner is over, shall we move to the next room"

After answering it with a nod, we followed her.


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