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The Incubus System Chapter 295. Wild Dom Play: The Fierce Bunny Girl (1)

"Okay, I'll explain the rule since it's a little different from the previous game," Pearl started her explanation.

"I will divide this game into two sessions. So each woman has two chances to spend her time privately with Damian in two different settings tonight. The others can spend their time enjoying all the entertainment, food, drinks and rest in this room. The bathroom also has a vanity table complete with makeup, perfume and skincare that you can use as you please." Well, that explained why this room had so many facilities and I was quite surprised since Pearl didn't only think of me, but also, think of the other's needs.

"As for the game." Pearl's hand pointed at the auto card shuffler in front of me.

"To keep the game fair, the card shuffler will give Damian a random card and the tab will determine who his partner is. After that, who enters the room first depends on the card's description. " Pearl's hand shifted to point to the floor plan that was on the side of a door across from us.

"Also, you can check the direction through the map."

After Pearl lowered her hand she spoke again.

"The first session will be over after all the women have had their turn. After that, we will take a 20-minute break so Damian can take a rest before moving on to session two." She turned to me. "Or do you need more time"

"I don't need it. I can move on to session two without a break if you want," I replied. Since every time I finished having sex, my stamina and energy were fully charged, so it was useless for me.

"Are you sure We don't want to tire yourself out," Mia said as she looked at me worriedly. Since she was the only woman who didn't know my identity yet, I could understand this. But admitting it now could ruin the game and the atmosphere.

"I'm sure of it. I know my limit. You don't have to worry about me," I replied.

Pearl continued her explanation.

"Alright. Since Damian has agreed. We will continue with session two straight after session one is over. Session two will start with our Jackpot card. So Damian will skip the shuffler and directly press the tab to choose one of us." Of course, what she meant by the jackpot card was the 'cum bath card'. Pearl turned to me again.

"Damian, can you take the card and separate it from the others"

Without answering, I did what she asked and placed the rest of the cards on the shuffler.

"Thank you. Now, let's the game begin," Pearl closed her explanation and turned to me.

"Please remember you can take a break whenever you want or if you feel tired," she reminded me.

Although it bothered my incubus' pride a bit, I understood she just wanted to make sure I was okay.

"I will keep that in mind," I replied. After that my attention turned to the shuffler as my hand pressed the button.

The machine started shuffling the cards a few seconds before it took out a card. I took it and read it. A smile grew on my lips since this was the perfect card to start the game.

"It's the bunny girl card," I said. I turned the card over and showed it to the others. This card was not that intense compared to other cards and I could start it from a slow pace.

"Oh~ That's cute," said the others in excitement. Some of them giggled.

I put the card on the table.

"Let's see who will be my bunny girl tonight." I hit the tab. All my women's names appeared on the screen randomly for a while. Everyone's attention was drawn to it as it stopped at a name.

"It's Olivia," I said as I turned to her with a smile. My words were followed by the others' giggles. Of course, the bunny girl had a gentle, fragile and innocent image while Olivia's image was fierce, so this card didn't suit her at all. But this would give her a different colour in our sex play tonight.

Olivia's panic was evident on her face.

"Ehhh A bunny girl I-I don't think I can do it," she said in a stammering voice with a flushed face.

"Didn't we agree that we would follow this game to the end" Pearl reminded her.

"Don't worry, Olivia. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just do your best," I tried to calm her down. A naughty smirk appeared on my lips.

"I don't mind a fierce bunny either," I added.

My words made Olivia's face blush even more.

"W-Well, it can't be helped then. I will do my best."

"Good!" said Pearl with a satisfied smile.

"Just for a reminder. As soon as you enter the room, the play will begin. So make sure you are ready before entering the room. The play will end after Damian cum. I won't limit the time, but I hope each play can be finished in 30-45 minutes. For the girls, you can rest in the room or come back here if you want after the play is finished. Remember, I want all of us to enjoy this game so if you are tired or something, please don't hesitate to tell your partner.” She turned to me again.

"You don't mind that, do you" she made sure.

"I don't mind," I replied.

"For this card, Olivia will change her clothes here and Damian will change his clothes in the room. Just make sure you check the cabinet next to the entrance," Pearl said again.

"Got it," I said.

"Also, I've turned off this floor's CCTVs and closed the access to ensure there are no intruders. So you don't have to worry." Once again Pearl closed her long explanation.

"So shall we turn Olivia into a cute bunny, now" Ivy asked impatiently. She looked so excited.

"Y-You know. I can do this myself," Olivia said nervously.

"I will help you." Maria also looked at Olivia with the same look.

"You don't have to---" But Pearl interrupted Olivia.

"And a good costume needs nice makeup," she said with a smirk.

"Eh" Olivia let out a surprised mumble since she didn't know what to say. She turned to Emma for help without a word. Just like between me and Larry.

"It's okay, Olivia. A little makeup and help from the others won't hurt you," Emma said with a smile.

Luna, who was sitting beside Olivia, suddenly whispered to her.

"Do you hear that Even your best friend agrees."

"Count me in~," Mia said with a happy smile. "We can't make our man wait too long, right"

While others laughed.

In the middle of that excitement, Pearl gave me a card key.

"Damian, please wait for us. Your bunny will be coming to the room soon."

"Okay. I'll excuse myself then." I got up from my seat and turned to Olivia.

"I will wait for you," I said with a smile before I walked towards the door. Which she answered with a simple nod.

I looked at the floor plan besides the door for a moment before I exited and walked down the empty corridor. Like Pearl said, no one was there. So apart from the map, I could only rely on the board sign.

'1038, 1038, 1038,' I muttered in my thoughts as my eyes swept through the rooms on both sides of me. The room should be around here and in a matter of seconds, I found it. After I unlocked it with the card key in my hand and entered that special room, I was stunned in surprise.

*The card game is determined from the Patreon poll results.

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