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The Incubus System Chapter 296. Wild Dom Play: The Fierce Bunny Girl (2)

'They really worked hard on this...' I thought. My hand put the key card on the key holder on the side of the door. My eyes swept the room in amazement. Rather than luxurious, the interior was very unique with colourful lights that came on as soon as I opened the door. The floor was covered with soft fleece carpet. The erotic aromatherapy filled the room. A bed, a set of sofa and a coffee table were in it. On the table some equipment such as oil, lubricant and some drinks. I also noticed a bathroom door was on the side. Rather than luxury, the room gave a playful impression.

I turned to the side and opened a cabinet to take out my costume, but I only found a photo and a memo.

'Please put your robe here and use your skill to change your clothes according to the picture.'

Well, she really put my skill to good use. After I opened my robe and put it inside, I looked at the pic for a while before I snapped my fingers and used my Demon's Clothes. My dark aura that covered my body turned into a luxury suit. After I closed the cabinet, I trod over to the single sofa to wait for Olivia. My brain started playing with my imagination about what I should do and what I would say after Olivia arrived. Then an idea crossed my head. As I sat on the sofa, I deactivated my incubus form and returned to my human form. I had always played this game as Damian. Now, I wondered if I could dominate her as Ethan.

Minutes passed, I took a sip of a glass of wine in my hand to kill time. But shortly the sound of the door opening distracted me.

"Good evening, sir," Olivia said in a slightly trembling voice. I was shocked by her appearance. I didn't know she was a fierce bunny or an innocent one. Since her appearance showed both. Rather than the usual white rabbit ears, she wore the black one. A black bunny girl bikini covered her body without stockings or pantyhose with a pair of sleeve's cuffs. Even though her gaze was fierce, I caught the nervousness in her expression.

She was also stunned for the same reason, my appearance. Since who was waiting for her was not Damian but Ethan. Still, I kept my composure and stayed calm.

"What are you waiting for Get inside." My order broke the silence between us.

"Yes, sir," Olivia said as soon as she came back to her senses. Then she walked towards me without taking her eyes off me.

"You made me wait too long--- lil' bunny," I said with a smirk. My hand put the glass on the table calmly.

"I'm sorry, sir," Olivia said as soon as she stopped in front of me. Her face looked more relaxed since I used my human form.

"This time, I will forgive you. But next time, I won't." My eyes stared at her for a moment, observing every curve of her body. I could catch her nervousness just because of that simple gesture. Also, I was sure she realized that even though it was Ethan sitting in front of her, my dominance didn't decrease. My index finger that was pointing at her, moved towards me repeatedly, asking her to come closer. She took a step upon my demand.

"Closer," I demanded in a calm tone.

She took another huge step and made her stand right in front of me. My hand patted my lap twice. My smirk widened.

"Sit on my lap. I'll explain the rules to you," I demanded again.

Her hesitation was obvious, but she did what I asked.

I hugged her waist tightly and put my lips behind her ear. My other hand went up to feel her breast, but rather than a real breast, my palm could feel her silicon bra. Apart from that, I could also feel her heart beating fast and her muscles tense up.

"Listen to me and remember this well, lil' bunny. First, I don't like my bunny wearing underwear," I whispered. My naughty hand slipped into her clothes and grabbed her pink silicone bra. Since there was no strap or anything to tie it, I could pull it easily and show it before my eyes before I tossed it onto the floor.

"Do you know why Because I want to feel your real flesh, not a fake thing like that," I continued. Meanwhile, both my hands were groping and squeezing her breasts. Since the costume was only made of thin material, I could feel the softness of her breasts in my hand and it only took a moment before her nipples were erected. It protruded clearly from under her clothes.

"I understand, sir," Olivia said without daring to move from her position. I could hear her heavy breathing and feel her heart beating faster.

My hand moved up.

"Second, I want my bunny to always be hungry for my carrot. Either she wants me to put it here." My index finger brushed her lips gently.

"Or here." My hand moved down and rubbed her entrance.

"Mphh..." A muffled moan escaped her mouth.

But just for a second, I let it go.

"Do you understand" I asked again.

"I understand, sir."

"Third, although I usually play gently, sometimes I like to play rough. I hope you're not surprised by that," I added.

"I won't sir..."

"Good. Now how about we start your lesson"I whispered again. And she answered it with a nod.

"I want you to get up and face me." I removed my hand from her waist. Shyly, Olivia followed my orders. This was the first time she had to drop her fierce self, her pride and obeyed me. It was very different from her usual self and I knew there was a part of her that rejected it. Since I didn't want to take this game as torture, so I ordered something else.

"Now, I want you to touch me, kiss me and undress me as you like." I leaned my body forward a bit and looked at her with intimidation, clearly stating that it was an order.

"Seduce me like no tomorrow and show me your fierce side," I challenged. Although it was a similar request to what I told her in the dining room earlier. But from the way I put it, it clearly gave off a different impression. Since in the dining room I said it as a request, here, I said it as an order. Even though the dinner made me want to have intercourse immediately... Still, I remembered she still had a trauma because of her father. So going slow then rough was the best choice for her. I also used the challenge for the same reason.

"Are you sure" she asked in disbelief. This was a Dom Game, I should have dominated her, but I asked otherwise.

"Yes. Make me hard," I demanded.

She smirked upon my challenge.

"All right. Let's see what I can do for you, sir."


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