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 The Incubus System Chapter 297. Wild Dom Play: The Fierce Bunny Girl (3)

After that, Olivia took a step to get closer. Her eyes were fierce again. The back of her hand that was shaking slightly stroked the side of my face and down my neck before she suddenly grabbed my tie and pulled it towards her. Our eyes were glued to each other and stared with domination.

"Just for your information, sir. I'm not an ordinary lil' bunny." She smiled confidently.

"I'm a fierce bunny that could bite you anytime."

"That's even better," I replied with a smirk.

"Then I hope you're ready for whatever I'm about to do." Without saying another word, she pushed my back against the sofa. Her hands took off of my suit without taking her eyes off me, showing her fierce eyes clearly. After that, she took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt one by one. As soon as my naked torso was exposed, her hands travelled from my chest to my abs. Her subtle touch that touched my skin reminded me of what we wanted to do in the dining room.

"My, this lil' bunny is indeed different from the others," I teased.

Since she felt that I was the one in her control, I could see her confidence rising from her gaze and that was my main goal. As long as she had her confidence, I was sure we could play this game well. Especially, enjoy our private time. Actually, it was not different from the first time we had sex, I let her take the lead first to give her a sense of security first before I moved on to the next.

I remembered Pearl saying that she wanted to use this game as her experiment for the club game. But the fact that she provided a private room for us, proving that she did this so that I could enjoy private time with my women.

Olivia's face approached the side of mine slowly and whispered.

"I haven't even started, sir..." Then without a warning, she rubbed my cock.

"Uff!" I groaned and jolted in surprise. I was quite surprised by her bold move but I didn't deny that I really enjoyed it.

Her giggling sound sounded in my ears.

"Did you enjoy it Mr Ethan~" Her seduction was clear as well as her challenge. Her hand kept moving to rub my half hard cock slowly.

"Yes. I enjoy it." This time my hand slipped between her crotch, but instead of directly touching her entrance, I touched her inner thigh first before moving up towards her entrance.

"But what about my lil'bunny If you're not wet yet, my carrot won't fit here." My whisper sounded like a temptation that she couldn't resist.

But instead of being surprised or avoiding it out of nervousness, she moaned boldly.

"Umh~ You are really impatient." Even though this was what I wanted, I was quite surprised by it.

"Um-hum. But before I feed you here." My index finger pressed her hole a bit to show her where I mean.

"I want to feed your mouth first." I tilted my head to the side, almost pressing my lips to her ear.

"Give me a good blow job, Olivia. Lick me there," I called her name on purpose.

In that instant, her breasts went up and down rapidly and her breathing was getting heavier.

"Okay. I will make you feel so good," she whispered. After that, she kissed the side of my neck before she slowly descended to my chest and abs, making a trace of saliva with it to the front of my cock. Her hands released my belt and lowered the zipper, exposing my hard cock that was waiting in anticipation for all the stimulation.

She was stunned. Her eyes locked on my cock. Even though we had done it, she had never seen it directly like this.

Seeing her hesitation, my hand stroked the side of her face slowly before grabbing her chin and raising it to face me.

"Does that intimidate you" I asked.

"I was just a little shocked... How did it fit in me How did I do it the first time" she said in wonder. We spilled our feelings when we did it back then. Even the empty toilets weren't a problem for us and I remembered we acted like two teenagers in love and I was sure she didn't care about that anymore.

"I don't know. What I remember that day was a woman who accepted me as I was, even though I said I had many partners," I reminded her.

"You don't have to remind me of that," she muttered with a pout in embarrassment.

I chuckled at her reaction.

"So you decided to give up" I asked. Well, I didn't think so. I knew Olivia was a little stubborn, after all the look in her eyes clearly said her determination.

She smirked out my words.

"There's no way I'll give up because of this." Her hand touched my erection and rubbed it. Up... down... In slow and constant rhythm. Her mouth came closer to the tip and licked my glans with her eyes fixed on me as if she was telling me she was ready for this.

It was a pleasant and hot view. The stimulation and the view made my adrenaline race faster, as well as my lust. It wasn't long before my cock reached its full erection.

"Ngh!" A muffled groan came out of my mouth as she put my erection in her mouth and sucked, hard, just like she sucked a tasty candy. Her hand that was stroking the side, began to grab my cock and shake it.

"Umh... Umm..." Her moan and clacking sound mixed into one, showing how much she enjoyed it.

In just a few minutes, my lust had reached the top of my head and I was not sure I could hold myself back any longer.

"How can you be so good at this" I said in a ragged breath. I couldn't say it was really good but compared to the first time we met, she was much better.

"Um~" She answered me with another moan as she sucked my cock hard and pulled her head backwards before releasing my cock. It made my body shiver in pleasure and I knew I had reached my limit.

"I've been practising lately. Let's be real. You are an incubus, I know sooner or later I have to do this with you," she said with a mischievous smile.

"Practice with what" I asked curiously.

"That's a secret. But it's not another man's cock for sure," she clarified. I bet it was a dildo or something similar to it. Plus Ivy lived with her and Camila, I guessed she taught them a thing or two.

A satisfied smile appeared on my lips.

"Alright. Since you already know the consequences, I'll do what I want." Without saying anything else, I snapped my fingers, turned my clothes into my dark aura and pulled her into my arms.

Our lips met our tongues in each other's mouths. Her soft breasts pressed against my chest. Without hesitation, my hand went down in front of her entrance and rubbed it. I thought she would be shocked, instead, her hand also grabbed my cock and rubbed it gently. Occasionally she touched my balls.

A second later, I put my hands on her buttocks and stood up from my seat without breaking our dirty kiss. Like the first time I did this with her, we kissed like a couple in love. Her tongue swam wildly in my mouth. My mouth sucked it hard. Our lips moved to each other non-stop.

I dropped her on the bed.

"Turn around and lift your ass," I ordered in a ragged breath.

Without answering she turned her body and raised her buttocks as I requested. Feeling her torso didn't lower enough, I put my hand on the back of her head and pressed her upper body against the bed. I could see her breasts slipping from the sides of her clothes due to my gesture. Since her ass was higher than her body, it made it look much bigger.

She turned to me, revealing her flushed face. But instead of the fierce gaze as before, a seductive gaze took its place.

"Ethan~" she purred in a spoiled tone. Both of her hands gripped the bedsheet.

There was no way I could resist her. I climbed onto the bed and knelt behind her, placing my cock in front of her entrance and rubbing it even though I hadn't taken off her costume. I leaned forward, pressing my body on her back. My hands slipped on the sides of her clothes and squeezed her full chest impatiently and my lips captured hers.

"Mpphhh!" Muffled moans came out of our mouths as our minds and bodies demanded more. We were in the heat and I knew I needed to put out the fire that burned our desires.

Only a few strokes afterwards, my hand pulled her clothes down, revealing her breasts clearly before I shifted one of them at her entrance and pulled the clothes covering her to the side, exposing her pink pussy on me.

Again, I leaned forward and placed my head on her side. Our ragged breath sounded clear to our ears. My waist moved up and down as I stroked her entrance with my glans. But my hands were not on her breasts but pinned the back of her hands against the bed to show my dominance to her.

"I'm going in." She wasn't that wet since her clothes absorbed some of the liquid so I wanted her to be prepared with what she received. In one movement, I pushed my cock, she jolted and wriggled spontaneously. Her mouth was wide open as a scream was almost coming out of it, but my lips caught hers and made her swallow her scream and mine...

I almost never **ed her, so her inner wall was very narrow just like a virgin. Moreover, I pushed all of mine in one push.

Not wanting to waste time, I moved my waist back and forth to push my cock deeper. Her body shook upon my movement as we climbed in the ecstasy of pleasure. Our moans were swallowed up by our kisses that grew hotter as time went on. Our bodies burned with lust and our feelings. I knew we should do role play but in the end... Even with the costumes, we had become ourselves.

"Ohhh---!" We moaned loudly right after we broke our kiss. The pleasure filled our body and mind as we reached our climax.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

Olivia's body fell on the bed as she caught her breath. When I turned to the side, our eyes met each other's faces. The same satisfied smile on our faces.

"Ethan, may I ask you one thing" she whispered.

"Say it."

"Why did you change yourself to Ethan"

"I'm afraid you are not used to Damian's appearance. I know you are still struggling with your trauma. The fact you want to accept me, my identity and this complicated relationship is a miracle. So I want to give you comfort as best as I can," I answered sincerely. It was clear from my gaze and my expression. I knew it was a Dom Play, but for me, dominance wasn't always a rough gesture or a loud command. A manipulation seduction also could do the same job. Moreover, the result was better. Like it or not, but the fact that someone who served wholeheartedly was much better than someone who served because of compulsion and fear were, undeniable.

A sigh of relief escaped her mouth. Her smile widened. Without a warning, she hugged me. I could feel her heart beating fast either because of what we just did or because of what I just said.

"Thank you... But next time, you don't have to think about that. Because I know... Whatever your appearance is... I know you are Ethan. That demon is also... Ethan... the man I love," she whispered.

Her words stunned me. My hands moved to hug her body.

"Thank you," I whispered.

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