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The Incubus System Chapter 302. The Nephilims Descendant II

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The Incubus System Chapter 302. The Nephilim's Descendant II

"Hey, say something." Her complaint returned my gaze to her. Doubt filled my head, but instead of feeling intimidated by her suspicions, I decided to play it cool. I lowered my hand and took a deep breath.

"Are you done suspecting me" I said in another nonchalant tone.

"I just found it weird. Since Xenos is a Death Demon, not an incubus," she retorted again.

"Oh, please. Don't blame my genetic mistake on me," I said before turning to the other side and walking away. My eyes looked around me for any clues or anything that told me this was a dream or just some kind of skill. I didn't ask her since I was sure she would say this was reality.

She quickly chased me.

"I'm not blaming you. I just found it weird..." Although I could sense her guilt, her confusion was clear from the tone of her voice.

"You know, I don't get it with the angels. You said they were Gabrielle's sisters who picked her up. Why didn't they just let her go and let her live happily with her family" Since I didn't know if this was reality or a dream, I decided to find out as much information as possible.

Her expression suddenly turned gloomy again.

"We, angels, have strict rules and laws... No matter how hard or painful it is, we have to follow the order."

Another tired breath escaped my mouth.

"A reign without heart. I thought the light dimension had something better than this." My disappointment was clear from the tone of my voice.

She quickly blocked my path upon my words.

"Laws and rules are an important foundation for every world. You are still young. You don't know the consequences if---"

Before she could finish her sentence, I interrupted her.

"But wisdom is also important," I said in a firm tone.

"Especially to avoid unnecessary battles like what has happened," I added.

My words silenced her. Without saying anything, I moved my legs again and walked past her side.

After a second pause, she chased after me again.


"Since I've given you the opportunity to examine me. Now tell me how do I break the seal and awaken my angelic power" I quickly asked before she said another word. Although I still hadn't found a clue whether this was a dream or reality, there was nothing wrong with asking her about this.

"It's a strong seal. It can't be removed in the normal way." After that, she fell silent with a face filled with doubt.

"So What should I do" I asked again.

"You have to take over a high angel's power to break it," she replied in hesitation.

"But it will cost that angel's life..."

"Is there no other way besides that cruel method" I said in disbelief. My doubt was getting higher. If this was a dream, she was supposed to say I had to do sex or something similar like that, like sleep with 999 women in order to break the seal. To be sure, a more peaceful method since I didn't want to kill innocent people or angels. Or... Did I have the cruel side in me that made my subconscious want me to kill the angel Was it because I'm a demon And this was my basic instinct

"Since you are an incubus, there is one other way," she suddenly continued. Her face turned red.

"Since the incubus' power comes from sex, so you just need to do it with a high angel. That should be enough to break the seal."

'Ah... Never mind...' I still wanted sex after all. This time, her words strengthened my guess that this was just a dream since what she said matched what I thought.

"Then, are the high angel's wings white golden" I guessed again.

"Yes. How do you know it" she said.

I stopped my steps and turned to her. A chuckle out of my mouth since I only pointed at her wings' colour.

"Since there's one of them in front of me. So let's do it," I said in a casual tone.

"Pardon me. You want me to have sex with you Did I hear it right" she clarified with a frown.

"You heard it right. Let's have sex now. So I can break my angelic seal and become a real Nephilim," I said shamelessly with a seductive smirk. This time, my feet moved slowly towards her, like a beast approaching its prey.

She retreated slowly in reflex and spoke again in a stammering voice.

"W-What T-That's outrageous... W-We are... Related by blood. I'm your aunt... W-We can't..."

Again, I interrupted her.

"Oh, C'mon. I'm an incubus. I've slept with my own mom and sister. It's not a big deal." I bet my mind had mixed last night sex game with this angel thing.

Her steps stopped.

"Wait a second. Gabrielle only had a son and she died when he was a kid." Her gaze turned serious.

"You are not Erebus, aren't you Tell me, who are you Why do you have the same power as him"

I stopped in front of her. Just like her, my gaze turned serious.

"Erebus died a thousand years ago. You've been trapped in that crystal for too long," I explained briefly.

Her eyes widened in shock. Her pupils trembled in emotion, regret and sadness.

"Is that true"

"Why should I lie"

She lowered her head in sorrow.

"No... It can't be... I have failed... Sister... I have failed you..."

At the same time, an announcement suddenly appeared in front of me.

[The dream spell has been cancelled.]

'Wait for a second... This is a real thing' I thought in shock. I remembered when I dreamed about my father and Lord Damon, I couldn't access my system and there were no announcements either.

[You will be out of the dream world in 5...]

The world around me started to crumble just like when I cancelled my Devil Space. In addition, her body also began to turn transparent and disappear.

"Wait!" I tried to snatch her hand but my hand just caught the wind.


"Stay here a bit longer! I'll explain to you what I know about Erebus! Or tell me how I can get you out of that crystal." But her broken heart and her sadness made her ignore me.


"At least, please tell me your name!" I said in a panic. Still, she didn't answer me.


'Damn it!' Feeling my time was running out, I finally decided to answer her first question with a proper one.

"Ethan Strongheart, I'm Erebus' descendant!" I said in desperation.

Those words made her turn to me in shock. She opened her mouth, trying to say something to me, unfortunately, our time was up.


Reflexively, I opened my eyes. The sight of the hotel room ceiling entered my eyes. My women's voices also greeted my ears, indicating that I had returned to the hotel. I sat down on the sofa and glanced at the clock.

12.03 PM

Then I turned my gaze to my women who were already dressed neatly and were tidying their makeup or their hair. Laughter and smiles graced their faces as they shared their last night's experiences.

Unfortunately, despite the cheerful and warm atmosphere, my mind was elsewhere.

'I need to find a way to break through the barrier and free that angel.' But something else was bothering me.

My gaze shifted to Mia who giggled along with the others.

'Is that crystal the reason why the Kingdom of Serpent Rock is the only country that can produce the demon hunter vaccine'

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