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The Incubus System Chapter 306. Shopping Time II

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The Incubus System Chapter 306. Shopping Time II

"What do you think" Celia said as she came out of the changing room and showed her pink dress to the three of us who were sitting on the waiting chairs. The top of her dress looked like a sleeveless dress with a gathered strip of fabric at the waist, which formed a freestanding flounce over the hips. They called it a peplum dress or something.

"It's perfect! You look so beautiful! We should take it!" I said quickly. I raised my thumb to show my seriousness. I didn't know how many times I had said this.

But Tiffany, who sat next to me, did not agree with me. She turned to me and frowned in objection.

"What do you mean That dress makes her look much older than her age." She turned to Celia.

"I think the first one is much better than this."

"I agree. This one isn't as cute as the first one. Besides, the ballerina pink colour suits you better," said Ruby who was sitting on the other side of me. Her hands still hugged my arm tightly, as if we were a couple.

Her last words made me turn to Ruby with a frown.

"What do you mean That dress literally has the same colour as the first, only a different style."

But Ruby replied to me with another frown and as if on cue they spoke at the same time.

"This one is rose gold, not pink."

I pressed my lips and sighed tiredly.

'Am I the only colourblind here' I thought. This whole shopping session was hellish for me. My expression showed everything I was feeling clearly. Bored, annoyed, impatient and 'get me out of here!' type of expression. If it wasn't that I had promised Celia to accompany her, I might have transferred the money to her virtual account and went to the nearest cafe to grab a coffee.

"The first dress is much better, Celia," Tiffany suggested. It seemed like she realized I was at my limit before I completely lost my sanity. This was the 6th shop I visited today and Celia had tried almost 20 dresses. So I was as desperate as almost altering their memory so I could get out of here and let them enjoy their shopping time. While I was enjoying my time at the cafe.

"But I don't like the first dress' style," said Celia. A trace of disappointment was evident in her tone of voice.

"Just take the classic ball gown. You can't go wrong with that." Ruby gave an idea. Then she turned to me.

"What do you think, Ethan" She tried to cheer me up.

'Do they still need my opinion' I thought. Seriously, my presence was completely useless, except to pay for Celia's dress. They didn't even need a bodyguard since Tiffany and Ruby were demon hunters.

"Anything is fine. Just make it fast," I said without enthusiasm.

"Be patient. One more, just one more dress," said Celia, trying to convince me before she turned to the shopkeeper and asked for another dress. I didn't know how many times she had said that.

Unlike before, Tiffany got up from her seat and helped Celia choose the dress.

I threw my back on the sofa and sighed once more. My eyes shifted at the dim sunlight streaming through the window before turning to the clock.

05.21 PM

This dress hunting even took up more time than my night hunt routine.

'Ah... That's why Tiffany decided to help her.' I remembered she said we would have our dinner around 06.00 PM.

"You can talk to me if you're bored." Ruby's spoiled voice came from my side. A sweet smile on her lips. This was her best chance since this shopping session had drained more energy than when I fought hundreds of demons. I was even too lazy to take her hands off me and let her hug me all the time.

I turned to her with a dead man's kind of expression.

"What do you want to talk about" Killing time by talking to your stalker was a good idea rather than dying of boredom. Yeah, I was that desperate.

"It's about our last conversation," she said. Our last conversation was about my fighting ability. It was a bit funny since Mrs Clea didn't ask me about it anymore, nor did Tiffany. It seemed that Mrs Clea had decided not to involve me in the demon hunter association, especially after I pointed out that I was aware of the oddity of my father's death. While Ruby did the opposite. She encouraged me to register myself as a demon hunter voluntarily and kept praising my fighting skills.

I had to confess, I was quite interested in it before. I thought the vaccine could help me to break my angelic seal, but I undid my intention since I bet it would be useless. If that vaccine could break my seal, my father's angelic seal should have been broken too. Also, as the angel said, that strong seal couldn't break that easily.

"I told you, I'm not interested. I just want a normal life," I reasoned. It was only an excuse since I realized that my life was far from normal now. After all, joining an association would only limit my movements and they would notice my abnormal power.

"But it will be a waste," she whined in a spoiled tone.

"My fighting ability is only limited to protecting myself and only depends on my reflexes. Do you think a demon hunter only needs two simple things like that" I asked.

"You can try it first," she pouted.

"What about you Why don't you join them" I decided to reverse her statement.

"What are you talking about I'm just a weak girl. I can't possibly do that," she retorted quickly as she gave me her cute expression, trying to show what she said was true.

"I know you are strong, Ruby. I saw you when you beat up Bern and Franz." I brought this up without hesitation.

"I've never brought this up before since I thought you were the same as me. But it looks like you covered it up for other reasons," I added.

Her panic was visible on her face. Her hands released my arm slowly.

"Uh... I think you mistook somebody else as me." Her gaze diverted in the other direction nervously.

Seeing her reaction, I smirked.

'Checkmate.' With this, I hoped she didn't ask again about this.

"What do you think" Celia's voice turned our gaze to her. This time she was wearing a Princess type of dress in another pink or whatever they called it.

"It suits you well," said Ruby.

"What about you, brother" Celia asked. I didn't know why she still needed my opinion.

I raised my thumb again and forced myself to smile since I didn't have the energy to praise her anymore. What I wanted was to end my suffering as soon as possible.

Luckily, Celia also liked the dress. After she looked at herself in the mirror for a while, she finally turned to the shopkeeper.

"I'll take this dress."

"Finally!" I stood up from my seat in excitement. My energy suddenly returned to my body. My voice was enough to make them turn to me.

"I will be waiting for you at the cashier. Don't make me wait too long," I said with a grin. My long torment was finally over.

Without waiting for their answer, I walked to the cashier.

Note: Ballerina Pink and Rose gold dress colours also look similar.

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