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The Incubus System Chapter 307. (Un)peaceful Dinner I

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The Incubus System Chapter 307. (Un)peaceful Dinner I

After I paid for the dress, once again we walked down the bustling streets to the cafe, accompanied by the dim sky. Unlike before, this time, my steps felt much lighter. Celia, Ruby and my attention were on Tiffany who was walking in our midst.

"And you can't skip their special dessert set. It is sooo good. 10/10!" said Tiffany in excitement.

Her story made my mind filled with that cafe's menu and the excitement for what I should order later. Moreover, Tiffany had said this place was so special. Not only for the food but also the interior, service and great photo spot. She even had to make a reservation and was lucky enough to get the last seat for us. Unfortunately, she didn't know if we could get another seat for Ruby or not.

"Is the cafe still far away" I asked impatiently. Today's long shopping session made me hungry and her story made it even worse.

Tiffany pointed to a new light brown building 100 meters ahead of us.

"That's the place," she said.

From the building and the elegant design, I was pretty sure this cafe wasn't a cheap one. Still, the exterior was a bit odd for a cafe since it didn't look like one. And my guess was right... As soon as we arrived in front of it, I could see an elegant 'Noble Butler Cafe' board sign in front of it.

"Butler Cafe" I said in hesitation. Same with the maid cafe, the butler cafe was a cosplay restaurant. In these cafes, waiters dressed as butlers and served guests in the manner of domestic servants attending to the aristocracy. That explained why the building design didn't look like a typical restaurant or cafe at all. But this kind of place usually only concentrated on the service, the place, the vibe, and the plating. While the taste was usually not as good as what Tiffany described.

"Yea. But don't worry. I can guarantee all their food tastes so good!" Tiffany immediately caught my hesitation.

"C'mon." Her hand gave us a gesture to get in.

- Tring!

A small bell rang when we opened the door and we were greeted by a young man in a neat butler suit.

"Welcome to the Noble Butler Cafe, My Lady," he said politely.

"We've made a reservation," Tiffany said.

The butler took the reservation list.

"May I know your name, My Lady"

"Tiffany Duskblight," she replied.

The butler's eyes swept the long name list in front of him for a moment before returning his gaze to us.

"But the reservation is only made for 3 people, My Lady."

"Can you give us an extra seat" asked Ruby.

"I'm sorry. But as you can see, we are really full here. There are no seats left." The butler's hand gestured at the tables which were already filled with guests. The other butlers moved swiftly between the seats to deliver food or take orders from the guests. They didn't forget to bow elegantly before they talked to the guests as if they were the young ladies' butlers. A smile graced the butlers' faces.

Ruby turned to Tiffany and gave her a pleading look, asking Tiffany to hand her seat. It seemed like she wanted to spend as much time as possible with me.

As if she could read Ruby's mind, Tiffany spoke again.

"Um... I'm the one who made the reservation and the voucher in my name. So... I can't," she said with an awkward smile. With this, the choice was only down to me or Celia. But since I couldn't possibly leave Celia alone, I decided to give up my seat.

"Just give my seat to Ruby then," I said.

"But--" Celia said in objection.

Ruby, who also objected to my words, interrupted Celia.

"If you don't want to eat here. I'll accompany you to eat somewhere else." She saw this as an opportunity to have some private time with me.

I turned to Ruby and frowned.

"If you don't want it, I will take my seat back. Tiffany already made the reservation, so I don't want to waste it."

Ruby pressed her lips since this was a tough decision for her. But in the end, she agreed.

"I will take it. Thank you for the seat, Ethan," she said in disappointment. I knew she would take the seat since with this she could have an excuse to see me again after dinner was over. If she didn't, since she was an uninvited guest, our meeting would end here.

"Fine." I turned to Celia.

"I'll eat somewhere else around here. Just text me when you're done, okay"


"See you later." After that, I left the cafe. There was a fast-food restaurant nearby, so I decided to eat there.

Disappointed A bit. Especially after all the imagination and expectations about the food. But on the positive side, it gave me the opportunity to meet Ivy.

Yeah... I just had a short conversation with Ivy around 10 minutes ago. She said she was in Ironshade Town's Aeros Gold Bank now and had news about my mom. The bank would give her some documents and what the information they got from the police. So it was not something that could be discussed through Telepathy.

My feet stepped into a fast food restaurant which was dominated by yellow and red colours. It was a common fast food restaurant here and had many outlets around the world. Luckily, even though the queue was a little long, the restaurant wasn't too crowded.

After I stood at the back of the queue, I connected myself to Ivy.

[You are connected with Ivy.]

'Ivy, are you still at Aeros Gold Bank' I said.

'Yes. But I'll be done in a minute. Do you need anything from me, Your Highness' she answered.

'Can we meet after you're done I'm at WackRonald's Peace Blossom Square now. Please bring all the documents about my mom and tell me what they know about her.' I pointed out our meeting's purpose clearly.

But Ivy didn't answer me.

'Ivy' I asked.

'May I ask you something, Your Highness' Finally, she opened her voice.

'Go ahead.'

'Her Highness Lilieth is much better than this woman. Why are you still looking for her Are you thinking of bringing her back to your family' Her concern was clear from her voice.

'Don't get me wrong. I never thought of bringing her back in the first place. She has dumped me and Celia. She has to take responsibility for what she has done.'

'Do you want to kill her' she guessed.

'Not as far as to kill her. But I don't want her roaming around freely without any consequences,' I said. As those words left my mouth, my feelings were mixed. It felt ironic considering how happy we were in the past.

'Okay. I'll see you when I'm done,' she replied.

'I will be waiting for you.'

[You have disconnected with Ivy.]

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