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The Incubus System Chapter 308. (Un)peaceful Dinner II

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The Incubus System Chapter 308. (Un)peaceful Dinner II

20 minutes had passed. I was sitting on the side of the restaurant's huge window and enjoying my simple dinner, this restaurant combo meal, a cheeseburger, fries and a coke.

My eyes were fixed on the huge window beside me, watching the passersby outside the restaurant before I returned my gaze to the last piece of my burger and my empty paper fry cup.

'Larry will yell at me if he finds out I'm eating junk food again,' I thought. Ha! But that didn't mean I was going to waste my food. After all, what idiot would order a bowl of salad with quinoa at a fast-food restaurant Ah, wait... He had done it before and it made me speechless.

I popped my last piece of burger into my mouth before I squeezed the wrap and finished my coke. Well, since I had been doing a lot of 'exercise' lately, I should be fine. But I knew I still had to balance my food for my health.

A man in a dark blue luxury suit walking into the restaurant, turned at least half of the people inside to him, either the guests or the staff. From his suit, the expensive watch on his wrist and his slightly haughty face, it was clear he wasn't an ordinary person. His wealth was clearly visible from the atmosphere around him even though he didn't show his money. His eyes swept around him looking for someone. Due to his unusual appearance, swiftly, a staff approached the man to offer his assistance.

'Ah... Crap. I forgot Miguel is not an ordinary person.'But since we were here, I decided to ignore the other's whispers. I raised my hand and waved it to grab his attention. Ivy, who was in Miguel's appearance, noticed me. Immediately, he excused himself and approached me.

Note: since Ivy uses Miguel's appearance, I will use 'he' instead of 'she'.

"Sorry for making you wait," he said as he sat across from me. In contrast to his spoiled attitude when he met me in his original form, he acted cool and full of dignity with this appearance.

"It's fine. Sorry, for the sudden notice," I replied.

"Don't mention it. Besides, I do have to meet you to discuss it. But before… I think you should check this out." His hand took out some documents from his blazer and handed them to me.

I took those documents and read them. My eyes moved side to side. My forehead wrinkled either to think or because of the contents. Those were the list of transactions from my mom's account. When and where she took the money along with the amount. I could say she did all of it neatly since she withdrew the money at a random amount on the different locations.

"The police also have visited her mansion in Lightglen City, but that place already belongs to someone else," he added.

"Any news about her location" I asked. My attention was still fixed on the documents in my hand.

"She and your stepfather live in luxury and move from country to country. But based on information from 'reliable sources' , she should be in the Federation of Ashana."

His words made me lower the documents in my hand.

"Reliable source Do you mean the police" I asked with a frown.

"We got the information from the police. But the police got it from another source." He leaned to me, brought his face closer to mine and I did the same since I was sure what he was about to tell me was a secret.

"It's the association's chairwoman."

Then we pulled our faces away.

"I see..." I said. As expected, my decision to tell this to Mrs Clea through Tiffany was right. This way she could use her network to help the police find my mom faster.

"The police are planning to arrest them when they return to Aeros to take care of their permit. Unfortunately, they have just renewed their travel documents and stay permit a month ago," he said again. If the police had to arrest my mom outside of Aeros, we needed an international permit and a declaration to turn this into an international case. Unfortunately, this was only a small case.

"They must have predicted that the vacate letter would come to my house around this time so they immediately took care of all their permits," I said as I returned the documents to him. And he took it.

"Not only that. They are also applying for Ashana's citizenship."

"Have they got it" I asked.

"Not yet. The police have sent the notice, so they shouldn't get it unless they faked it."

I leaned my back on the chair. My index finger tapped the table.

"So we can only hope they return to Aeros," I muttered.


"Do you know their exact location" I asked again. That way I could use my Teleportation skill.

"Sorry, we haven't found out about it yet."

"Well... The investigation has only been running for two weeks, so it's already good enough." If I hadn't used this special path, I was sure I wouldn't have gotten the results yet.

"I'll let you know this case's progress later." He closed our conversation.

"By the way, I thought you had dinner with Celia and Tiffany. Why did you end up here alone"

I sighed.

"Ruby sabotaged my family dinner. She showed up out of nowhere and joined us without permission. Since Tiffany only made reservations for three people so I gave her my seat," I said lightly.

He frowned.

"Why don't you alter her memory using your skill" He knew I only needed a split of seconds to alter someone's memory, different when I read it.

"She helped Celia to choose her prom dress. Besides, I need some time to clear my mind a bit after I accompanied them shopping all day." It was real torture since they also kept talking about fashion trends along the way and I had no other choice but to listen to them.

"So you simply run away from them" he guessed with a smirk.

"You guess it's right," I said in a relaxed tone. I couldn't deny that there was disappointment in me since I was curious about the cafe's food. But on second thought, a peaceful dinner after a long shopping session was also a nice thing.

"You know---" But his words stopped as the stinking stench pierced my nose along with an announcement in a red box in front of me.

[!!! Warning!!! ]

[Other Demons detected!]

Both of us were startled since we could feel some demons' strong presence. Although they were not as strong as Ivy and my other generals, this place was very crowded, so I had to take care of them as soon as possible. Moreover, Ruby, Tiffany and Celia were nearby.

"Shall we move now" he said as he stood up from his seat.

"We'll use my portal." I also stood up from my seat. My hand took my tray and dumped all the leftovers on the trash can before putting the tray back on the counter. As we walked on the toilet, the demon alarm rang loudly.

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