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The Incubus System Chapter 309.(Un)peaceful Dinner III

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The Incubus System Chapter 309.(Un)peaceful Dinner III

Within 5 minutes, the streets that had been filled with people turned empty. Cafes and shops that had been filled with guests quickly closed their rolling doors. The situation around us quickly changed after the Demon Alarm sounded. And as always, since they didn't know where the demons' location was and the police hadn't arrived yet, all people hid in the nearest building. I had warned Celia not to panic and stay where she was with Tiffany and Ruby. But Celia said they disappeared as soon as they heard the demon alarm so I guessed they would join the fight. As for Celia since she had my Incubus' Protection, she should be safe.

Ivy and I stood next to the WacRonald sign above the building in our Demonic Form. A black tight suit covered me and a masquerade mask covered a third of my face since I was pretty sure this would be another encounter with the demon hunters. While Ivy wore her usual clothes, something similar to a bikini. Our eyes swept around us to examine who and how many of our enemies. Also how bad the situation was. Meanwhile, my ears caught the police car siren sounds to do the usual procedure.

"Your Highness, this bad..." Ivy's voice came from beside me.

"I know," I replied. My gaze shifted from crack to crack in confusion since this was unprecedented. The crack didn't open permanently like what Myra's machine could do. But those were the usual cracks that opened abnormally for a few seconds before closing automatically. The difference was this time, every time one crack disappeared another crack appeared in another place and so on. They kept moving from place to place and it caused the demons that came out from there to spread out quickly.

As for the demons, although most of them are the common type and low level, at least for me, I detected a few high noble demons. The noble demons' height was about 3 meters with a large body like a golem. Their skin looked as pale as a corpse's. Dozens of blades covered their bodies. Instead of a pair of hands, a pair of huge scissors took his place. Their faces that were no different from the faces of corpses were decorated with sharp teeth. The big orange-red ball on his stomach.

[Name: Malevolent Butcher]

[Level 65]

[Race: Demons]

[Class: Rare - Noble Demon]

[Status: Middle intelligence type]

[HP: 2362/2362 ]

[DP: 401/467 ]

[Skills: Deathly Bite lv 3, Head Cutter lv 3, Deathly Spin lv 4, Blade Dance lv 2, Charge lv 3.]

[Emotion: Excited.]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Energy core (Stomach).]

[Talent: Blade Rain lv 10 (Sacrifice one blade on his body to summon 10 blades to attack his enemy.]

While his subordinates' height was only about 2 meters with a smaller body. Despite their similar appearance, the blades on the common demon's body were much less and their core was yellow. In addition, instead of a pair of scissors, a pair of short scythes replaced their hand.

[Name: Aggressive Butcher]

[Level 27]

[Race: Demons]

[Class: Common - Subordinate]

[Status: Low intelligence type]

[HP: 531/531]

[DP: 99/109]

[Skills: Deathly Bite lv 3, Deathly Spin lv 1, Charge lv 1.]

[Emotion: Excited.]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Energy core (Stomach).]

[Talent: Blade Rain lv 2 (Sacrifice one blade on his body to summon 2 blades to attack his enemy).]

"What should we do now" Ivy asked. Her confusion was clear from the tone of her voice since she had never encountered an incident like this before and this made me worry about Lord Damon's condition. Obviously, this time cracks appeared due to the border energy anomaly. What happened in the dark dimension

Even with my curiosity, my worries and the questions that filled my head, I knew I couldn't get there that easily. It was weird... Since I remembered, in my early days as an Incubus, I was afraid to go to that place and refused to become a demon. Now, I wanted to go there voluntarily just to make sure everything was okay and find a way to strengthen myself. I realized that reality and my experience had changed me and my goals, especially after I realized I couldn't have a peaceful life like people around my age. That was what I had to sacrifice for this power and what I wanted to protect.

"We will take care of the nobles first and use our Dark Energy to seal the cracks," I ordered.

Ivy turned to me.

"But, don't those cracks close by themselves" she asked.

"There's something wrong with the border. We better fix it with our energy," I said. Since I had the same dark power as Lord Damon's, I should be able to do the same with him, stabilizing the border with my power. As for Ivy, since her DP came from me, her Dark Energy had the same effect as mine.

"I understand. I will clean up 2 of them. At 4 o'clock and 12 o'clock," she replied. We had no choice but to spread out to clear this up as quickly as possible since we couldn't use our Devil Space to protect this place. The Demon Hunters joined the fight faster than I expected. I even caught Tiffany and Ruby, who just joined, fighting some aggressive Butcher fiercely. Although Ruby could fight well, Tiffany and the other demon hunters were only about rookie level. So they had a hard time fighting the demons. If I used my Devil Space, they would lose for sure.

Indeed, the Demon hunter's fast movement was good news since that meant they have improved how they handled this kind of problem, but this raised new problems for me since I preferred to bring these demons into my Devil Space. Well, on the positive side, I hoped the demon hunters would be more independent and stronger.

"I will take care of the other 3. Just remember, the nobles and the cracks are our priority. We can take care of their subordinates later," I ordered.

"Roger that." After that as if on cue, we flicked our wings and glided on our targets.

My eyes fell on a Malevolent Butcher roaring loudly on top of an empty bus. He just came out of a crack next to him. While his subordinates cherished him under the bus like a bunch of crazy fans screaming when they watched their idol's concert.

'Demonic Energy, Demonic Claw.'

[Demonic Claw has been activated.]

[Demonic Energy has been activated.]

[STR: 100 180]

[AGI: 60 108]

[Time remaining: 4:58]

My claws were ready to tear his core. I wouldn't waste this sudden attack opportunity and intend to kill him in one combo attack so I could use my Dark Energy skill before the crack closed.

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