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The Incubus System Chapter 313. The Great Demons Power I

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The Incubus System Chapter 313. The Great Demon's Power I

Demon Hunters' PoV (Larry, Ruby, Emma and Mrs Clea)

"Shit! They are endless!" screamed Larry in annoyance. His hand took out his Holy Blast, creating a hole in the demon in front of him and turning him into ashes. Larry's body moved swiftly, dodging another attack before he threw his Holy Chain to bind his enemy and end it with his Mana Strike.

Likewise with Ruby who fought by his side. But the demons seemed endless. As soon as one died, another would come. As soon as a wave was finished, another wave would appear. Unlike when they fought near the Unusual Fest Cafe in Nighthallow City, this time their expressions were serious. Besides they had never faced this kind of demon before, those demons were stronger than the usual Shadow Imps. A mistake could end their life.

This was another batch of demons that Larry dealt with after he killed the dying demons on the streets earlier. Although it sounded ironic, he could say he was lucky to meet the great demon. So he could kill the Butchers easily. Unfortunately, his happiness only lasted a moment. Shortly after, the association called him to back up the police and help the others to push the demons to the park, the only place that had a big empty space around here. After that... They planned to wipe out those demons with their newest magic tech. Holy Missile. It was the association's new weapon to mass slaughter the demons. The weapon would release hundreds of Mana Strikes over a certain area in one shot, but it took another 5 minutes to fire the next shot.

The problem was, this Magic Tech was still premature and had never been tried before. So it might not only be able to kill demons, but also could kill the humans around it. That was why they had to gather the demons in an empty place. After all, the Butchers were getting closer to the police's Magic Shield, their last line of defence. Some of it even almost managed to breach the shield. If it wasn't for Mrs Clea who came and immediately repelled them, those demons might have been feasting on the police as their appetizer. And obviously, that was not good news, especially since the association had been so improved lately.

Not far from them, Emma swung her white lance to slash the demon in front of her. Once the demon turned to ashes and exposed the other demons that charged at her from the front, without a pause, she threw her lance at him before another white lance appeared in her hand. As her first white lance stabbed the demon's core, her legs moved swiftly towards the dying demon. Her hand landed another stab at the demon's core and turned it into ashes.

Just like the others, Emma fought seriously. But something different was clear about her. Not only this time but also before. She was more powerful now. Her movement was much faster since she joined again after her suspension period was over. Her level increased rapidly, she even had become a top demon hunter now.

Her eyes stared at the two other demons who were slowly approaching her from the nearby alley. While another one jumped down from a street lamp. Swiftly, her hand raised her lance to attack them.

'I don't get it. Ethan has fixed the cracks, but why are there so many of them,' she thought. She came to this conclusion since Larry said he had met the great demon. So she knew Ethan had joined the battle. Still... These demons were too many so she guessed something bad had happened.

On the other hand, Mrs Clea walked through the messy street, alone, unlike other demon hunters. Presuming she was free food, the demons who noticed her presence immediately charged towards her. But some white orbs that suddenly appeared around her, flew towards some of the demons and turned them into ashes. But that didn't scare the other demons. The anger of losing their leaders and the desperation to taste the delicious human flesh had already filled their heads, so they continued to charge at her fiercely.

This time it wasn't her Holy Orb that stopped them, but some sharp feathers that rained down on those demons from above. Then quickly, a big silver eagle flew towards the demons and destroyed their orbs with his Wing Blade.

As the last demon turned to ashes, the silver eagle soared into the sky accompanied by his screeching sound, signalling his victory.

"Good job, Alan," Mrs Clea praised him without stopping. Which was answered with another screeching sound.

This time, it was enough to frighten the demons not far in front of them, making them turn their tails, just as she wished.

'The Holy Missile should be almost ready by now,' she thought. Just like the others, although she could kill them easily, her goal was to push those demons into the park, so they could kill them with the Magic Tech.

She whistled, ordering Alan to push the demon faster as she quickened her pace. She knew she didn't have much time before the demons noticed the buildings around them were filled with humans. A few meters later, several demons who jumped from a short building's roof stopped them.

Roars escaped their mouths and their eyes stared intently at Mrs Clea. Their impatience was evident from their gazes. Mrs Clea prepared to let out her Holy Orb again. While Alan was ready to launch his Feather Spike again, but they undid their attack as a massive dark force suddenly appeared beneath the demons. The dark force formed dozens of black hands with terrifying claws. Those hands grabbed the demons, attacked the demons brutally. Their screams of pain echoed into the sky followed by another loud scream from a different place.

A second later, that area sounded like hell with screams and cries of pain coming from different directions. It filled the area and the sky like an orchestra of painful death. Mrs Clea was stunned. Her heart was pounding.

'He must be here...' she thought. Yes, she was sure it was the demon that made her headache and toyed with her association. This time she didn't want to let him go, at least she wanted to talk to him and find out his intentions.

She looked up at the sky.

"Alan, find him!" she ordered.

Hearing her command, Alan flew higher and swept his gaze around him. He soon found something suspicious in the park and descended on Mrs Clea. Another screeching sound came out of his mouth, indicating he had found his target. In addition, he also circled around to show the location and Mrs Clea immediately caught what he was trying to say. She lifted her Demon Compass and pressed a button there.

"Hunters, we're moving to the park. Now!" she ordered as she moved her legs quickly.

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