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The Incubus System Chapter 315. The Great Demons Power III

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The Incubus System Chapter 315. The Great Demon's Power III

Demon Hunters' PoV (Larry, Ruby, Emma and Mrs Clea)

Due to her curiosity, Mrs Clea decided to keep an eye on the demons. So instead of retreating too far, she stopped in front of the park and hid among the trees along with the other demon hunters. Even though it was outside the Holy Missile's attack range, the demons were not out of their sight.

Alan's screeching sound informed them that the missiles were near. Followed by the deafening roar of the missiles. Immediately, Alan came down and Mrs Clea hugged him.

"Take covers!" she shouted.

The dark night sky turned bright as hundreds of white lances glided, splitting the sky and clouds. Their shape was the same as the demon hunter's Mana Strike. Still, the demons didn't move from their position. They didn't even intend to dodge.

- Boom! - Boom! - Boom!

As those missiles hit the demons, a loud booming sound echoed into the sky. The wind that blew violently ruffled the demon hunters' hairs. Blew off the fragile branches, tossing them in all directions. Dense white light rained down on those demons. The Demon Hunters even had to close their eyes so that the light wouldn't blind them.

- Shhh--- !

A minute later, after the sound of the explosion subsided and was replaced by a hissing sound. The light was replaced with smoke, the demon hunters peeked at the demons. They waited for a while in curiosity, whether their magic tech managed to defeat the demons or not. But judging from the impact, at least the missiles managed to injure the demons. Besides, no matter how great and fast the demons were, there should be one missile that managed to land on them.

The smoke thinned in the night breeze, revealing something that shocked them. Now, their curiosity turned to fear as their wide eyes stared at the two unscathed demons, who were standing where they were, casually. Not even dust on their clothes. A confident smirk on their lips. Another transparent black dome protected the demons, it was more transparent than the previous one so the demon hunters could see them clearly.

Unlike the demons, the park around both of them was badly damaged. The fountain was levelled to the ground, as were several crushed benches and some fallen trees. The cracked ground with several large holes around the demons showed how much impact the Missile had, but they could withstand its attacks with that barrier easily.

Without wasting time, Mrs Clea came out of her hiding place and walked towards the demons in a hurry. This was bad… really, really bad. Since the great demon was much stronger than they thought,  the Senate's action could have offended and angered him. So before that happened, she decided to throw away her pride as the association's chairwoman and apologized to him, even though she had to do it in front of her subordinates. It was not about pride or her position anymore.

If the demons were angry, they could destroy this area in an instant. Even if the demon had bad intentions, at least, she had to buy enough time for the association and the demon hunters to gather more strength to defeat him. Unfortunately from what the great demon had done, she didn't see any of that.

"Ma'am!" shouted several demon hunters. Spontaneously, they came out of their hiding place and followed her. Mrs Clea was a good chairwoman and always on their side. She also always protected the members from the Senate who sometimes treated them as pawns. Even the senate did not hesitate to sacrifice them. So they didn't want to lose her. Moreover, many people were eyeing her position. Most of them were the Senate's dogs.

Mrs Clea stopped in front of the demons and was just about to apologize.

"Mr Demon, I want to---" But the male demon raised his hand, asking her to stop her words.

"You don't need to apologize. I know it wasn't your order. And I know your relationship with the Senate isn't good," he said in a calm tone.

Mrs Clea and the demon hunters pressed their lips, they didn't expect him to know such detail since it was their internal problem.

The Demon pointed his hand at the sky without taking his eyes off the demon hunters. A black thunder that came out of his palm struck the spy drone and blew it to pieces in the mid-air. That thunder pierced the demon's barrier and caused a big crack. A couple of seconds later, it crumbled into pieces.

"But that doesn't mean I'm happy with this. I hope you can treat me better next time," he added as he lowered his hand.

But before Mrs Clea could speak, another noise came from her Demon Compass.

"Bzzttt--- We are going to launch the second Missile in 3 minutes. I repeat! We already know the demons are not dead yet. We are going to launch the second Missile in 3 minutes!"

"Well... Talk about ungrateful creatures. Since the Senate doesn't like our presence, we'll excuse ourselves," he said. The demons opened their wings and flicked them, bringing their bodies upwards without taking their eyes off the demon hunters below them.

"You guys did a good job today. I hope you can do it better next time." A black hole appeared behind the demons.

Realizing those demons were about to escape, Alan opened his wings and intended to chase after them, but the great demon shifted his palm to that silver bird.

"Try it. I will make a nice hole in your wing," he threatened.

"Let them go." Mrs Clea's order made all the demon hunters shocked. But she had something in her head, an idea ... A gamble, to be exact.

"Very well. Send my hello to the senators. Just wait for me," said the great demon with an evil smile.

While the female demon gave a blow kiss to the demon hunters.

"Bye, demon hunters~," she said in a sweet spoiled tone.

Even though it was a simple gesture, it contained a weird charm that made the male demon hunters stunned with a blushing face.

Then those two demons glided backwards and were swallowed by the black hole.

"Who does she think she is Why is she trying to be friendly to us" said Ruby in displeasure. Of course, she meant the female demon. Her eyes were at the black hole which was getting smaller.

"But that female demon is so beautiful..." Larry muttered in a daze without taking his eyes off the hole that had disappeared. Likewise with the other male demon hunters. While the female demon hunters tried to cover their blushing faces with their hoods.

In annoyance, Ruby poked him with her elbow, hard. It made Larry cough and wince in pain. His hand held his stomach, the place where Ruby landed her 'poke'.

"How did you know it She didn't even show her face," she complained.

"You don't have to hit me to say it, ya know. I only assumed it from her body." He grimaced again and rubbed his stomach.

"Geez! That's why 'my best friend' ran away from you," he muttered in a low voice.

"You---!" Ruby was about to throw her anger, but Larry quickly grabbed another demon hunter's hand and ran away the other way.

"We'll make sure there aren't any demons left," he said.

Meanwhile, Mrs Clea immediately informed the headquarters that the demons had escaped and asked the association to cancel the next attack. This time the association agreed.

As the usual procedure, all the demon hunters spread out to ensure this area was completely safe.

"Clea, what's your plan" Ruby said after all the demon hunters left. She was sure Clea let the demons go for some purpose.

"It's not a plan... But a gamble," Mrs Clea replied.

Ruby swept her gaze around her, making sure there was no one near them before returning her gaze to Mrs Clea.

"Do you want to try cooperating with him" she guessed.

Mrs Clea turned to her.

"You've witnessed his power and what he's done. If we can make him our ally, why not" Still, this was a dangerous decision, but offending him like the Senate did was also not a wise decision either.

Ruby sighed.

"We'll see how it turns out."

Note: The Holy Missile is not as big as the original missile. Its size is about Demon Hunter's Mana Strike and about 2-3X the amount of Ethan's Demonic Spike. But since it's not an epic/high-level skill, Ethan could protect himself with his barrier.

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