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The Incubus System Chapter 316. Boredom and Anxiety I

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The Incubus System Chapter 316. Boredom and Anxiety I

Ethan's PoV

07.38 PM

Almost an hour had passed since the Demon Alarm sounded. Ivy and I had returned to WackRonald and waited with the others, accompanied by the dim light of an emergency lamp in the centre of the room. That light only provided enough lighting to ensure we didn't bump into any furniture or other persons.

Boredom mixed with anxiety graced everyone's faces in that room. But none of them complained because they realized the danger. Well, not really everyone since some of them decided to kill their time by playing mobile games on their cellphones, listening to some songs or watching the news live streaming. To be sure, according to the regulations, they needed an earphone or headset to do this since the cellphone's noises could lure the demons to find this place. Also, they could only do it in the middle of the room and none of us could turn on the cellphone's flashlight. While the rest read online news or online novels. Some spoke to each other in low voices, almost in whispers.

As for the infants, toddlers and kids, all of them were in the kids' room. It was a special soundproof room that was only reserved for children aged 0-10 years, including people with special needs. The reason It was because, in this urgent situation, the kids around that age could scream for no reason or cry in fear. Their voices could lure demons. The room itself was no different from a nursing room and had light since it was usually in the middle of the building so the light would not leak out.

Unlike the others, Ivy and I sat in silence, watching all of it. Accompanied by Ian, who was sitting beside Ivy. She had turned into Miguel by now. Like some people here, Ian fled into this restaurant when the Demon Alarm sounded.

A long breath escaped Ivy's mouth as she leaned her back on the chair and folded her arms. She also crossed her legs, showing her boredom clearly. Rather than a seducer, she returned to playing Miguel's character as a wealthy prideful man.

'How long are they going to keep us waiting like this' she said. We talked through Telepathy to avoid the other's suspicion.

'Be patient. The demon hunters have to make sure everything is safe before releasing us. It's a normal procedure for humans,' I said. Even though all demons had been defeated and things had calmed down outside, we hadn't been allowed to go out since the demon hunters were still checking and making sure the area was safe. Since the scale and the area were quite large, they needed more time to examine it.

I couldn't deny my boredom since it had been 15 minutes since we defeated the demons. Indeed I was able to get out of here with my portal skill, but Miguel's presence had drawn too much attention to both of us. If the others noticed that Ivy and I suddenly disappeared, the police would suspect us. Meanwhile, I couldn't alter their memory one by one since there were over 100 people here, plus the CCTVs footage.

Well, at least I knew Celia fared better than me. The butler cafe provided a nice hiding place for their guests. It was a basement that was converted into a small cinema, with some chairs and a set of projectors. To avoid too much noise, they played a drama movie that had soft sound effects. So all of them were killing time by watching movies now.

'But they are too slow!' Ivy complained.

'They are humans, Ivy. They're not as strong as demons or angels. Besides, you already know there were some casualties in this incident,' I reminded her. Yeah, it was a horrible sight that reminded me of the day I died. Unfortunately, I couldn't save them, either if Yuffy was here since their form didn't look like a human anymore when I found them. They were just bodies' parts. So I guessed the victims didn't have time to escape when the demons suddenly appeared in front of them. Although this sounded bitter, their sacrifice had given the others time to hide.

'So are we going to be trapped here all night' Ivy asked. Even though it was Telepathy, I could clearly catch her annoyance.

'I don't think it will last that long. Maybe they'll let us go in one hour.' I estimated this from the area's size.

'An hour!' Ivy yelled in surprise. She leaned her head backwards and closed her eyes in frustration.

'Seriously, humans have to improve the way they work immediately,' she said.

Well, that was the reason why I kept warning the demon hunters.

'We can discuss the crack for killing time,' I said. Previously I had warned my other servants about the strange cracks. So they should be on patrol now, to ensure there were no similar attacks in other areas.

Another long breath escaped Ivy's mouth.

'I also want to talk about it. But we have to go back to the dark dimension to find it out,' said Ivy. There was a bit of frustration in her voice, not because of her boredom, but another thing. Although I was sure that it would make her disobey Lord Damon's orders, she couldn't hold back her curiosity and worry anymore.

I had already told Ivy my guess before, just like me, she guessed that the purple aura was another demon lord's energy. Unlike Myra who sucked the border energy and made it thin, what the demon lords did was actually the same as me. They used their energy to close the crack. But since Lord Damon's and their energy were different, what they did only made it worse. That's why after the crack closed, it would appear elsewhere.

We knew we had to act fast since the demon lords had figured out how to prevent the cracks from closing automatically. But the problem was we couldn't go back, neither my servants nor me. Not only because I was not strong enough yet, but Ivy and the others had just discovered Lord Damon had blocked their access to return. So we guessed something happened in the dark dimension, our worst guess was another war.

Unlike me, Ivy and the others needed Lord Damon or Lilieth's permission to go into the human world and vice versa. They couldn't go in and out freely since the portal could only be opened with those two royal demons' permission. As for me... I couldn't open my portal there since I had never been to the dark dimension. Unfortunately, I couldn't use my Mind Corruption to read their minds, since my current ranking was the same as theirs.

'There's must be another way...' I muttered internally. I was deep in thought trying to find a way.

But a second later, an idea crossed my head. A smirk appeared on my lips. But first I had to confirm a few things first.

Note: kids room, lactation room, lactation lounge, mothers room, nursing room is room to provide a place for working mothers / lactating employees/guests/mall visitors to express breastmilk and change their babies or toodlers' diapers.

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