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The Incubus System Chapter 317. Boredom and Anxiety II

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The Incubus System Chapter 317. Boredom and Anxiety II

'Ivy, may I ask you a few questions' I asked. My eyes fell on some teenagers playing with their cellphones. It seemed that some people had already realized that the demons had lost and we were just waiting for the final procedures.

'Sure.' Just like me she didn't look at me either, instead, she looked at the rest of the crowd, some people who spent most of their time sleeping in the chairs.

'If I find a way to enter the dark dimension illegally, what will happen to me I mean--- will the demons notice who I am' Of course, what I meant was my identity as the Demon Prince. Aside from Lord Damon's orders, I knew I was still too weak for that. And I wanted to make sure my actions would not bring a potential disaster to the people around me. Besides, I realized I didn't deserve that position.

My words made her turn to me spontaneously.

'Have you found a way to get there' she said in surprise.

I also looked at her.

'I'll tell you after you answer my question.' It was kinda weird since we were talking using telepathy and our mouths didn't move an inch yet our gestures showed as if we were talking directly. Our gesture even confused Ian, yet he didn't say anything since not a word came out of our mouths.

'As long as the king hasn't given you your title and broken your final seal, the other demons will only treat you like any other demon.' She was deep in thought for a moment. Her index finger tapped her lower lip a couple of times.

'Maybe the same as us or our parents after they see your strength,' she continued. Well, that explained why the demon's assistants and maids always think of me as the Incubus King's assistant. Apart from my unusual strengths from a common Incubus, maybe, they felt different things from me.

'Are you sure' I made sure once again.

'Yes. The king's surname is not something out of the ordinary. That name has strong power and only his bloodline can hold it. Without that surname, other demons will think of you as an ordinary demon. Maybe--- around noble, elite soldier or general.'

I smirked, satisfied with her answer. It was even better than I expected.

'Then we can use this method.'

'What is your plan'

'It's simple. In that case... We, no, I will go to the dark dimension using the same method as the other demons to get here, by using the crack.'

Her surprise was clearly visible on her face. Her pupils moved side to side, showing that she was deep in thought. It felt strange since our way out was in front of our eyes all the time, yet we didn't realize it. Although it sounded stupid, I understood the reason behind it was because they always thought it was illegal. Without Lord Damon's permission, we were the same as illegal immigrants.

After a while, she frowned.

'Wait, did you say 'I' Do you mean you want to go there alone' Her seriousness was clear from the tone of her voice. So did her worries.

'Yes. But I will return to the human world as soon as I have remembered that place. The demons have recognized you, but they haven't recognized me. As long as I cover my face, I can hide the fact that I am the king's ally. ' And as long as I could remember the place, I could open my portal and take them there at any time.

'But it's too dangerous, Your Highness. The Dark dimension's crack is different from the human world. The human world's crack concentrated more on Lightglen City, Nighthallow City and Ironshade Town. But the dark dimension's cracks are scattered in many places. Cities, villages, forests, mountains, swamps and rural places. Often appear outside Lord Damon's territory. If it's connected to another demon lord's territory, your life will be in danger.' Now, I understood why Lilieth and the others prefer to handle the cracks in the human world instead of in the demon world.

'Relax. If it isn't possible, I won't do it.' If my opponents were noble demons like earlier or some common type of demons, I would break through the cracks. If my opponent was the Demon Lord/Demoness' assistants/maids then I would wait for the next crack.

But instead of answering me, Ivy was silent. Her doubt was clear on her face. Yet I knew the fact that Lord Damon blocked her access to return and those strange cracks, indicated that something big was going on there.

'Okay... But, at least, you should bring one of us.' Finally, she let out her voice and tried to negotiate with me.

'No. I have to do it myself,' I answered firmly.

Her forehead furrowed again.

'Why do you have to put yourself in danger just because you want to cover up that you are the king's ally' Her expression turned serious.

'I will remind you once again, Your Highness. Lord Damon and Lilieth protect you because you are the most important person to them. Also, you are the only hope for the demons and human world.'

'I understand their good intentions and your hope. But I have a strong reason for this.'

'Tell me.'

'I want to make Lord Damon's enemies think I am the Incubus King's assistant, not the demon general nor an elite soldier.' This idea crossed my head after I recalled my fight with the parasite demon.

Again my words surprised her. Immediately, she pressed her lips and was deep in thought again. She couldn't deny this was a great idea. That way their alliance would break and they would make the Incubus King their target. Even if the Incubus King denied me, at least this plan would weaken the other demons' trust in him and we could take advantage of their conflict. In other words instead of a prince, I would position myself as a secret agent. This plan would make them turn for each other. But this plan could only be carried out as long as none of them know my true identity.

'I have to admit it was a brilliant idea, but...' Her words stopped, her hesitation evident yet she didn't know what to say.

'Do not worry. I know my limit and I promise I'll be careful,' I reassured her.

She turned her gaze forward as a long breath escaped her mouth.


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