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The Incubus System Chapter 318. Boredom and Anxiety III

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The Incubus System Chapter 318. Boredom and Anxiety III

'Ugh... Seriously I hate wasting time like this,' Ivy complained with telepathy. She placed her elbow on the table beside her and put her head on the back of her hand. A tired breath escaped from her mouth and she closed her eyes for the same reason.

Almost an hour had passed, but there was no sign that the demon hunter would let us go. Just like her, the others also wore the same expression. Many had stopped playing with their cellphones and decided to sleep to kill their time. Well, they were worse than us since they had been stuck here for almost 2 hours.

I leaned my back and folded my arms. My eyes fell on the screen in front of me. Instead of wasting time, I decided to check my system, raising my stats and skills.

'Be patient. Emma said they'd be done soon.' I just asked her via Telepathy and let Ivy overheard our conversation. Or maybe, they were the ones who did the real conversation.

Even though Ivy kept complaining to me about how slow the demon hunter was, she didn't say anything to Emma. Instead, she suggested a magic tech that worked as a scanner that was connected to the Demon Detector around that area. That way, their work would be done faster. In addition, she also suggested a magic tech that could detect human blood. That way, the demon hunters could find the victims more quickly. Not only giving ideas, but Ivy could also help her make the design. Finally, they decided to talk about this another day. Since this was a big project, they even planned to collaborate with Tempestechnologies to work with them. Moreover, this had something to do with the Demon Detector.

Again another long breath escaped Ivy's mouth. After that, she disconnected herself from me and didn't say anything else since she knew I couldn't do anything either.

I returned my gaze to the screen in front of me.


[Name: Damian Lucio] [Age: 19]

[Level 59] [Exp: 1.36%]

[Race: Demon-High Incubus]

[Title: Devil Blood]

[HP: 1300/1300] [DP: 684/700]

[STR: 100] [VIT: 130 ]

[AGI: 60] [LUK: 50 ]

[INT: 175] [WIS: 70 ]

[Partners - 7]

[Camila Creststream - Human (35)]

[Mia Ashelis - Hybrid-beast (24)]

[Pearl Seabloom - Hybrid-beast (20)]

[Celia Strongheart - Human (18)]

[Diamond Seabloom - Hybrid-beast (20)]

[Olivia Creststream - Human (18)]

[Emma Lunaspark - Elf (18)]

[Servants - 5]

[Foxy - Fox Demon (118)]

[Yuffy - Dark Elf (210)]

[Luna - Hybrid-beast Cat (202)]

[Ivy - Succubus (215) ]

[Maria - Dark Priestess (209) ]

[Unused status points - 15 ]

Indeed I was quite happy since last night's sex party has given me an additional 5 VIT points, as well as my last daily quest. Looks like the system also agreed that I should upgrade my VIT. According to my original plan, I would add more VIT so I could have more endurance. After that my AGI was my next priority.

'Add VIT by 15 points.'

[VIT: 130] => [VIT: 145]

With this, my HP was 1450 now. Still kinda low... But it was better than before.


[Charm Lv 3 (Requires 6 DP)]

[Telekinesis lv 5 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Mind Corruption lv 5 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Dark Bound lv 3 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Shadow Barrier lv 3 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Dark Healing Lv 5 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Demonic Energy Lv 5 (Requires 15 DP)]

[Demonic Erection Lv 3 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Manipulation Lv 3 (Requires 8 DP)]

[Observation Lv 5 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Dispel lv 3 (Requires 6 DP)]

[Silence lv 3 (Requires 6 DP)]

[Demonic Claw lv 3 (Requires 6 DP)]

[Devil Space lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Hell Thunder lv 3 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Vision lv 1 (Passive)]

[Portal lv 1 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Dark Energy lv 1.]

[Demonic Spike lv 5 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Demon's Rule lv 1 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Demon's Contract lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Wrath Kill lv 3 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Devil's Puppet lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Puppet Break lv 1 (Requires 2 DP)]

[Master's Blessing lv 1 ]

[Shadow Ritual lv 1 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Energy Protection lv 3 (Passive)]

[HP Recovery lv 3 (Passive)]

[Energy Siphon lv 3 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Silence lv 3 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Unused skill points - 3 ]

'Raise Wrath Kill skill by 2 points.'

[Wrath Kill lv max (Requires 10 DP) - Extend your melee attack by 5 meters and finish your enemy with a Fire Pillar. The amount of damage depends on your STR, LUK and INT points.]

'Raise Shadow Barrier skill by 1 point.'

[Shadow Barrier lv 4 (Requires 5 DP) - Create a magic barrier from your DP. 100% effective against common type skills. 40-70% effective against high type skills. Cannot be used for epic skills. Time limit 4 minutes. ]

'This should be enough...' I thought. Then I closed my screen. My eyes swept to my surroundings once again, watching the bored and sleepy faces. I was just about to ask my other servants' conditions but the Demon Alarm sounded again. This time, it signalled that the attack was over and we were allowed to go home.

"Wohooo! Finally!" That alarm's sound was greeted by joyful shouts from everyone in the restaurant. Some rose from their seats spontaneously. Their screams woke some people who were asleep. The staff turned on the lights and turned off the emergency light. Someone went to the kids' room to tell them about this. And another opened the rolling door.

As the rolling door slowly opened, the huge window by my side showed a messy street and a demon hunter who was standing right in front of it like a hungry zombie waiting for its prey. It startled me. But then I realized that the demon hunter was Ruby from the status above her head.

Glancing behind her, another demon hunter waved his hand excitedly at me. I raised my hand and waved at him in reply with an awkward smile. Yeah, it was Larry.

While Ivy and Ian frowned by it.

But only for a moment, Larry lowered his hand in awkwardness and left in a hurry. Likewise with Ruby. It seemed they came here to make sure I was okay.

Police and rescue teams were everywhere. They moved quickly to evacuate victims, most of it... In body bags. According to Emma, there were at least 7 body parts from 5 different people and the police were trying to identify them.

I shifted my gaze to the restaurant door. A long queue was already there, most of them were guests. As always, the police let the elderly, children and their families out first. While the staff finished their duty. I decided to wait a few more minutes before I got out of here.

"Do you need a ride, Ethan" Ivy asked. Unlike me, she had stood up from her seat.

I shook my head in refusal.

"There must be some reporters waiting outside, including 'her'." This was a large-scale demon attack involving The Demon Hunter's Magic Tech and the Great demon, I was sure Elenna must be here. Showing I had a relationship with Miguel from Nightbough. corp would get me in new trouble, so I decided to avoid it.

Ivy immediately got my point.

"Ah, of course, that reporter." A long exhale left her mouth before she spoke again.

"Fine, I will excuse myself," she said in regret before she walked into the queue.

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