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The Incubus System Chapter 319. The Silver Bird and His Demon Friend

Another fifteen minutes had passed. There were fewer people in the restaurant now, so did those in line. I decided to queue with the others since Ivy was long gone. It only took me a minute until I reached the front door.

I stopped in front of a cop who gave us a fast check-up.

"Any external wounds Bruises or something Or did you pass out earlier" said the cop without further ado.

"No, sir," I replied.

"Are you having nausea Dizziness Excessive anxiety Seeing anything strange" he asked again.

I shook my head from side to side.

"Now stretch your arms forward," he said.

I did what he said.

A couple of seconds later, after he made sure my hands weren't shaking, he spoke again.

"Good. You can go home now," he said.

I lowered my arms.

"Thank you, sir." Those questions were a fast check-up to make sure we were fine. Not only because of the demon attack but also because of the panic, especially the after effect. Some people who experienced excessive fear sometimes experienced paranoia and hallucinations.

As I left the restaurant, the sirens from the police cars and ambulances sounded louder in my ears. Unlike the Nighthallow City's incident, the police, the rescue team and the medical workers seemed much busier. Several victims were sitting in emergency chairs, waiting for their turn near the ambulance. Most of them had some minor injuries. While the medics prioritized treating people with more severe injuries. Some reporters were busy taking some photos and recording what happened.

I had just taken a few steps to the Butler Cafe to pick up Celia when a bird's screeching sound came. My gaze shifted to the origin of the sound. My sight immediately caught Alan who was flying at me in excitement. But from his sound and expression, I could tell he didn't mean to attack me. What Alan did was more like happiness when a kid met his best friend accidentally. Well, it seemed that Alan liked me after I accompanied him to play a couple of times.

Alan's presence caught the others' attention. Moreover, they knew Alan was a rare elf's familiar. So the owner was definitely someone who had extraordinary magic power. He kept circling above me as if asking me to accompany him to play. It brought people's eyes to me, also inviting more people to approach us.

Despite my hesitation, I raised my arm as a place where he could land. I couldn't let him continue to fly like that, since it would invite more people to us. As his claws gripped my arm, another screeching sound came out of his mouth. It was a cheerful one and sounded like a greeting.

My eyes were on that big silver eagle since it was the first time I saw Alan's original form up close. His silver feathers looked beautiful and his body looked far more dashing than a mere eagle. Obviously, Mrs Clea took good care of him.

"Hello. Is there anything I can help you with Where is your master" A smile on my lips. I said it on purpose since I didn't want the others to think I had a special relationship with Alan. After all, this was the first meeting between 'Ethan' and 'the silver eagle'.

And Alan replied to me by giving me some gentle pats on my hair with his beak. I knew he was just joking around since his beak didn't hurt me, but it tickled me and messed my hair up. I could only smile awkwardly upon his act.

"Al---" Mrs Clea's voice coming from the other side of me made me turn to her. As soon as she recognized me, she stopped her steps and words since she couldn't call Alan's name in front of me. After that, she didn't say a word and stood in her place like a statue.

"Is this familiar yours" I tried to break the awkward silence between us.

"Yes. Sorry if he bothered you." Instead of calling out his name, she whistled for Alan. She even raised her arm as a place where he could land.

But Alan didn't come back to her. Instead, he jumped to my shoulder and sat there. He even took his eyes off Mrs Clea. Our scene made the others laugh. Some people even pointed at me with a smile, especially kids.

"Come here," said Mrs Clea firmly.

This time another short screeching sound came out of Alan's mouth, indicating his refusal clearly as if he was a naughty kid who didn't want to listen to his mom.

I chuckled.

"I think he likes me," I said. This was ironic since he just tried to catch me but he acted friendly when I was in my human form.

"I said come here," Mrs Clea ordered with louder voice.

Reluctantly, Alan opened his wings and flew towards Mrs Clea. After Alan landed on her arm, she returned her gaze to me.

"His claws are a bit sharp. Did it hurt you" she asked.

My gaze shifted to my arm. Indeed his claws left some red marks on my arm but I didn't see any wounds.

"No ma'am," I said as I showed my arm to her.

"Glad to hear that. He's never done this before. At least to a random person." Then suddenly her tone turned gloomy.

"Unless..." Her words stopped there.

"Unless" I asked her to continue her words. I couldn't deny, I was a little worried that Alan recognized me as The Great Demon. Well, he was an animal, so maybe he had a sharper instinct than the others.

"Nothing. I just remembered a comrade." She turned to Alan.

"My familiar used to play with him before, but now he's gone. Maybe he thinks you are him." She returned her gaze to me.

"I apologize for my familiar's rudeness."

"It's fine, ma'am. I don't mind it." From her words, I concluded that Alan used to do the same to my father. So it was not because he suspected me.

"Alright. We'll excuse ourselves," she said.

But just as she was about to turn around, I called out to her again.


She stopped and looked at me.

"Thank you for protecting us," I continued. This was not only because I wanted to hide my identity, but also because what happened at Park gave me a glimpse of how cunning the Senate was and how bad their relationship was. The Senate even didn't hesitate to launch the missile although they knew Mrs. Clea and the other demon hunters were there. Did the Senate ever think that I could use my powers to prevent them from retreating Worse, I could have held them back until the last second before I escaped with my portal. It would cost the demon hunters' lives, while I could pretend to be dead, at least, before my next appearance.

She replied to me with a nod before she turned and left. Same with her, I also turned around and walked in a different direction. But when I had just taken a few steps, a ruckus made me stop and turn my head in the direction where Mrs Clea went. My sight immediately caught Miranda who was pulling Mrs Clea's hand with teary eyes.

"Please, let me be a demon hunter, ma'am," she begged with a sob.

Note: Miranda is Myra's maid.

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