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The Incubus System Chapter 321. The Heartbroken Maid II

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The Incubus System Chapter 321. The Heartbroken Maid II

What had happened to Miranda was so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. Today was the first time Miranda reunited with her boyfriend after they were separated for several years. Previously, she thought her boyfriend had left and forgotten her, but apparently, her guess was wrong. Her boyfriend was still waiting and looking for her all this time. He even asked Miranda to live with him since he was afraid of losing her again and of course, Miranda agreed without hesitation. This was the sweetest thing I had ever seen.

Unfortunately, that sweet moment turned into a nightmare when a crack appeared in front of them. They were on their way home when a demon's hand suddenly came out of a small black hole. A huge scissor to be exact, so I was sure it was a Malevolent Butcher. Her boyfriend pushed her away to save her. But he didn't manage to escape. The Demon almost split him in half, but he desperately held that scissor back with his bare hands. It was a difficult position since if he released his grips he would die for sure.

Amid the chaos and the terrified screams, instead of panicking, her boyfriend asked Miranda to run away. He even promised to catch up with her as soon as he managed to escape from the demon's grip and Miranda believed him. But of course, that was just her boyfriend's excuse. I knew how big their strength differences were. A martial artist even would have a hard time fighting a lowly demon like a rat demon, let alone a Butcher like this. Her boyfriend was good enough to be able to withstand the demon's attack even though it was only a short time. So yeah... He just didn't want Miranda to see his death.

At her boyfriend's request, Miranda hid in a nearby building and waited anxiously. I could see how she struggled with her fear since her trauma had not fully recovered. How she felt the time was running so slow. Very different from how the people at the previous fast food restaurants spent their time.

When the attack was over and they were allowed to leave, Miranda quickly searched for him. Unfortunately what was left of her boyfriend was his hand in the body bag. Miranda was pretty sure it was his since the watch she gave him 3 years ago was still intact on his wrist. That incident broke the last straw of her sanity. She called her boyfriend's name and followed the rescue team that brought the body bag. Then faintly, she heard Alan's screeching sound.

She turned to the source of the voice and saw Alan who was circling above me. In an instant, she realized Alan was an elf familiar. Since she knew only a person who had strong magic power could become his master, she was sure that the owner must be a strong demon hunter. In desperation, hatred and sadness, she cut through the crowd in difficulty to approach Alan. The rest as I saw before. Mrs Clea called Alan and was about to leave but Miranda managed to stop her.

I opened my eyes and gasped. It was so painful for me to see it and it made my heart ache. She was about to get her happiness after she suffered for so many years but the demons once again took it from her. If I were her, I would definitely do the same.

"My condolences..." I said in a gloomy tone and distanced my ear away from her face. My eyes met her wet face once again. I felt pity for her. The demons took all her happiness and threw her in painful long torture. Either it was because of the wound in her heart or her trauma.

Again, I used my skill on her before she got her full consciousness.


[Manipulation skills succeeded.]

A long breath escaped my mouth since I couldn't do anything but relieve her pain. I chose to use my Manipulation skill instead of erasing or altering it since I knew how precious the memory about her boyfriend was. Besides, he had sacrificed himself to save her. It was a heroic act, she had to remember it for the rest of her life and I didn't want her to forget it, even if it hurt her.

I held her hands tightly.

"I know this is hard for you. But I want you to calm yourself down before you make your decision. At least, you have to get through your mourning period first." It was an order for my Manipulation skill as well as my wish for her. I couldn't possibly erase her sadness completely or make it as if it was just a dream like what I did to Camila. But for sure, I knew she wouldn't be able to become a demon hunter with this condition. Besides, I didn't know if the vaccine would match her or not. But I hoped she qualified for it since I was not sure she could take more hits than this.

After she nodded, she closed her eyes and collapsed. Reflexively, I caught her body and leaned her on the seat gently.

"Please be strong. I know you can get through it," I whispered. I only could help her this far, the rest... it depended on her. Actually, there was one more thing that went through my head, but it was the last resort and it sounded ironic to me. Besides, I didn't know if she would agree or not.

With her weak condition, I decided to contact Maria.

[You are connected with Maria.]

'Maria, have you finished patrolling with the others' I said without further ado. Although I didn't mind accompanying her, I had to pick up Celia now and leave before another medical worker arrived. They would recognize that I wasn't one of them and it would get me in trouble.

'Not yet, Your Highness. I can still feel some low demon presence nearby. Do you need my help' she asked.

'Are their numbers increasing' I gave my worst guess.

'It's the same as usual. It's just... Some spread out and choose to hide, instead of directly attacking humans as usual.'

In other words, some of the demons might already know that the human world has a protector now, so they decided to be careful. Either they assumed it was the demon hunter, the angels, Lord Damon's subordinates or they already knew about the great demon who ruled the human world.

'Okay. Continue your night patrol. Just send a car and a maid to Peace Blossom Square to pick up Miranda as soon as possible. She's in a police car near WackRonald,' I ordered.

'I thought she was on a date with her boyfriend. Why did she end up with you' she said in confusion.

'She was. But the demons ate her boyfriend.'

'Ah... Another bad luck. Dr Alice had just told her to take care of her mental state and stop forcing herself to remember what had happened to her over the years. I think Dr Alice has realized it was something bad and traumatic, but she couldn't point it out since she couldn't find any wound. That's why I gave Miranda a day off today,' she explained.

'I see... This is more ironic than what I thought,' I said in a grim tone. Maria hoped that Miranda would recover from her trauma more quickly, but what she got was the opposite.

'I'll send some people to pick her up and take her to the hospital for a check-up.'

'If they don't find her, just ask the police for her whereabouts,' I added.

'Got it.'

[You have disconnected with Maria.]

"Is everything okay, mate" A cop's voice came from behind me.

I turned to him.

"Yes," I said. As I got out of the car, their eyes fell on Miranda who was sleeping in the car.

"She's asleep now. She had a mental breakdown since the demon ate her boyfriend. So this is the best I can do. Also, she called her acquaintances to pick her up. They said they would take her to the hospital," I explained before they asked me another question.

"Thank you for your help, mate," said the cop.

"You are welcome. Please take care of her until they pick her up. I'll excuse myself," I said with a smile. Without further ado, I quickly left.

Note: Dr Alice is White Guardian Hospital's doctor (Ch 268)

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