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The Incubus System Chapter 322. Am I Committing A Grave Sin?

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The Incubus System Chapter 322. Am I Committing A Grave Sin

As soon as I arrived in front of the Butler cafe, Celia, Ruby and Tiffany were already standing outside waiting for me. As usual, I had deactivated my Incubus Form before meeting them.

"What took you so long" Celia asked with a frown. Well, my meeting with Mrs Clea and Miranda indeed took my time. Besides, Tiffany and Ruby's presences showed how late I was. So I could understand her complaint.

"Something happened," I said with a bitter smile. I couldn't explain more since Ruby and Tiffany were there.

"Are you hurt" Ruby checked my face to make sure there were no bruises before she grabbed my hands and examined them in a panic for the same reason. After that, she circled me, her eyes scanning my entire body.

"I'm fine, Ruby," I said.

"Then what happened to you Should we go to the hospital" asked Tiffany worriedly.

"It's fine. I just saw a heartbreaking scene," I said.

Celia, who had been silently watching me, finally spoke again.

"Since you are fine, shall we go home now" Indeed she sounded nonchalant, but I could tell she realized something was bothering me.

"Let's go." Without saying anything else, we moved our feet.

We walked down the streets that were filled with people who were still looking for or waiting for their beloved ones. Some walked to their homes, just like us. Rows of shops on either side of us were busy cleaning up the mess. While the police and the rescue team were still busy with their duties. As for Ruby and Tiffany, I guessed maybe they didn't need to report to headquarters as usual since Mrs Clea had come before.

After we walked a few meters, Ruby quickened her pace and took my hand.

"Are you sure you're okay" she asked worriedly.

"Yeah. I'm just a bit shocked after seeing some victims," I said.

"Are you afraid of blood" guessed Tiffany.

I turned to Tiffany who was walking on my other side.

"Not blood, but corpses." Then I returned my gaze to the front.

"Human body parts to be exact," I corrected my words. Even if it was just an excuse, I could feel Miranda's frustration when I read her mind, especially when she saw her boyfriend's hand. So what I said was half true.

In the middle of that conversation, Celia who was walking behind me asked me through Telepathy.

'Brother, what happened' she asked in a serious tone. It was weird since, in plain sight, Celia looked the coldest among the others. But the truth was otherwise.

But instead of answering her, I gave her another question.

'Before I answer you. Can you give me your opinion first'


'If one day I turn someone into a demon, does that mean I'm committing a grave sin' I asked. Yes, this was what had been in my head since earlier. The last thing I could do to help Miranda if she didn't qualify for the demon hunter vaccine. But turning someone into a creature that had taken everything from her life sounded like a heavy punishment. It created doubts in me, moreover, I had never done this before.

'It depends on the person. If he agrees to it and he can use his powers responsibly, I think that's fine.'

'I see...' Still, her words had not been able to dispel all the doubts in my heart.

'Brother, what happened' she repeated her question.

'You remember the maid I told you about last week The demons just killed her boyfriend...'

My words made Celia stop her steps, so did I.

'That's... That's terrible...' I could see her surprise on her face when I turned to her.

"Is something wrong Did you guys forget something" Ruby asked in confusion. While Tiffany also showed the same confusion.

"Ah, nothing. I just realized I don't have a matching handbag and shoes. But I remember I have a few in neutral colours, I think I will use them instead of buying the new one." Celia had told me this before, so I knew this was just her reason.

After that, we walked again and I continued my explanation to her.

'The demons have taken everything from her and she wants revenge. But she's too weak for that. So she begged the demon hunters to accept her as their member. But as you know, not everyone qualifies for the vaccine.' According to Emma's information, the current demon hunter vaccine was different from the previous vaccine. This new vaccine was stronger than the old version but it required some additional conditions. And only a few people could fulfil it. Luckily, the recent demon attacks and the black hands' phenomenon encouraged more people to become demon hunters. So their members increased rapidly. As for Myra's bracelet, even if that device had passed the inspection, I was not sure ordinary people could buy it freely. It was a weapon and that bracelet was more dangerous than the magic gun. My guess, it was only limited to the military or police.

'So you're thinking of turning her into a demon' she guessed.

'It's only a second option.' The demons had already taken too much from her. I was not sure she could accept my offer that easily. But one for sure I had to make sure she was in stable condition first before I did it.

'Besides I'm not sure she'll agree. And... To be honest, I still have my doubts about her mental stability. At least I want her to calm down first. I don't want her to attack other demons blindly and expose her identity after I change her.'

'I agree with you. This incident must have hit her hard. She must clear her head first. Although... Yeah... It's kinda ironic if she agrees to your offer. But power is power. It's better than not having it at all.'

"-han, Ethan!" Ruby's voice coming from beside me made me turn to her.

"Huh" I let out a stupid voice since I was too immersed in my conversation with Celia.

"Did you hear my question" Ruby asked with a frown.

"No, sorry."

"Do you recognize any of the body parts" she repeated.

"Nah. I just found it pretty awful."

Ruby gripped her hand tighter and pressed her body closer to mine. I could feel her heartbeat on my arm.

"Since you're scared---- Should I accompany you tonight" she said in a sweet voice. Tiffany cringed after she heard it and Celia rolled her eyes to the side.

"No, thanks. I was just a little shocked," I said in a calm tone.

"But I'm also scared~" Ruby added in a spoiled tone.

"Then we are the same. You should find someone stronger than me to protect you," I said casually. Well, I didn't mind if she asked me to meet me somewhere else, but not at my house. There were Foxy, Yuffy and Luna living with me now, so I didn't want to take any risks that could expose them.

Celia couldn't help but giggle at my words. Likewise with Tiffany. Well, Ruby looked so confident to seduce me yet I refused her just like that.

"I don't understand why you are so insensitive about this," Ruby said with a pout.

"I know what do you mean, Ruby and I've already said my answer."

She let go of her hand. Her annoyance showed on her face. But only for a moment, a mischievous smirk appeared on her lips. It seemed like she had found another plan for me.

"Fine, then. Just be careful. Who knows when a demon will appear near you," she tried to scare me.

Based on what had happened, I already had a guess.

"Thanks for your warning," I said with a smile. Well, I bet a demon named Ruby would come to my place in the near future.

After those words left my mouth, a woman's voice stopped us.

"We meet again, Ethan," said Elenna with a confident smirk. We turned to where the voice came from and saw Elenna walking towards us. Unfortunately, this time she came with her subordinates with the cameras pointed at us.

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