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The Incubus System Chapter 324. You Are My Only World

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The Incubus System Chapter 324. You Are My Only World

After we parted ways with Elenna, both Tiffany and Ruby escorted us back to our house before they left for their usual night patrol. I knew it since their Demon Compass kept making weird noises while my system didn't detect any demons around us.

Even though they didn't say anything, I knew they did it to protect us from the demons and the reporters. Yes, despite their silence, I realized when Elenna was interrogating me, Ruby and Tiffany's hands were ready to press their Demon Compass. Judging from their expressions, I guessed they were planning to ask the Shadow help to get rid of Elenna from us.

I could say Tiffany, Ruby and I have a strange relationship. Aside from investigating my strange power, they also wanted to protect me and Celia. On the other hand, they wanted to capture me when I was in my Demonic Form. It was kinda similar to love and hate relationships. But one for sure, I knew they meant no harm for me, at least to my human self. This was why I decided to give Ruby a chance.

The clock showed 10.51 PM when I was sitting on the bed and chatting with my servants and Celia. Yuffy, who was kneeling behind me, helped me to dry my wet hair with my towel. While Foxy and Luna turned my laps into their pillows. Their wagging tails occasionally tickled my back. Every now and then, they inhaled the soap scent which was still clear on my skin. While Celia sat on the chair across from me. She was used to this sight ever since Yuffy and Luna lived here.

In contrast to our relaxing gestures, our expressions looked serious as our conversation was getting deeper. We weren't just talking about the weird cracks or how annoying Elenna was, but also about my plan to infiltrate the Dark Dimension through the crack. In addition, my servants just gave me more information about the demons' new movements which strengthened my guess that the demon lords already knew that the human world had a protector and told the demons to hide from us. Or perhaps... The demon who managed to return to the dark dimension told it to his friends.

Based on my servants' information, tonight, some demons quickly transformed themselves into humans and blended into the crowd as soon as they came out of the crack. It was as if they already knew what they had to do once they got past the crack. This was the reason why Maria and the others needed more time to kill the demons.

Usually, the demons searched out and attacked humans once they came out of the crack. Or at least it took them half an hour to realize where they were and understand that they had to disguise themselves as humans if they wanted to stay at this 'all you can eat' restaurant longer.

"In other words, the cracks and what the demons did are new to us and the human world," Luna concluded in a serious tone even though her head was still on my thigh.

"I think there is a big change in the dark dimension. Maybe some demon lords have given their instructions to his subordinates or his kind. That's why their movement is more organized than before," said Yuffy. Her hand was busy combing my hair.

"But we encountered several kinds of demons tonight, yet they did the same thing," said Foxy with a frown.

"But they are either under Spider Queen, The Gargoyle king or The Glob King, right" I reminded her.

Foxy was silent for a moment before she spoke again.

"You're right. All of them serve under those demon lords."

"Does that mean things are getting worse in the dark dimension" said Yuffy worriedly.

This time Luna got up and swept her gaze over us.

"Do you think what His Highness said is true That the dark dimension is in the war" The same worry was evident in the tone of her voice.

"It's only a guess, Luna," I tried to calm her down. Although I couldn't deny that.

"No. I think that's the highest possibility," said Yuffy. She distanced the comb from my hair before she continued.

"Or maybe this is just the prelude of the upcoming war. But The King doesn't allow us to come back since he doesn't want us to become the demon lords' targets."

"In other words, he did it to protect us," I added. Again, my annoyance was clear in my voice. I knew he did it for me, but I felt like a joke.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Isn't what Lord Damon did the same as what dad always did to us" Celia who had been silent finally let out her voice. Unlike the others, her voice sounded gloomy. Her eyes were on her hands which were gripping her pajamas on her thighs.

I exhaled a long breath.

"But this is an emergency, Celia. I'm his son, yet he kept me in the dark. He didn't tell me about the dark dimension, about what was going on or what I had to do next. Forcing me to take over the responsibility that I don't understand is unfair.” I was not saying this because I wanted to be the hero of this world. But because I knew, if Lord Damon died, then I had to rule the dark dimension. And in my current state, I wouldn't be able to do that. I would be dead for sure.

Upon my words, Celia shifted her gaze to me. I caught her anger clearly in her eyes.

"Then what about me In this whole world, I only have you. If you go to the dark dimension, your opponent is not a mere demon anymore. They are Demon lords, Demoness that are hundreds or even thousands of years older than you. They are much stronger. Please stop putting yourself in danger.” I could catch the same anger in her voice.

"If you die I have no one else in this world..." she said in a much calmer tone.

I understood her, I was also worried and afraid of them. Indeed I looked impatient, but I had no other choice. If this was a prelude like Yuffy said or worse, a war, at least, I wanted to know this sooner, preventing it if I could. Although it did not rule out that Lord Damon was blocking my servants' access because he had another plan. But either way, my idea wouldn't interfere with his plans.

"I already said I would hide my identity. Besides, as long as I haven't taken Lord Damon's surname, the demons won't recognize me as the Demon Prince. That's why I decided to act as Lord Damon's secret agent. They won't target me," I said, trying to convince her.

But she didn't answer me. Neither did the others, but I knew they didn't agree either.

I exhaled a long breath.

"I know you love me." Then I shifted my gaze side to side on my servants.

"I know all of you love me. So do I. I want this happiness to last longer and I want to spend more time with you. That's why I don't want to run away but face this problem before it's too late. I want to fight to defend what I have. "

The silence filled the room. But after a while, Celia stood up from the chair.

"I understand... I won't get in your way anymore," she said in the same gloomy tone. Then she walked to the door.

Noticing her expression, I got up from the bed and hugged her waist from behind to stop her. I knew this was hard for her but she had no other choice since I had made up my mind.

"I promise I will win and fix this as soon as possible," I whispered.

But her reply made me speechless.

"Brother... I know you are trying to do your best for the demon world and the human world. But please remember... for me, you are my only world..."

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