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The Incubus System Chapter 323. Did She Mistake Me For

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The Incubus System Chapter 323. Did She Mistake Me For…

'This **ing crazy woman...' I thought in annoyance. With that many people, I couldn't run since that would create suspicion. I also couldn't use my skill on her for the same reason. Tiffany and Ruby also showed the same annoyance as me. Well, they were demon hunters so they should avoid the reporters as much as possible. While Celia hid behind me.

"Good evening, Miss Elenna. What a coincidence to meet you here." Despite my annoyance, I tried to keep my composure. So were the others.

Elenna and her subordinates stopped a meter in front of us.

"Yes. What a coincidence, Ethan. I wonder why I always run into you in chaotic places like this."

"What do you mean We usually meet at my college. This is the first time we've met at a place like this," I said with a frown. My eyes glanced at the cameras, trying to guess whether they were recording us or not. But judging from her informal question it shouldn't be. Still, I wouldn't let my guard down.

She let out a chuckle. Somehow it sounded as if she was mocking me.

"Sure... This is my first greeting for you in a place like this." Indirectly she said she did not agree with my statement. Her gaze shifted to Ruby, Celia and Tiffany.

"And again... I caught you with some girls. It seems like you are popular among women."

Hearing Elenna's words, I could catch the jealousy in Ruby's eyes. But she quickly lowered her head to cover it.

This time I was the one who chuckled.

"I think you got it wrong, Miss Elenna." I pointed at Tiffany and Celia with my gaze in turn.

"They are my sisters." Then I diverted my gaze on Ruby.

"And this is my friend. We met her by chance today."

She clicked her tongue.

"Oh... That's so disappointing. I thought they're more than that." Followed by a shrug and a long tired breath.

"Well, it's just a guess, so no hard feelings. I thought they were your girlfriends or something. You know... Girls usually like a strong guy like you to protect them." She kept trying to lead the opinion that I was a demon hunter.

"I think you think too highly of me," I said with a forced smile.

She sighed again.

"Well... Who knows Besides, I can't say anything about this. It's the government law that protects you, so I'm powerless." A confident smirk appeared on her lips.

"Though that doesn't mean I'll give up on this."

I shook my head from side to side as a long breath came out of my mouth.

"Miss Elenna, believe me. I'm not what you think," I said in a serious tone.

A mocking chuckle came out of her mouth.

"Oh, Ethan. You really try so hard, don't you Let me make this straight. If you are an ordinary person, that silver bird won't possibly come to you. It's a magical bird. He must sense something from you and that's what brought him to you."

'Oh... Crap,' I grumbled internally. Even though the reason was far from what she thought, I couldn't explain the real reason to her since that would be the same as revealing Mrs Clea and Alan's identities.

"The demon hunter said the bird thought I was her comrade. That bird just mistook me for someone else," I said.

A mocking scoff came out of her mouth.

"Yeah, right."

Seriously, if it was just the two of us here, I wouldn't hesitate to alter or erase her memory. I hated being cornered like this.

"It's already late now. We'll excuse ourselves," I decided to end this conversation prematurely.

"Where are you going We are just about to interview you," said Elenna.

"Sorry. We're too tired today. Besides, we're only victims and none of us saw the demons either. You won't get much information from us other than how we spent our time in the restaurant." Finally, Tiffany opened her voice.

Elenna folded her arms. While her other index finger tapped under her lips.

"Well. That would be boring." Then she lowered her hand as she turned to me. A smirk appeared on her lips.

"Then can you tell me where you were around 8 pm 4 days ago"

"You are not the police. Why should I tell you" I asked. My irritation sounded from my tone.

"Because I met a demon hunter who looked like you that day. Even though I didn't see his face, the way he talked and his warning was the same as you. It made me curious... Maybe..." Her words stopped there. But we all got her point.

Meanwhile, instead of panicking I desperately held back my laughter. It even created a strange expression on my face. Likewise with Tiffany and Ruby.

'Wait a second. Did she mistake me for Larry' I remembered Larry telling me about this yesterday.

"Are you sure that the demon hunter is the same as him" Ruby said in disbelief. Larry was her disciple so she knew how different we were. But I couldn't deny that we had some things in common.

A confident smirk appeared on Elenna's face. She was just about to make a sound, but I interrupted her.

"Lightglen Library." I decided to get this over quickly despite her last statement making me want to play with her, instead of using my Mind Corruption.

"Lightglen library" Elenna repeated with a frown.

"Yes. I was at Lightglen library to borrow some books for my exam that night. I got in around 07.30 PM and got out one hour later." I was not lying about this and what I said was the truth. The difference was I had not only come to borrow books but also to perform my Shadow Ritual on the rooftop.

A nervous broken chuckle came out of Elenna's mouth.

"You're kidding, right"

"I'm not kidding. You can check the CCTV library as proof," I said in a calm tone.

Elenna pressed her lips and back deep in thought. I was sure she wouldn't want to lose her face in front of her subordinates. After all, everything she said was just a guess, while I was providing evidence.

"Then where were you when the previous attack happened And what is the evidence" she asked again. Since the attack was right in front of my eyes, she believed that I simply left the restaurant to fight the demons.

"I was at WackRonald. You can also check the CCTV to prove that I haven't been out of there since the Demon Alarm sounded." Well, although that would make her realize I just met Miguel at that place, I could say I met him to discuss my mom's case. Besides, if she could blow up this case, maybe I could find my mom faster.

It made her press her lips and lose for words.

"I think that's enough. I have to go home now. Good night, everyone," I said.

We had just taken a few steps when Elenna spoke again.

"You may have a skill that can make you in two different places at the same time," she made a nonsense guess.

Once again I turned to her and gave him a cringe.

"Sorry, Miss Elenna. But I'm not an amoeba. I think you're starting to say nonsense there. Good night." I closed our conversation and walked away from the reporters.

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