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The Incubus System Chapter 330. The Prom and The Demon II

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The Incubus System Chapter 330. The Prom and The Demon II

Just like me, that demon's presence attracted everyone's attention, especially the girls. Although not as flashy as Celia and me, Jenny and that demon looked like the opposite of us. Jenny's blonde, slightly curly hair covered her neck to her shoulder. Rather than an innocent and sweet face like Celia, she had a wild face, a bit bitchy I could say. Her hazel eyes stared in all directions confidently. Instead of a light colour dress, she wore a black dress with a halter top neckline that contrasted her hair colour and her rosy-pale skin. Her hand held the man beside her confidently. Her red lipstick on her lips showed she was a confident woman. From the look in her eyes, I was not sure she was in that demon's Manipulation skill.

While that demon's appearance was the opposite of mine. Instead of a confident handsome face, his face was a little melancholic with innocent puppy-like eyes. His medium natural curls silver hair made him look innocent and a white tuxedo covered his athletic body. It was successful to create an angelic image of him. Unlike me, who clearly had a seductive demon image.

After I made sure of Jenny's condition with my Observation skill, my gaze shifted to that demon.


[Observation skills succeeded.]

[Name: Winged Mutant Demon]

[Level 51]

[Race: Demons]

[Class: Rare - Noble Demon]

[Status: Middle intelligence type]

[HP: 1362/1362 ]

[DP: 221/233 ]

[Skills: Shape-shifting lv 1, Demonic Claw lv 3, Deadly Ultrasonic lv 2, Acid Bomb lv 3, Manipulation lv 1]

[Emotion: Confident, excited.]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Energy core (Chest).]

[Talent: Confusion lv 1 (Makes his victim confused with his ultrasonic attack).]

'Aerial type What a perfect demon to mess up a party,' I thought. I didn't think of anything that could get any worse than this. His level wouldn't give any problem to me and I was sure I could kill him in one critical combo hit. The problem was we couldn't fight in a crowded place like this. Moreover, he could fly. The only way for me was to drag him into my Devil Space. But it also was not that easy. I had to be patient and wait until he let his guard down or let go of Jenny's grip. Otherwise, just like Diamond, she would enter my Devil Space and end up being his hostage.

"What should we do" whispered Celia in worry. Even though her relationship with Jenny was not good, that didn't mean Celia wanted her death.

"Demon Detector. It should react when they enter the building." It was the only thing that went through my head even if it was going to get the party over before it started l. Another hope, there was a demon hunter among the guests. Or maybe, a demon hunter patrolling nearby. But I couldn't depend on that.

"Can't you beat him before he gets into the building" Celia gave an idea.

"I can ask him for a private conversation. But Jenny will make a scene and accuse us of sabotaging her prom." I guessed this from Celia's previous story. Unfortunately, I couldn't make Jenny forget about the demon since we had too many eyewitnesses.

"And if we fight here, it will only create a bigger misunderstanding." And I was sure it was enough to get us into huge trouble with the police. Because if I attacked the demon suddenly, what the others saw was no different from what Emma saw when I attacked the Imp in disguise. Even if I managed to defeat him, it only proved the demon's presence among us. The party would be ended and as a bonus, Damian's face would be in another news highlight. On the other hand, his level was too high for my Shadow Ritual, so I couldn't kill him silently.

Celia let out a long sigh in disappointment.

"I'm excited about nothing today." I could understand her disappointment but like it or not, the Demon Detector would definitely detect him. So I could say this was something unavoidable.

I turned my gaze to Celia. My eyes looked at her gently. My hand gripped hers tighter.

"How about a romantic dinner as compensation" I tried to cheer her up. I knew this prom was irreplaceable and the most important thing about this event was to create the last sweet memories with her friends. But that demon surely knew how to mess up one's fun.

She turned to me and smiled wryly.

"Sounds good. It's better than wasting this." Her eyes pointed to her dress.

"Just tell me where do you want to eat, okay" I said. Well, even though it was late, I could open my skill portal overseas. As for the money, I could borrow a credit card from one of my servants.

After answering me with a nod, we returned our gazes to Jenny. We couldn't enter the building yet since we didn't want to lose the demon.

But Jenny and that demon were already in front of us.

"Hello, Celia. Waiting for me" said Jenny sarcastically. Her hand gripped the demon's hand as if they were a couple.

"No. We just have a small talk about what we're going to do after this," Celia explained with a smile. I could feel her hand shaking a bit since she knew the innocent-looking man in front of us wasn't human.

"I see..." Jenny answered flatly. Then a smirk appeared on her lips.

"I bet you're jealous of my new prom date or surprised since I didn't bring Bern tonight," she said in a mocking tone. Since Celia's previous guess was wrong, I could only guess what Ruby did to Bern and Franz already made them avoid me and Celia. Besides, after that incident, they never showed themselves in front of us again.

"Yeah. I'm quite surprised you brought another prom date. May I know where you know him" said Celia, trying to find as much information as possible about the demon.

Jenny answered with a smug giggle.

"How bold of you to put your eyes on my prom date." She turned her gaze to me.

"While you already have one. Is snatching a nice thing your hobby, Celia" Again she said it in a mocking tone.

"It's just a question. You don't have to overreact like that," I defended Celia since I knew she did that to save Jenny from the demon. At least gave her a warning. But since I didn't want to make a scene, I put on my smile and said it in a calm tone, indicating I didn't want to offend Jenny.

"Don't waste your time, Jenny. We should go inside now," said the demon in a pleading expression. His cute face that looked innocent made us like the villains.

Jenny turned to the demon and smiled.

"You're right, Damon."

I cringed so hard inside after I found out he was using 'Damon' as his name.

'Seriously Can't you take another name Are you his fans' I grumbled internally. But I didn't show any of that and kept my calm.

Jenny returned her gaze to us. Her smile was replaced by a condescending gaze.

"Well, a rude type of person like this is perfect for you. Your prom looks like a demon in disguise. But I---" Her gaze returned to the demon. " I prefer an innocent man like him. He looks like an angel who will save me from all kinds of dangers." Again her gaze softened.

'Pardon me. But both of us are demons, the difference is I don't want to eat my prom date. While I'm sure he sees you as his dinner,' I thought. Unfortunately, I couldn't let out any words from my mouth. Somehow her words made me a bit lazy to save her. Still... I had to do it. For Celia, at least.

Without waiting for our reply, Jenny gave us a mocking glance and passed us by.

We turned around to follow them. The Demon Detector would be activated in front of the entrance, so I had to be prepared with all possibilities. Besides, I wanted to see how Jenny's face turned pale after finding out her 'angelic' prom date was a demon.

Unfortunately, my guess was wrong. There was no alarm whatsoever when they passed by.

'That's impossible!' I thought. Lord Damon had closed the access between the human world and the dark dimension so he should only be able to get out of the crack. After all from his status, I could tell he wasn't Lord Damon's subordinate. So my guess only fell on one thing.

I swept around my gaze to find the Demon Detector and soon found the problem. There wasn't a small light indicator from The Demon Detector that proved it was on, so it was either broken or died. Yeah, even though it was a violation, sometimes, some buildings neglected to check this kind of device. Not only Demon Detector, but also Fire Alarm.

I returned my gaze to Jenny who was waiting in line to fill out the guest book and took her wrist corsage. I thought this couldn't get any worse, but I was wrong.

'Well, look at the bright side. I have a nice companion to play an interesting game of tag tonight,' I thought with a smirk. It was either I could drag him to my Devil Space or he could expose that I could fight the demon.

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