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The Incubus System Chapter 331. The Prom and The Demon III

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The Incubus System Chapter 331. The Prom and The Demon III

"1,2,3! Say mocha!" said the photographer cheerfully. His camera was directed at me and Celia who were standing with our backs facing the pink-purple floral decoration.

We put cute smiles on our faces with our hands tucked around each other's waists, trying to show our relaxed expression as possible despite other people's stares. Some women were ready at the photographer's side to ask him for some of our extra photos. Just like what they did when Jenny and the demon took a photo.

"Nice." The photographer smiled in satisfaction with the results.

We got out of there and walked to the printer desk to get the results. Occasionally we glanced at Jenny who was walking into the hall, hoping she would take her hand off the demon. Unfortunately, Jenny seemed to enjoy the guests' attention and continued to hold her prom hand tightly. She even proudly introduced the demon as her new boyfriend.

After putting the photo in my pocket, we walked through the flower gate to the hall. The hall was unique with half indoor outdoor style. Just like the building design, the hall was dominated by purple decorative lights scattered everywhere like fireflies and stars. Likewise with the outdoors. The lighting and decorations matched perfectly with Celia's dress, which was whatever pink they call it.

A stage was in the indoor hall with some slow music accompanying us. Rows of tables filled with bite-size food, cakes and drinks were on the sides of the hall, including the outdoor. Since the party had just started, most of the guests were still eating and chatting. Some turned to me or the demon as we passed.

Again, some of Celia's friends approached us.

"Celia! We've been waiting for you," one of them said excitedly. She immediately gave Celia a friendly hug as soon as she was near us. It reminded me of Larry who often approached me with the same attitude. But somehow her gesture looked normal and friendly. No one batted an eye when they did it. But when Larry did, everyone cringed at us and thought we had a special relationship.

Celia hugged her for a while before she let go and inspected her friend's appearance.

"Kore! Oh my God. You look so different tonight," she said happily.

Again, as they chatted around about the prom fashion show and games, I kept stealing my glances at the demon to confirm his position and prepare to take my chance. As soon as Jenny let go of her grip, I would mingle with the other guests and use my Devil Space.

"I thought you would come with Bern or your brother, but you came with a better one." Celia's friend's voice brought my attention back to them.

"My brother is busy." Celia turned to me.

"So I take him as his replacement," Celia reasoned.

"Damian, they are my best friends. Kore, Amy and Kimberly," she reintroduced them to me although I had met them a few times as Ethan.

"Damian. Nice to meet you, everyone," I said with a smile.

"You know, I was shocked as soon as I saw you guys at the entrance. The car, Celia and you are completely stunning!" said Kimberly.

"Celia never told us about you, did she lock you up in the basement and only let you out for this party" Amy teased.

"I told you. He is my distant cousin. I rarely meet him," said Celia with a pout.

"So how far is that" said Kore curiously.

Celia was silent since we hadn't talked about this before. So I took the initiative to answer it.

"We share the same great-great-grandparents or maybe older than that." I didn't lie about this since If the real Damian was born he would be our 4th or 5th cousin. Since I used his appearance and revived because of his power, I could assume I was him. Although my Nephilim power still signified that I was Ethan.

In that instant, their faces brightened.

"That's legal," Kimberly said in excitement.

"Completely legal," Amy added in agreement.

"Stop teasing me," said Celia with a blushing face.

That was met with the others' giggles.

Meanwhile, I pointed at Jenny and that demon again, especially on Jenny's hand who was holding that demon's arm intimately as they chatted with each other. Just like how Ruby hugged my arm yesterday. It seemed that she was so proud of her prom date and was afraid that other girls would snatch him away if she took her hands off him. Even Celia didn't do that to me.

'Seriously, stop hugging your predator. Do you want to die that bad' I thought in annoyance.

Unfortunately, what Jenny did was the opposite. As her friends complimented her, she was getting intimate with that demon. Her overly friendly act reduced that demon's patience as I could catch the excitement in his eyes which was getting clearer.

'I have to do something,' I thought. I knew he could lose his patience at any moment.

An announcement from the stage dispersed my mind.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Take your prom date to the dance floor and show me your move. It's dance time!"

That announcement was welcomed by applause and cheers from the entire room.

"Play the music DJ!" After that, the lights were replaced by the laser from the stage and the slow music was replaced by the dance beats music.

The couple started to fill the dance floor in excitement and danced to the beats. Likewise with two of Celia's friends. It made the dance floor even more crowded. The loud music also invited the guests who were still in the outdoor to join the dance floor.

"I think you guys should join the dance," said Kore in a loud voice. The loud music made her have to scream so we could hear it.

"I can't dance that well," Celia refused since she knew I couldn't dance.

My attention was still on that demon. Even with this dim light, my demonic eyes could see them easily and I knew this was my best chance. Most importantly I had to separate Jenny from him. But how

The crowded dance floor gave me an idea.

"Let's dance, Celia!" I said.

Celia turned to me with a frown.

"But I thought you couldn't dance" she said in disbelief.

"I was. But now I can. C'mon." I pulled her onto the dance floor without hesitation and joined the others.

As she swayed her hands and moved her legs following the music, her jaw dropped in surprise when she saw how I danced. She knew I used to dance like a broken robot, but now, I rolled my hip and body, moved my legs and my hands as if I was used to it. It wasn't a catchy and flashy one nor showed that I was a professional, but it was enough to show my capability as if my every move was a seduction.

Well, except reading Pearl's assistant mind to find out how I could manage the club last week. I also learned a few things from the club members with the same method. One of them was how to dance. I even practised a bit if I had some spare time. Unlike the old me, since I had more confidence, my move looked much better than my broken robot dance.

I turned to the demon and waved my index finger at him before I moved my thumb down, showing my mocking clearly. He was a noble demon, I bet he took my challenge without hesitation. Also, in dim light like this, no one noticed it except for sharp eyesight creatures like us. And as I expected, he took my bait and removed Jenny's hand from him.

As soon as I realized he was about to join the dance floor, I connected myself with Celia.

[You are connected with Celia.]

'Celia, can you take care of Jenny for me I will lure that demon out of here,' I said.

'Roger that!' Celia said.

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