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The Incubus System Chapter 332. The Prom and The Demon IV

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The Incubus System Chapter 332. The Prom and The Demon IV

Not wanting to lose her prom date, Jenny took the demon's hand again. I didn't know what they were talking about, but Jenny seemed to object to it.

I thought Jenny was going to dance with him, but my guess was wrong. As Jenny's gaze turned blank, the demon smiled and removed Jenny's hand from him once again. After that, he walked towards me.

'Wow, someone is furious.' Well, even if Jenny came along, I planned to kick the demon's leg from the side to provoke him and pretend to move away after doing so. With his angelic image, I was sure he didn't want to lose his ** in a crowd like this and he would end up leaving Jenny to chase after me. But this would save my time.

After I tilted my head to the side, signalling Celia to stay away from me, she nodded in reply. Celia and I moved in the opposite direction slowly as I returned my gaze to the demon. A cough escaped my mouth to cover my burst of laughter. My eyes fell on the demon who was dancing like a broken robot. It was worse than the old me. What made him even funnier was, despite his strange movements, his eyes stared at me with death stares and intimidation.

I averted my eyes and pressed my lips, suppressing my laughter desperately.

'Stop giving me that death stare. It makes you look like a clown than a demon.' Although I had never asked my servants this trivial thing, I guessed there was no music in the demon world so he had never danced like this before.

As my feet moved to the side of the dance floor, I gave him another thumb down to provoke him before turning around and walking towards the outdoor. I was quite sure the music kept most of the guests in the indoor hall.

"Excuse me." I split through the crowd in front of me with difficulty. Every now and then, I glanced at him to make sure he was following me. It took me almost five minutes to get out due to the crowd.

As soon as I was in the outdoor hall, the evening wind brushed my face and hair. The purple colour from the decorative light, mixed with the green leaves from trees and bushes. I walked to a quiet place and avoided the other people as best as I could.

Just as I arrived at a quiet corner, a hand gripped my shoulder. A demon's hand to be exact since it had nice claws and rough black scales. A hoarse voice followed.

"Where are you going, asshole" I bet he has returned to his original form.

"Nowhere," I said in a casual tone, extending out my hand with my palm facing up.

'Devil Space!'

A black cube came out of my palm, a second later it expanded rapidly and covered the place.

[Devil Space has been activated.]

Due to my skill, he released his grip and glided backwards, retreating as quickly as possible.

Calmly, I activated my Demonic Form and turned around.

[You have activated your Demonic Form.]

[Fly has been activated.]

[All skills effectiveness 30%.]

A smirk appeared on my lips. My eyes were on the demon who was looking at me in shock. His demonic appearance was completely different to his human appearance. His height was about 2 meters. His face looked like the face of a corpse that had been burned to death, half charred, half-melted. Hard scales that resembled a pangolin covered his entire body. His body was slender, making me guess he relied more on his speed than his brute strength. An iron collar with a short chain around his neck and a pair of black wings on his back. In addition, he had 3 tails that looked like long arms that have no bones.

"I thought we were comrades. Don't you want to say hello to me--- Damon" I said in a mocking tone.

He clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Tch! Incubus... We have our own prey. Why are you bothering me"

"Oh, C'mon. You took the king's name and you expect me to turn a blind eye about that" I answered in a casual tone. Then my smirk widened.

"I mean--- Look at you. You are too weak for that. Are you his fans or something It's disgusting," I added in a mocking tone.

That made him even angrier.

"That has nothing to do with you!" he roared.

I raised my hands casually and grinned, indicating I still wanted to talk to him.

"Okay, okay. Fine. You don't have to be that angry with me. I don't want to oppose a noble demon like you."

"If you don't want to make me mad, now cancel this stupid barrier. We can feast on those humans until we are satisfied." His words sounded like a command.

"Ah, of course. But first I want to ask a few things from a senior like you," I said in a friendly tone.

"Say it and make it fast. I want to eat that girl and make her hands as my collection," he said. I knew he meant Jenny. That was definitely a bad hobby.

"It's just a couple of questions. It won't be long. First one, did any of our other friends come out of your crack" This was why I acted friendly after I provoked him. I wanted to find out about the crack first.

"Only I made it. The crack was closed when my brother wanted to go through it."

"Did any other crack appear near you after that" Even though it meant he came from the usual crack, I wanted to make sure his case was not the same as what happened last night.

"Nothing. Only that one crack."

"Then who taught you to disguise yourself Did someone tell you" I asked curiously.

He frowned.

"If you want to eat rabbit, pretend to be a rabbit. It's a popular phrase these days. It gave me the idea of turning myself into a human and blending in with them as soon as I came out of the crack. Haven't you heard of it"

"Nah, never." That answered why the demons' movements changed. And I could say that phrase was a good idea to give the demons a hint about what they should do without having to say it clearly.

"That's more than a couple. I think that's enough," he said impatiently.

"One more question. What made you decide to come to this party" I wondered if he had another comrade sabotaging this building's Demon Detector or he just got lucky.

"I was walking around, looking for my prey when the girl came over and offered me some money to accompany her to this party. It's a feast so I can't say no."

'So Jenny paid her own killer. Ha... That's something,' I thought.

"Now cancel your barrier!" he ordered in displeasure.

"Okay. You don't have to yell at me." I opened my palm as if I wanted to cancel my Devil Space and it managed to make him turn his back on me.

He just took a couple of steps when I spoke again.

"Oh right. I forgot to tell you..." He stopped in his tracks and was just about to turn to me, but I lunged at him quickly as I used my skill.

'Wrath Kill!'

As he entered my attack range, I swung my claws to cut his tails. His tails fell to the ground and floundered like a swarm of snakes.

[You have cut a Winged Mutant Demon for 92 HP]

Without a pause and before he could counter me, I stabbed my other claw at him. He tried to dodge, but since my Wrath Kill's range was 5 meters now, my claw pierced his back to his chest. It made a nice hole in his body, even though I didn't use my support skill.

[Critical hit!]

[You have stabbed a Winged Mutant Demon for 501 HP]

"I don't like any other demons in my territory," I continued with an evil smirk.

"You... traitor..." he hissed. His eyes that looked at me were filled with rage. Black blood dripped from the side of his mouth.

I pulled my claw and flicked my wings to jump backwards. While he turned to face me with difficulty and raised his hand to use his skill.

But I interrupted him.

"One more thing. Your dancing sucks. Please learn from a stripper," I said casually.

After those words left my mouth, a black flame pillar burned his body.

[Critical hit!]

[You have burned a Winged Mutant Demon for 875 HP]

His groan of pain dimmed as his body turned to ashes in my flame.


[Your enemy has been defeated!]

[You have gained EXP!]

"Ah, I forgot to say thank you for his information." I shrugged nonchalantly.

"Oh well." I just turned around and was about to walk behind the tree where I could appear suddenly without surprising others after I cancelled my Devil Space.

But a man's panting voice came from behind me, making me stop in my tracks.

"Sir Great Demon, can I talk to you for a moment"

And I immediately recognized it was Larry's.

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