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The Incubus System Chapter 334. One Night Cinderella I

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The Incubus System Chapter 334. One Night Cinderella I

As I passed the dark passage, I deactivated my Demonic Form and took off my mask which turned into a dark aura as soon as I threw it. My other hand smoothed my hair a bit. As for my tuxedo, I didn't change it since a lot of guests wore the same tuxedo as mine. At the end of my portal, I took my head out of it carefully and looked around, making sure no one was nearby before I got out of there.

[The portal has closed! ]

'Good thing, there's no one in this place,' I thought. After I tidied up my tuxedo one more time, especially making sure my bow tie was still in place, I moved my legs into the hall. My eyes glanced around me to make sure no one noticed me.

The loud music sounded clearer to my ears as I got closer to the hall. Like before I left, the guests still filled the dance floor. The difference was, this time they looked less than before.

Quickly, I mingled with the other guests. My eyes swept across the hall, moving from one crowd of women to another in search of Celia. Every now and then, I flashed my smile at a few girls who turned to me to get their attention. My goal Of course, to show my presence in that place. Just to make them less suspicious of me once they realized Jenny's prom date aka 'Lord Damon wannabe' had disappeared. As for Jenny, since that Demon used his Manipulation skill on her, she shouldn't remember why her prom was suddenly gone.

A few minutes later, my sight caught Celia who was chatting around with her friends. This time Martha was also with them. Some plates filled with bite-size food were in their hands.

Once I was near them, I could hear Martha's voice.

"You should have said he is your 4th cousin from the start. Now my heart shatters into pieces," she said with a pout. Even though she didn't say it in a serious tone, it managed to upset her prom.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting," I said with a smile. It managed to make all of them turn to me.

"Oh, Celia's charming prince is back," Amy said in a teasing tone.

While my presence managed to make Martha's face turn red. From the time gap between her words and my arrival, I was sure she realized I overheard what she just said.

"I want to grab some food. Just tell me when you're done," said Martha's prom date. The trace of annoyance was evident in the tone of his voice. He didn't even bother to wait for Martha's answer or introduce himself to me and leave as soon as those words left his mouth.

"I think he's mad at you. Are you sure you don't want to go after him" I said to Martha, as soon as he walked away. My eyes were on that man's back. From the look in his eyes, the man looked broken-hearted.

Martha waved her hand repeatedly and smiled awkwardly.

"I don't think so. He is only a friend and not my real date. Besides, others also do the same on their prom dates."

This time it was Amy, Kore and Kimberly who smiled awkwardly.

"Our dates are different cases, Martha," said Kimberly.

"What makes you different" Martha asked curiously. A frown on her brows. I was also quite curious about that since their dates didn't care about them from the start. Rather than dates, they gave the girls' night out vibe from the start.

They narrowed their circle and leaned their heads forward to prevent others from hearing them.

"My date is my childhood friend. He agreed to accompany me after I mentioned we have a lot of food here," Amy confessed. Then her eyes glanced, to show who her date was, a man around my age with a big and tall body who was busy filling the plate in his hand with food from the buffet table.


A long breath escaped from Kimberly's mouth.

"That's better than mine." She glanced at her date, not far from the dance floor. From his face, he was around their age and I could say his face was above average. Moreover, he had a sweet smile and looked friendly. His body size was between my human form and my incubus form. But instead of paying attention to Kimberly, he was busy streaming with his phone and chatting with his viewers.

"He's my neighbour. He just created a channel recently. Since he thought my prom was a great idea for his content, he asked me to invite him here. I agree as long as he doesn't mess up or disturb my friends. So...Yeah..."

Which was continued by Kore.

"I'm similar to you. The difference is..." She shifted her gaze to a man who was busy placing his portable tripod with his phone attached before he stood in front of it and danced or made certain movements. Just like Kimberly's date. He had a handsome face and had a pretty good build body. His height was around Damian. I also noticed he used a little makeup, especially a light lipstick on his lips.

"He's my bro's friend, a content creator for a short video application. His channel is only 3 months old and he desperately wants views. So... He decides to take on some dance challenges where he has to dance or make certain moves in the crowd. And this place is perfect for that. I just hope he doesn't go too far."

"But we can't complain either since they've said their intentions from the start," Amy added.

"Sad truth, but yeah," said Kore.

Now, I understood why they seemed indifferent to their prom dates, and vice versa. Only Martha's prom date was the one who continued to accompany her.

"Well, at least it's not a bad passion," I tried to comfort them. That was far much better than Jenny's prom date.

"In return, we have our prom dates. So no one laughs at us," Kimberly continued before she took a mini burger on a skewer off her plate and put it in her mouth nonchalantly.

The other nodded in agreement.

Kore turned to Celia.

"You know. I thought you were going to take your brother. But we were wrong."

"At least one of us shows she is on another level tonight," Amy said in a teasing voice. A grin on her face.

It managed to put an awkward grin on Celia's face, remembering who I was.

"Anyway, jokes aside." Celia turned to Martha.

"I think your friend has a crush on you," she tried to divert the conversation. But what she said wasn't a lie since I also got the same impression from that guy.

Followed by Kore.

"Yeah. He keeps looking at you when you talk about..." She glanced at me, showing who they were talking about earlier.

"Are you sure" Martha said with a frown.

"Yes," said Celia and the others.

"Oh c'mon. Are you kidding me Don't make me feel guilty," said Martha again. Her eyes began to sweep around her looking for her prom.

"We aren't kidding. I think you should go after him. At least to check that he is okay," Amy said.

Which was followed by a nod from the others.

A tired breath escaped her mouth.

"I think I will check on him for a moment. See ya later," said Martha. Her feet moved and her eyes swept around to find her prom.

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