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The Incubus System Chapter 335. One Night Cinderella II

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The Incubus System Chapter 335. One Night Cinderella II

After Martha left, I decided to grab some food before they were completely gone. While Celia and the others decided to take their second plates.

The dancing event had ended and was replaced with the prom fashion show. But Celia and the others weren't too interested in it so we decided to have a chat. Luckily, even with their girls night out vibe, I was able to get into their conversation easily since Celia often talked about them before dad died.

As I listened to their conversation, I put my food in my mouth, a bite-size baked cheesy macaroni. It was a bit cold for my taste. I could taste the cheese and tiny bit of hams in it. I could say, though the food didn't look fancy, all of them were delicious. Moreover, they were in bite sizes. Most of them were in toothpicks or skewers so we could eat them easily.

“Damian, do you want it” Celia's voice coming from my side turned my attention to her. Her hand showed me her plate which contained two tasty looking mini pastries.

"You don't want it" I made sure.

"These are the last pastries and they taste so good. You should try it." She pricked one of them with her fork and brought it to me.

Spontaneously, I opened my mouth and took everything in one bite. The crunchy crust and a light and airy texture combined with the curry filling. It had a unique taste and flavour due to a combination of sweet and savoury spices.

"Oh damn. This is so good," I said after I swallowed the food in my mouth.

"Right" she said with a smile. She took the other pastry with her fork and was just about to eat it, but I caught her wrist to stop it and stole it in one bite.

Celia's jaw dropped. Her eyes shifted from her empty fork to my mouth which was busy chewing her precious food.

"Bro---" She was about to call me 'Brother' but she quickly pressed her lips.

"That's mine!" she complained with a pout.

"I thought you gave me both of them," I said with an annoying smile.

Celia looked at me in annoyance, but that didn't mean she gave up. Quickly, her hand snatched a mini apple pie from my plate.

My smile disappeared.

"Wait, that's my favourite!" I said. And that was my last apple pie.

But she ignored it and popped into her mouth nonchalantly before she gave the same annoying smile as I did before.

"A food for a food. We are even now," she challenged.

"Look at that couple... So romantic..." Amy's voice made us turn to her.

"And cute," added Kore.

Followed by Kimberly.

"I feel like a pathetic single now."

"Sorry," said Celia. I knew they were just teasing us but Celia felt a bit guilty for them so we decided to cut it out. All of it happened naturally since we were siblings. It was simply a sibling fight.

"Don't be sorry for us. I'm happy for you," said Kore with a smile.

"Um-hm. Like I said she shows she is on another level tonight," Amy said. Which was answered by the others' giggles.

I was quite happy all of Celia's friends were supportive of her.

After their giggles disappeared, Kimberly leaned closer to the others again.

"By the way, did you guys notice Jenny watching us all the time" Upon her words, Celia and the others took a glance at Jenny without really turning their heads. While I had realized it from the start.

Jenny started paying attention to our group since we started eating. More intensely since Celia fed me. Every now and then, her eyes swept around the hall restlessly looking for her prom date. But since she didn't bother us, I decided to ignore her. Actually, I felt sorry for her and wanted to tell her that her prom date was gone. Just to let her know that she didn't have to look for him anymore. Unfortunately, considering her bad relationship with Celia, I was sure it would only give us trouble.

The applause that filled the room and an announcement from the stage made us turn to her.

"Thank you for your participation. Now, since the night is getting colder and the love vibe in this room is getting hotterrr--- We will move on to the event that everyone has been waiting for. Couple dance!"

That announcement was greeted by applause and cheers from the entire room.

"Play the music DJ! And make it romantic~"

Instead of beat music like before, the music for a famous romantic movie soundtrack replaced it.

I placed the empty plate in my hand at the counter and took a glass of drink before I returned to Celia. I flexed one of my legs and lowered my head a bit. My hand reached out to her. While the other one was behind me.

"Shall we dance, Celia" I said with a smile. To some men, this looked cringe, but I knew almost all women found this a sweet gesture, especially if it was someone they loved. My reason for doing this was, I once promised to dance with her in a hall like this when we were still little kids. So I intended to fulfil it.

In an instant, Celia's face turned red. So did Amy and the others.

"How sweet~" Amy said.

"Seriously, I need another Damian for myself," said Kore, placing her hands on her chest.

"Celia, if you don't want to take his hand. I will happily take it," said Kimberly. Although I knew it was a joke, I was sure she didn't mind doing it either.

"Of course, I will take it." Celia's hand quickly put her plate on the counter before she took my hand. We walked to the dance floor which was already filled with couples. As our feet stepped, I could catch Jenny's pale face and her panic was evident on her face. I even overheard that some of her friends asked her where her prom date went and why he hadn't come back. Our presence on the dance floor only made it worse. I could see her envy in her eyes and it made me return my gaze to the dance floor. But soon after that, she split the crowd in a hurry. Her eyes scanned her surroundings for that Fake Damon.

'Sorry for ruining your prom night, Jenny. But at least you still have your life,' I thought.

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