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The Incubus System Chapter 342. Attention

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The Incubus System Chapter 342. Attention

Ethan's PoV

11.31 PM

As soon as I exited my portal and stepped into the living room, Celia, Foxy, Luna and Yuffy stood up from the sofa to greet me.

"Congratulations, brother! All TV channels are talking about you," said Celia cheerfully.

Upon Celia's loud voice, Yuffy immediately pressed her index finger on her lips.

"Sttt! We have to keep quiet. Who knows Ruby is still around" she reminded me.

"It's okay, I'm sure Ruby is gone now," I said casually. Not only Ruby, but I was sure Mrs Clea was also at headquarters.

As I expected, when we got back from the prom, Ruby was waiting for 'Ethan', stalking to be exact since she was hiding as usual. So to get rid of her, after 'Damian' entered the house, I used my Portal and did a Ritual with two of my servants in Lightglen City.

It also gave Ethan and Damian the perfect alibi that I was not involved in this phenomenon. Moreover, I didn't have to pretend to leave and could say Damian was gone home when the phenomenon happened. It hit two birds with one stone.

As I moved my legs to them, I deactivated my Demonic Form and changed into my casual clothes. Then I plopped myself on the sofa. Today I not only did the Ritual as usual but also went to two other countries after I read Pearl's mind. Since I was doing this to distract the association, of course, I expected a lot of exposure.

My attention was on the TV that was showing a recording of how I helped a Selebgram in the Kingdom of Luminus. It was a pure coincidence, but she had provided everything I needed, reporters, demons and attention.

'Not bad...' I thought. What I meant was not my pose, but how I look and the news narration. First, from the record, I didn't look like a bad person, an evil demon to be exact. Second, the news narration clearly said I killed the other demons. As for the others, since I didn't act friendly to humans, I put myself in the grey zone. I didn't want other demons to think I was protecting humans, so I could still use the 'I'm only protecting my territory' reason a bit longer.

'Maybe I should do the Ritual in another country someday.' Going abroad just to have sex did sound pathetic, but I had to do it to deceive the association and the public.

"You know, this is my favourite scene," Foxy said cheerfully. Then she hugged me. A smile on her face.

"Since it makes Master look like a hero."

Which was followed by Yuffy who sat on the other side of me.

"I prefer when His Highness says---."She imitated my expression and arrogant voice.

"I don't allow you to die." Then a happy smile immediately replaced it.

"That was so coolll!!! I bet that simple thing must have made that girl fall in love with him."

I sighed.

"There's no way she could fall in love with me that easily." Besides, it was clearly an order and I said it in an arrogant tone as if I had the right to her life.

As if she could hear me, the Selegram on the TV answered me.

"Mr Demon, thank you for giving me a second chance. I never thought a demon would help me and open my heart. Wherever you are, I hope you can take good care of yourself."

Suddenly, the living room filled with silence. I could only catch the sound of the TV. All my women glanced at me. While I smiled awkwardly in reply.

“Your Highness, you heard that, right” said Luna in a teasing voice.

"She didn't say she loved me. She only said I opened her heart," I explained.

"Brother, you don't think she would be that stupid to admit it openly, do you" Celia said with a frown. An annoying smile on her lips.

"Even though she's not at that stage yet, she has clearly shown her interest," Yuffy analyzed.

"I couldn't agree more with you," said Luna, nodding repeatedly.

"Being attracted to me doesn't mean she's in love with me. She only admires me," I added.

"But it could develop into love," Foxy said with an innocent smile.

"I admired you too before, but now..." She snuggled at me happily.

"I love so much, Master~"

I sighed once more and smiled at her. How could a simple thing develop into a feeling like this

'Love is a strange thing...' I thought. Well, I had no right to say that since I also experienced the same thing on my first meeting with Emma.

My attention returned to the TV as the news narration caught my attention.

"We don't know what his purpose is. But we suspect he wants to show how much power he has. We also suspect he has a lot of companions in this world," said the police chief who was standing behind the podium.

"Haaa... They make their own assumptions again," said Luna with a huff.

"At least they didn't say a bad thing about His Highness," said Yuffy.

"Look at the bright side, that means they don't know my true intentions and it will keep them on alert. Isn't that great" I said.

Which was answered with a nod from all of them.

Since the news reminded me of Elenna, I decided to explain my plan now.

"By the way, I want to talk about Elenna."

They leaned their body towards me. Their faces turned excited.

"Tell us," said Celia curiously.

I explained what my plan was as detailed as possible. This was a bit complicated since it depended on our cooperation and how we could convince Elenna.

"What do you think" I asked.

"It's a good idea. Besides, the plan won't hurt her. I'll definitely help you," answered Celia.

"I agree. All we need is the right moment!" said Luna in excitement.

"I can't wait to play with her," said Yuffy, smirking evilly.

"Me, too~" Foxy added.

"Just prepare yourself. The chance can come at any time," I said as I returned my gaze to the TV, looking at how I said goodbye to CCTV nonchalantly. I was sure with this incident, Elenna would also want exclusive news and would be more aggressive in finding out about the great demon. It would be easy for us.

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