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The Incubus System Chapter 347. Her Lover and Her Neighbor I

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The Incubus System Chapter 347. Her Lover and Her Neighbor I

Mia's PoV

Her heart was beating fast when she saw Damian's handsome face turned into Ethan's cute face. The man she loved turned into her young neighbor who lived next door to her. Her brain tried to find any logic behind all this but she couldn't. How could both of them be the same person

She half-laughed, trying to take it as a joke despite knowing how serious he was from the look in his eyes.

"Are you a magician" She made a random guess.

"Is this your trick" she asked again.

"This isn't a trick, Mia," he replied in a calm tone. She didn't know if he was Ethan or Damian anymore.

Again, she half laughed. This time, her nervousness and panic were evident in her voice and expression. Still, she tried to stay calm. She was royalty, she knew in an unexpected event like this, the most important thing was calmness so she could think clearly.

"Don't be silly. I know you're just joking around. So which one are you Damian or Ethan" Although she said as if she had expected everything, her trembling voice said otherwise. Her eyes glanced side to side to find the trick. Unfortunately, she didn't find it. Then another guess crossed her head.

Before he could answer, she spoke again.

"Oh, silly of me. You must be Damian, right Ethan wouldn't have the courage to do this." She was sure he was Damian who was disguised as Ethan. Again, a nervous smile on her lips said another thing. She knew their height was different, so did their body shape. So it was impossible.

She extended her hand to touch his hair and face, trying to find his makeup, wigs or anything else that could be part of his disguise. But she didn't find it.

"You look like the real one." Her heart was pounding faster since she knew it was too weird for that. Did they switch each other earlier But how

His hand grabbed her wrist. His gaze was on her. Surprisingly, despite his appearance, she knew the look in his eyes belonged to Damian.

"I'm a real thing, Mia. Damian and Ethan are the same person," he confirmed once again. There was no doubt from there.

"T-That's impossible..." She was silent for a few seconds, took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself and tried to think clearly. Then something crossed her mind.

"Ah... I get it! This is a prank, right You and Damian switched places to prank me, right" she said as she pulled her hand, but he didn't budge. His eyes looked at her with the same look, telling all her guesses wrong. It made her panic even more.

"Damian, Ethan, whoever you are. Please stop this. This isn't funny anymore." She pulled her hand, hard, repeatedly. Still... He didn't budge. She even used her other hand to free herself but it didn't work.

"Mia, calm down and listen to me. I want to talk about many things with you. This is about us, your kingdom and my identity. Give me a chance," he said, still in a calm tone.

Again, she took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself and stopped struggling.

"Release me. Then we'll talk," she said firmly.

"Fine." He let go of her hand.

Despite the many questions running through her head, she decided to hear what he had to say first. Maybe from there, she could get the answer.

"What do you want to talk about first" she said straight to the point.

"My identity."

"Your identity" His words made her brows furrow in confusion.

"Yes. I don't want to hide from you anymore. The reason why I have two identities is because I am a demon." From the look in his eyes, she knew what he was saying was serious. Yet it was too absurd. Why did a demon admit he was a demon Wouldn't it be better if he attacked and ate her right away Besides, her Demon Detector didn't react to him.

She half laughed again despite her confusion.

"Nice try, Ethan. I don't know why you and Damian pulled this joke on me---" But then, her sentence stopped and her smile faded as she saw the man in front of her turn into a real demon.

Once again, her eyes widened in shock. Even though he had the same face as Damian, a pair of wings behind him and horns on his head. Also, his red eyes and a tail behind him clearly showed his status. But why was her Demon Detector not reacting at all

"I'm a demon, an incubus. The Great Demon is me. My human name is Ethan Strongheart. And Damian Lucio is my incubus name. That's why I have two identities," he confessed.

His confession got her voice stuck in her throat and her thoughts were muddled. She tried to find something to explain all this, but nothing...

"Is this a costume" she tried to cling to the last common sense she had or maybe deny the truth since she couldn't swallow it.

Once again, she extended her shaking hand towards him, touching his wing. But she could confirm it was a real thing.

"I-Impossible..." she muttered in a stammering voice. Her fear seized her heart. Why did it never occur to her that the great demon could trick the Demon Detector That was why the demon hunters couldn't catch him or detect his whereabouts.

And one more thing... She didn't expect the great demon to be him, the one she loved. Indeed, someone who was having two different identities was impossible. But, his real identity had explained everything.

Her body warned her of the danger that lay ahead. Unconsciously, she lowered her hand. She moved backwards to escape. Her brain played the worst scene that could happen to her, her death. But in one move, his wings covered them, making the strong wind that blew away some items and trapped her in it.

His hand that caught hers, made her stop and his red eyes that looked at her in gentleness, made her fixate on him. His overwhelmed aura and appearance made her stunned in fear and shock. Strangely, she couldn't take her eyes off him, as if she was enchanted by it and her heart was saying something else. Even her voice couldn't come out for the same reason. Her brain and logic ordered her to flee yet her heart wanted her to stay and kept saying the same thing... That he was Damian, her beloved one...

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