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The Incubus System Chapter 355. Infiltration to The Dark Dimension III

The servants' PoV

As soon as Ethan gave his orders, they immediately split up to do their tasks. As she ran to the pickup truck, Yuffy raised her hand. Her palm glowed in green and a spell came out of her mouth.

"Hear these words, hear my cry. Spirit from the other side, come to me. I summon thee, cross now the great divide." Her eyes fell on the fire that was getting bigger. She bet the pickup truck could blow up at any time.

A thick fog appeared above Yuffy and dozens of Specters appeared from there.

"Protect the cars and kill the Imps!" Yuffy ordered. Her Specters were only level 5, so they could only be a diversion or kill low-level demons. Although her undead army was more useful at times like this, she couldn't use it as long as there were humans around her. The undead were attracted to all living beings, whether human or demon. So there was a huge chance that they would attack the humans.

After that order, the Spectres spread off in all directions like hungry birds looking for their food, but most of them headed toward the pickup truck to stop the Imps.

In front of Yuffy, Foxy moved deftly to kill the demons that were charging towards them. Without stopping her steps, Foxy's claws and tails tore the demons' bodies apart one by one. Her blue flames burned the demons' bodies to ashes. Her body maneuvered deftly to dodge, attack or counter the demons.


A big impact clashing sound rang out as Foxy ripped the car's door and threw it at a group of nearby Rat Demons. Her sight immediately caught a man in his thirties with wounds on his body, huddled under the steering wheel in fear.

"Get out of there! The car is about to explode!" she shouted. But the man was too scared to move from there.

"Let me handle him." Yuffy's voice came from behind her. Without answering, Foxy stepped away from there. While Yuffy used her Sleep Spell on him and ordered her Spectres to take him out of there.

"So fast!" said Foxy in amazement. Her claws continued to move to kill the demons that were charging towards them. Especially after they saw their food.

"Just like my mother said. It's easier to handle a corpse than a stubborn person. If you can't handle them, just knock them out," said Yuffy with a smirk.

Foxy cringed.

"Uh... But I think he's not stubborn, but scared."

"It's the same thing for me," said Yuffy with a shrug.

"Let's get out of here!" she added. Then they moved their feet to a safe place to heal him.

Elsewhere, Maria was standing in the middle of the street. No, she didn't just stand up but danced like a professional ballerina. Her dress was waving to and fro, either because of the movement or the wind. A humming sound coming out of her mouth was her music. She seemed to enjoy this. The street was her stage and the demons around her were her audience. While what she was doing looked unharmful, the dark aura emanating from her every move said something else. Likewise with the evil smirk on her face.

The dark aura spread over the Aggressive Butchers around her and hypnotized them. In just seconds, at least more than 10 Butchers had been enchanted by her and started attacking his friends, even the Malevolent Butchers--- their own leader. The dance also invited other demons to approach her and like the Aggressive Butchers, they got enchanted by it.

Madness Doll, that was the skill's name. It was an area type of skill and allowed her to win an uneven battle like this. The skill created a new army for her and reduced the number of her enemies at the same time, making them fight against each other. Unfortunately, it only affected the subordinate type of demons and had a limit to a certain level. In just a few minutes, almost all subordinate types of demons in this place were under her influence.

Maria stopped and sat on an empty car hood casually. Her hands were on the car and her legs were elegantly folded as if she was a car girl model. Her eyes were fixed on the battle in front of her, watching how the demons killed each other.

"Yes... Entertain me more. Give me a good show with your life~" she muttered with a smirk.

On the other side of the street, a group of demons looked confused. Their heads moved side to side, trying to catch their attacker's movements but to no avail. What they caught was just a shadow that disappeared quickly.

The demon's screams sounded as they turned to ashes one by one. All they could hear was a small bell's sound that rang out every time a friend of theirs died. They didn't even have a chance to counter the attack.

The fear of the unknown and frustration enveloped them. They swung their claws and attacked randomly, hoping they could catch the attacker. Unfortunately, it was in vain. Nothing could stop her from killing them.

It was a combination of Luna Accelerate and Hiding skill. The two main skills that made her the best assassin, kill quickly, without being detected by anyone. It was her skill that she got from her mother.

Luna had just killed the last demon in front of her, but then she noticed a movement behind her. With one motion, she turned around with her index finger pointing at the Rat Demon. In an instant, her index finger turned into a tentacle which pierced through the demon's neck and turned him into ashes. Just like her father, Andrew, Luna also could turn her fingers into tentacles that she could use to kill. And since her tentacles were much stronger than the Kraken's, it didn't allow her to use them as a sex toy.

Above them, Ivy flew deftly and threw her Storm Spike to counter the Nefarious Imp's Orbs. Occasionally, she maneuvered in the mid-air before she attacked the Imp again.

Her Storm Spike was similar to Ethan's Demonic Spike. What distinguished it was only its shorter size and fewer in number. Also, instead of a burn effect that could melt the enemy like his, her Spike electrocuted the enemy.

After a few minutes of aerial tag game, one of her Spike managed to stab the Nefarious Imp's body. It wasn't fatal enough to kill him but it was enough to make him scream in pain. As the Imp's mouth opened and revealed his life orb inside, her palms took out her Demonic Whip. In a cross-motion, her whips shattered his orb into pieces and turned him to ashes.

"Right, two more to go~," she said with a smirk.

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