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The Incubus System Chapter 356. Infiltration to The Dark Dimension IV

Ethan's PoV

I stormed towards the Vengeful Imp as fast as I could. The cold night wind hit my face and ruffled my hair, but I neither blinked nor took my eyes off my target. I had to make sure my attack was successful if I wanted to kill him quickly.

Once he entered my attack range, I used my skill.

'Wrath Kill!' I swung my claws on his neck in a cross-motion. A massive amount of my dark force enveloped my hands and formed huge transparent black claws.

He was shocked by my attack and raised his arms to protect his neck. But it was too late.

[Critical hits!]

[You have hit a Vengeful Imp for 1400 HP. ]

[You have hit a Vengeful Imp for 1380 HP. ]

[A Vengeful Imp is in bleeding effect.]

[Its HP will decrease by 1 point per 1 minute]

[Its Speed will decrease by 20%.]

Those were fatal attacks that reduced his HP points drastically and created a large wound on his neck. I only needed one more fatal attack.

I moved my claw to give him my last hit. Unfortunately, he quickly slid backwards to dodge as my black flame pillar burned his body. As I expected, since my black flame's damage from my INT point, it did not affect him. He didn't even feel any pain.

[You have burned a Vengeful Imp for 0 HP. ]

Not wanting to lose my chance, I glided to catch up with him. I couldn't let him use his Cannibalism talent to refill his HP points.

Trying to make his chance, he used his Hell Fire. A huge flame came out of his mouth and charged towards me.

'Shit!' I stopped chasing him. I knew that I should dodge, but we were too close. So even if I used my Demonic Spike to counter it, I bet the impact would give me the same damage as if I took the attack directly. On the other hand, if I dodged the flame, it would destroy the buildings around me.

Having no choice, I used the only option for me.

'Shadow Barrier!'

A black transparent dome enveloped me.

[Shadow Barrier has been activated!]

[Time remaining: 03:57]

But I knew this skill effectiveness was only about 40-70% against a high type skill, so I still had to be prepared for the impact. As the flame hit my barrier, I could feel a strong force from it and it managed to push my body back a bit. The heat absorbed into my barrier and created tiny cracks in it. The sparks that passed through it charged towards me, burning my clothes and my skin. I gritted my teeth as the pain bit me and created a second-degree burn wound on my right arm and waist.

[You have taken 351 magical damage.]

As soon as the flame disappeared, my body and my remaining clothes emitted smoke as a result, showing how strong the attack was. But I didn't have time to heal myself with my Dark Healing, my priority was to kill him quickly. Moreover, from my Vision skill, I knew he was using his Cannibalism Talent to refill his HP.

[Name: Vengeful Imp]

[Level 68]

[HP: 1312/3785]

[DP: 412/539]

I cancelled my barrier and recast my Wrath Kill. Quickly, I lunged at him, through the smoke that covered me.

Surprised by my attack, he cancelled his Cannibalism even though his HP points were not half yet and were just about to release his Hell Fire again, but he undid his intention since my claws almost reached him. Instead, he chose to ward off my attack with his claws.

Without a pause, I moved my claws to tear his body. But he kept on brushing it off and countering my attacks with his claws and tail. We glided from one building to another without stopping our attack. I knew he was trying to get away from me to use his Cannibalism again and trying to find an opportunity to throw another Hell Fire at me. But I kept interrupting him and closed my distance mercilessly.

As our claws collided, a transparent dome that was similar to my Devil Space covered the area.

[You have just entered another demon's Devil Space.]

With that announcement, I concluded that Yuffy and Foxy had succeeded in evacuating all the victims and bringing them to a safe place.

The Devil Space managed to distract the Vengeful Imp's concentration for a moment even though he didn't lower his claws from the front of his neck. Of course, I would not waste this opportunity. In one movement, I swung my claw upwards to ward off his claws. Followed by another claw that stabbed right at his neck.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Vengeful Imp for 1421 HP. ]

The attack turned him into ashes.

I used my Dark Healing to heal my wounds.

'Dark Healing.'

[Dark Healing has been used.]

[Your HP has restored 500 points.]

Since my Dark Healing had reached level 5, I could heal all my wounds easily with just one go. Then I created other clothes to cover my body. Without the announcement, I know my fight wasn't over yet. But at least, I had cleared the most troublesome demon of all. But instead of immediately joining my servants, I decided to look for the cracks first. If the cracks were not closed soon, then these demons would keep coming non-stop. Besides, I had to execute my plan before the demon hunters came and ruined everything. In addition, I knew the demons were no match for my servants. I could see how my servants were toying with the demons, especially Maria. She seemed to enjoy this fight and turned almost all subordinate types of demons into her dolls. Well, this kind of battle was her speciality. I could say she was a bit weak for one on one battle but shone like a sun in this kind of battle.

After looking for the cracks for a while, I finally found it. There were four cracks in total and the same as yesterday, the cracks kept moving from place to place. That was why the demons appeared more quickly and more variety than before. Not only the Butchers, the Imps or the Rat Demons, even some Toad Demons and Crocodile Demons had joined the battle. That showed how random the cracks were. Luckily, I hadn't caught any Demon Lord's assistants/maids yet. Well, I shouldn't be too happy just yet since I didn't know what was behind the crack. To be sure, I had to close the other three before infiltrating the final crack.

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