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The Incubus System Chapter 357. Infiltration to The Dark Dimension V

Once again, I moved my wings and flew to the closest crack, on a street below me. As I moved, I connected myself with my servants.

[You are connected with your servants.]

'I will take care of the cracks. Just concentrate on your fight. Report to me if you see the Demon Lord's assistant or maid and the demon hunters. Also, report to me if any cracks show up near you,' I ordered. Without waiting for any answer, I disconnected myself. I had to tell them to make sure my plan went well. It would be bad if we closed all the cracks accidentally

[You have disconnected with your servants.]

As soon as I got closer to the first crack, I was greeted by the Toad Demons' Acid Splash. Simply, I maneuvered in the mid-air to dodge, letting every disgusting liquid pass through me without stopping my movement. As soon as it landed, the liquid created holes in the streets and walls behind me. But I didn't care since we were inside the Devil Space now. So I let the demons destroy buildings and whatever they want.

Countering their attack, I threw a few of my black lances at the Toad Demons.

[Critical hits!]

[You have shot a Toad Demon for 552 HP]

[You have shot a Toad Demon for 559 HP]

[You have shot a Toad Demon for 561 HP]

[You have shot a Toad Demon for 547 HP]

[You have shot a Toad Demon for 528 HP]

And they turned to ashes in an instant. Well, Toad Demon was only level 12. They were nothing compared to my current strength. As soon as my feet landed on the ground, I raised my hand towards the crack.

'Dark Energy.'

Like the last big attack, the crack widened again for a while. But this time instead of a dark purple aura, it gave off a dark red aura before my dark power covered it. I could only guess it was another demon lord or demoness doing.

[The crack has closed.]

[You have used up 10 DP. ]

Without waiting, I flapped my wings again to the second crack. Not as high as before, but high enough to detect the crack around me easily. Luckily, the second crack hadn't closed yet and was still where it was, on top of a dumpster in an alley one block from my previous location.

This time, it was a bunch of Chaos Imps that came out of there one by one. Since they were easy enemies for me, like before, I simply threw my Demonic Spike at them.

[You have shot a Chaos Imp for 532 HP] X10*

*He shots 10 of them.

And they turned to ashes. Then I closed the crack with my Dark Energy.

[The crack has closed.]

[You have used up 7 DP. ]

I moved to the third crack quickly. Unfortunately, I was too late. The crack, which was on the side of a restaurant, had closed so I had to look for it again. What was left were only a few Rat Demons who had already changed their appearance into little children. With frightened faces, they hid behind the large Outdoor Cafe Wooden Board.

"P-Please spare us, Mr Demon..." pleaded one of them in a stammering voice.

A chuckle out of my mouth since I found this was too funny.

"Oh, C'mon do you guys think I'm stupid or something" My chuckles were still clear between my words. Without saying anything, I launched my lances at them. They tried to dodge but I moved my lances to chase them.

[You have shot a Rat Demon for 518 HP] X6*

*He shots 6 of them.

Then I flew up to find the third crack. As my eyes swept around me, Yuffy connected herself.

[You are connected with Yuffy.]

'Your Highness, a new crack appears behind the Nighthallow gym building,' she said without further ado.

'Got it.'

[You have disconnected with Yuffy.]

Quickly, I flew there, but before I arrived, Ivy connected herself to me.

[You are connected with Ivy.]

'Your Highness, the demon hunters are starting to arrive from the west,' she warned.

'What's their situation' I didn't expect the demon hunter to arrive this fast. As always, this was good news for me, but also bad news.

'They are still shocked by the Demonic Curse.'

'Good. Avoid them as best as you can. Tell the other!' I ordered.

'I understand.'

[You have disconnected with Ivy.]

Like what Yuffy said, I found the third crack behind a wide building with the signboard 'Nighthallow Gym' in front of it. Rather than some demons, two Specters hovered nearby, as if they were waiting for me there. While the other Specters were busy fighting the Imps. Since they were only low level demons, I decided to let the Specters take care of it.

As soon as my feet landed on the street, I approached the crack with my hand stretched to it.

'Dark Energy.'

[The crack has closed.]

[You have used up 8 DP. ]

'Now the last crack.' This was my chance to infiltrate the dark dimension and I wouldn't waste it. I flicked my wings to bring my body up once more and stopped in the mid-air. My eyes looked around for the last crack and soon found it in front of an office building nearby. The crack started to close but there were only a bunch of Rat Demons guarding it.

As I glided on the crack, I threw my black lances on the demons.

[You have shot a Rat Demon for 568 HP] X15*

*He shots 15 of them.

They turned to ashes in an instant.

As my feet hit the ground, I ran as fast as I could. My eyes fell on the crack which was getting smaller and smaller. But when I was about a meter in front of it, I detected a fast movement accompanied by a bright light coming from my side.

Reflexively, I threw half of my remaining lances to counter it without stopping my pace. Unfortunately, the collision of my lances and the light created a tremendous impact. The explosion sound resounded through the sky and strong winds blew in all directions. I raised my arms to protect my head and covered my body with my wings. I also moved the rest of my black lances in front of me, making them my emergency shield. But the impact was so strong. It shattered the buildings' windows around me, pushed me back and created clear dragged footprints under my feet.

After the impact finished, I opened my wings and lowered my hands. My lances moved away from me and hovered around me. I glanced to the side only to find the crack had gone. So I decided to turn my gaze forward to see who my attacker was. My eyes quickly caught a demon hunter who had just lowered his hands and stood up straight even though he was holding back the Demonic Curse effect. The seven swords of light floating around him indicated that he was ready to attack me again. Even though the hood covered half of his face, I recognized him.

"Nathan Holyshield..." I hissed in displeasure.

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