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The Incubus System Chapter 359. Infiltration to The Dark Dimension VII

To be honest, even though I had expected the worst, I could say this place exceeded my expectations. A stench worse than a dumpster's pierced my nose. The ground beneath my feet was reddish-black. The texture was similar to peat mixed with paper glue. Dark purple moss covered half the place. The black swamp trees towered over the dark sky. The swamp water was reddish-green with a consistency that resembled slime. I could see bubbles rising to the surface, making me sure there were a lot of demons lurking inside.

Hundreds of eyes glinted in red around me, showing how many demons surrounded me and I recognized them all. Toad Demons, Leech Demons, Crocodile Demons and one more... Two Headed Swamp Demons.

Yeah, even though the Two Headed Swamp Demons were not high-level demons I really hate them. I even shuddered just because I remembered what happened at Cretunt Bridge.

To make it worse, there were dozens of them here. They peeked behind the trees, waiting in the swamp water or the trees. Their eyes fell on me and their signature laughter echoed throughout the forest. Likewise, their whispers mixed with the others' roars.

"Kik Kik Kik Kik... Look it's an incubus," said a Two Headed Swamp Demon.

"A handsome Incubus..." said another.

"We're going to play with Incubus... Kik Kik Kik..."

"A new toy. A new toy~"

"How long will this one last"

"Kik Kik Kik... Incubus' d*ck. Kik Kik Kik... Incubus' d*ck..."

I was sure they would rape me if they managed to catch me and I had no interest in that!

An announcement appeared in front of me.

[Do you want to accept a daily quest]

[Killed all Two Headed Swamp Demons.]

[Target: Two Headed Swamp Demon.]

[Reward: Title and EXP.]

[Yes] / [No]

'Yes.' I chose without hesitation. Even without a quest, I would kill them for sure. My hand pointed to a nearby Crocodile Demon.

'Energy Siphon.'

[Energy Siphon initiated.]

[Target: Crocodile Demon]

[Level 15]

After that announcement, the Crocodile Demon screamed in pain. I decided to refill my Demonic Power since I didn't know what would happen next.

The Crocodile Demon's body shook violently as the dark force that came out of him entered into my body. It startled the other demons. Their eyes widened in shock and they immediately realized I was no ordinary Incubus. But unlike the Malevolent Butchers' reactions, their grins grew wider.

"He isn't an ordinary Incubus..." said one of them happily.

"Kik Kik Kik... Special Incubus. Handsome Incubus..."

"Stronger Incubus... Longer play... Kik Kik Kik~"

"Oh, God..." I muttered in disgust as the Crocodile Demon fell weakly on the ground. His DP was only 10% left.

[Energy Siphon is complete!]


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

As if on cue, as soon as the Crocodile Demon's body hit the ground, the Two Headed Swamp Demons lunged at me. All of them. But I flicked my wings to dodge. Just as I thought, the ground beneath me worked like a glue that wouldn't let me go. So I simply cancelled my Demon's Clothes, leaving my shoes on the ground before I recreated my clothes. My hand threw my Demonic Spikes at them.

[Critical hits!]

[You have shot a Toad Demon for 552 HP] X15*

[You have shot a Leech Demon for 559 HP] X12*

[You have shot a Crocodile Demon for 561 HP] X13*

[You have shot a Two Headed Swamp Demon for 571 HP] X10*

In one shot, I turned some low-level demons into ashes. As for The Two Headed Swamp Demons... They instead laughed in excitement and climbed the trees to approach me. I even detected some movement since some of them jumped from one big branch to another to get closer. To make it worse, I remembered they had a talent that could reduce my damage unless I attacked their weak point.

I immediately recast my Demonic Spike, either for defending or attacking. I noticed some of The Swamp Demons using their hiding skills. So I used my spikes to create extra protection around my body. I also chose to stay in the mid-air to prevent an ambush. Besides I could move more freely like this than on that glue-filled ground.

This was indeed an uneven battle for me and I had to confess, their number intimidated me. I knew this fight would be different from the previous fight since there was no crack here. The demons could just keep coming non-stop. I didn't know how this would end, but I had a few tricks on my sleeve and a lot of backup plans. To be sure, the first thing I had to do was try to take control of this place.

Again, my hand moved to throw half of my Demonic Spikes at the demons.

[Critical hits!]

[You have shot a Toad Demon for 552 HP] X10*

[You have shot a Leech Demon for 559 HP] X20*

Then I used my Telekinesis to throw them. A loud crash accompanied by the screams came as the demons were thrown in all directions.

[You have hit a Crocodile Demon for 92 HP. ] X 19*

[You have hit a Toad Demon for 96 HP. ] X 11*

[You have hit a Two Headed Swamp Demon for 93 HP. ] X 7*

But before I could take another breath, something invisible hit a few of my spikes. Once. Twice and it kept coming. I knew what they were and their purpose. The Two Headed Swamp Demons tried to bring me down. With soil that resembled glue and their number, once they managed to pin me down it would be my doom.

Quickly, my Spikes moved to counter them and stabbed them, impaling them in the tree trunks around me or on the ground.

[You have shot a Two Headed Swamp Demon for 93 HP. ]

[You have shot a Two Headed Swamp Demon for 91 HP. ]

[You have shot a Two Headed Swamp Demon for 89 HP. ]

That way I could reduce their number quickly. At the same time, I flicked my wings to avoid some of them and threw the others with my Telekinesis. There were so many of them so my Spikes were not enough to counter them all. I also recast my Demonic Spike to kill the other low-level demons.

Unfortunately, their attacks didn't stop, instead of getting worse. The impaled Two Headed Swamp Demons fired their Fire Volley at me. While the others kept trying to pin me down. Although I could dodge their attacks easily and my Demonic Power was endless, thanks to my Energy Siphon skill, it didn't mean I had no trouble dealing with them. I had to maintain my concentration and pay attention in all directions. On the other hand, I had to keep recasting my skills, attacking and dodging. One small mistake would be fatal for me.

Sweat dripped from my forehead onto my mask. My gaze shifted from one demon to another as my Demonic Spike continued to fly to kill them. At the same time, I flew from side to side, either to dodge or to attack the demons. Explosions sounded in all directions. The fallen trees exposed the dark sky. Smoke from the fire soared into the sky. The damage announcement in front of me kept rolling non-stop but their number didn't seem to decrease. The demons kept coming non-stop.

I knew I couldn't go on like this, so I decided to do my plan B.

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