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The Incubus System Chapter 360. Infiltration to The Dark Dimension VIII

Once again, I threw my Demonic Spikes at those demons before I flicked my wings, bringing my body higher to get out of their reach. My plan B was to run away if I felt the demons were too many for me. Besides, my main goal was to find a safe place for my portal. So I had to concentrate on that.

The reason I didn't do this in the first place was because this plan was quite risky. I had never been to the dark dimension before and didn't know where I was. In a bad case, I could enter the other Demon Lord's territory which would make things worse for me, though that didn't rule out the opposite either.

As soon as I was out of their reach, I stopped in the mid-air. My eyes swept around me for a safe place. But what I saw made my jaw drop. It was a fairly huge swamp. The surrounding trees looked dense with reddish-green water everywhere. The stinking stench didn't decrease even though I was at a high place. Not to mention the wind which was quite strong. It showed how bad the place was. A mountain covered by the dark miasma was on one side. The miasma was too thick so I was sure I shouldn't have gone there. On the other side was an endless sea of black trees.

But what surprised me was... the hundreds of demons walking between the trees and all of them headed for beneath me. Even though I was far away, the demons tried to jump at me and reach me like an army of hungry zombies.

As the demon horde below me took my attention, I could feel a massive power of attack coming at me. This time from my five sides. Reflexively, I flicked my wings to dodge upwards. A second later five orbs with black electricity collided with each other and created a tremendous impact.

From the wind, the explosion and the impact force, I was pretty sure it was a High-level skill. Worse, I didn't know who my attacker was. But for sure it didn't come from my previous location.

'Yep, bad idea,' I thought. Taking the worst-case scenario that the attack came from the mountain, I pierced through the smoke to slide towards the swamp demon horde earlier and threw my Demonic Spikes at them. I had no other choice but to stay low and disguise my presence among the demons. But I knew, fighting them one by one would use up my stamina so I decided to do my other plan.

'Right, let's try plan C,' I thought. Then I immediately turned my gaze to the strongest demon kind in that place.


[Observation skills succeeded.]

[Name: Two Head Swamp Demon]

[Level 37]

[Race: Demons]

[Class: Common - Subordinate]

[Status: Low intelligence type]

[HP: 1109/1109]

[DP: 203/241]

[Skills: Fire Volley lv 5, Acid Splash lv 3, Demonic Claw lv 2, Hiding lv 1.]

[Emotion: Happy.]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Green Orb on his back.]

[Talent: Pain Reduction (Reduce damage to half for the next attack, except critical point)]

'Sweet!' I grinned when I saw his Class and Status. This way, I could carry out my plan easily.

As I glid down, I recast my Demonic Spike. But instead of throwing my Spikes, I used my Telekinesis to throw the low-level demons before my hand grabbed one of my black lances and thrust a Two Headed Swamp Demon as my feet hit the ground.

[You have stabbed a Two Headed Swamp Demon for 113 HP]

Yes, I didn't stab him on his critical point in purpose since I had another plan. He replied to me with a strange grin.

"Kik Kik Kik... Handsome Incubus wants to play with me..." he muttered like crazy.

And I answered him by using my skill.

'Devil's Puppet!'

His eyes turned blank in an instant.

[Devil's Puppet skill succeeded.]

[Congratulations! You just got a slave! ]

[Two Headed Swamp Demon - Demon (level 37)]

Although not as advanced as Maria's Madness Doll, I could also use my Devil's Puppet on demons. But only limited to subordinate types with low intelligence. I rarely used it in the human world since it was faster to kill them than to enslave them one by one like this.

Moreover, I didn't want them to follow me or feed them like what I did to Ivy and the others. Although I'm an incubus, I had my own standards of who I wanted to ** with. This kind of demon was definitely a big no for me.

Quickly, I pulled out my Spike and took another one to stab another Two Headed Swamp Demon and did the same. That way, slowly my army of Two Headed Swamp Demons started to form and they helped me to fight with other demons, even their friends. But one thing that annoyed me. They kept laughing in my head and asked me to 'stab' their ass. It was seriously irritating and obviously, I wouldn't make them my slaves for too long.

As the minutes passed, my hands continued to move to stab my Spike before I used my Devil's Puppet skill on a new Two Headed Swamp Demon. Every now and then, I threw other low-level demons with my Telekinesis. My fight was getting easier as my army was getting bigger. There was at least 50 Two Headed Swamp Demons who had become my slaves now and all of them helped me to defeat other demons.

Luckily, my previous attacker didn't attack me anymore. Looked like he only attacked the demons that were visible from the mountain. So I assumed it wouldn't be a problem as long as I could keep myself out of his sight.

After bringing the last Two-Headed Swamp demons into my Devil's Puppet, I jumped to a branch and sat there. A long breath escaped my mouth and my hand was on a Crocodile Demon below me

'Energy Siphon.'

[Energy Siphon initiated.]

[Target: Crocodile Demon]

[Level 15]

[Energy Siphon is complete!]


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

Then, instead of continuing my fight, I folded my legs and decided to enjoy the show, watching how my slaves slaughtered the rest. Well, there wasn't much left in this place so I was sure it would be over soon.

A random thought popped into my head out of nowhere.

'Wait... They aren't some kind of protected animal, right' But then I remembered how Sarael slaughtered an entire swamp in the Cretunt Bridge incident.

'Nope. I'm sure I can kill them as much as I can.'

In a few seconds, the swamp that was once crowded turned quiet. My slaves turned to me with a strange grin and laughed annoyingly.

"Kik Kik Kik... Reward us, My Lord..."

"Reward us... Reward us..." they said in unison.

And of course, I would. I took out my Demonic Spike again.

"Here's your reward." In one fell swoop, the lance launched at them and stabbed them right at their weakness.

"Kik Kik Kik... Thank you," they said as they turned to ashes.


[All enemies have been defeated!]

[Congratulations! You have completed your daily quest!]

[Level Up!] [Level Up!] [Level Up!]

[You are now Level 63.]

[You have 20 unused stat points.]

[You have 4 unused skill points.]

[You have earned a new title: Slave Master. Obey me! VIT 5 ]

"Talk about crazy masochists, huh" I muttered as I jumped down from the branch. But when my feet just touched the ground, suddenly I could feel another demon's presence. The difference was ... this demon was much stronger than the other demons.

Note: Andrew (Four demon general) pic is in the Glossary.

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