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The Incubus System Chapter 363. Infiltration to The Dark Dimension XI

Lord Damon's PoV

The sound of footsteps accompanied by the voice of one of his loyal soldiers, Alfred, came from behind Lord Damon.

"Your Majesty," he greeted, bowing.

"Is he gone yet" asked Lord Damon. Of course, he meant Ethan. He quickly recognized Ethan's power as soon as he arrived at this place, although Ethan had not released his Demonic Aura yet.

That was the main reason why the swords suddenly reacted. He also realized the misunderstanding between Ethan and Alfred, so Lord Damon immediately ordered Alfred to stop and convey his message to Ethan. Even though it was a risky decision, since Ethan had already found his way into the Dark Dimension by himself, Lord Damon decided to let Ethan join in this battle. This decision was better than letting Ethan involve himself in this without his permission.

"He is, Your Majesty," Alfred answered.

Lord Damon turned to Alfred.

"What do you think about him" He couldn't meet Ethan in person since he had to settle down the swords and the dark miasma which almost swallowed the mountain.

"He's strong, Your Majesty," Alfred admitted.

"Only strong" asked Lord Damon with a frown. Trace of disappointment was clear from the tone of his voice.

"Very strong," Alfred confirmed.

"He wiped out all the swamp demons in the North area by himself. Unscathed," he explained.

A grin began to appear on Lord Damon's face.

"Ho... Interesting."

"Not only that. Despite his human side, he can maximize his skills and his strength well. He enslaved some demons, turning them into his army. Attacking, protecting, dodging and calculating his enemies' moves perfectly. Even though he's not born a demon, he has learned a lot of things well," said Alfred. That wasn't a bluff.

Alfred knew Ethan wasn't a month old Incubus yet. But the way Ethan handled that many demons and Alfred's attacks calmly, showing how he could control and use his powers well. Moreover, to fight that many demons, Ethan needed not only strength but also strategy and concentration. And Alfred knew Ethan had both. Ethan even looked very careful with all his actions. It was clear from how Ethan answered Alfred's questions and how Ethan remained on guard before Alfred showed his mark.

"I see..." said Lord Damon. He seemed satisfied with Alfred's answer. His gaze returned to the swords.

"Is that the reason why you summoned him You really can't wait to get a new master, huh" he said to the swords. Unlike before, the dark miasma had decreased after Ethan left. So did the screams of pain in that room. It was a normal thing since the miasma reacted to the swords.

"Are you sure you will give those to him, Your Majesty" Alfred made sure. His worries were clear. Those were powerful weapons. If Ethan took the same path as Erebus and wanted and ruin the demon world's balance like what Erebus did in the past , he could kill Lord Damon.

"Yes. Even though Erebus' blood runs in his veins, he has my son's power. Damian has chosen him. He knows he and Ethan have the same vision," said Lord Damon. He knew the soul resonance that Ethan experienced when he met Lilieth for the first time, wasn't something that could happen to anyone. The Nephilim's blood within Ethan's veins wasn't the only reason why Damian had chosen him. But the emotions that Ethan and Damian felt on their first meeting were the same. That was the reason why they called out to each other.

"But what if he isn't what you think What if he tries to kill you" said Alfred again. Indeed Ethan was the Prince of dark dimension, but for him, his king was Lord Damon.

"If that happens, I will kill him," replied Lord Damon in a gloomy tone.

"I will end his life with my own hand," he continued. It was his toughest decision and his last choice. He hoped he didn't have to do it.

Alfred knew it was a tough decision for the king, but at least he knew the king would not spare anyone who tried to kill him. Including his own son.

Lord Damon sighed.

"Enough talk." He turned around as a portal appeared in front of him.

"I will leave the rest to you. Clean this up and make it as if nothing happened here," he ordered.

"I understand, Your Majesty," Alfred replied.

After that Lord Damon entered his portal.


Ethan's PoV

The police cars, ambulances and firefighters' sirens roared into the sky. Mixed with the noise of the people around them. The victims came out from their hiding places in orderly manners, including those who were saved by Yuffy and Foxy. They were unscathed since Yuffy also healed all their wounds. Still, since she used her sleep spell on them, they looked confused as to why they were still alive, there weren't even any injuries on their bodies.

While the demon hunters who were still checking the place worked in silence. Including Nathan who was in a bad mood since his plan failed. Emma said it was Nathan's spontaneous plan. So she also just found out after the attack ended. As I suspected, Nathan intended to hold me as long as possible so that the other demon hunters could ambush me. His goal, of course, was to catch me. Luckily, I noticed it.

Judging from the battle remnants, this incident's damage was quite severe. Fortunately, in contrast to the last attack, this incident only claimed a few injured victims.

As I expected, this incident attracted the reporters' attention. So as usual, the Ravenetwork's reporters were ready to hunt for news amid this chaos. One of them was Elenna. She looked enthusiastic to look for me again. So I would give her nice news.

"Are you sure you don't want to pick up Celia first" Yuffy's voice came from next to me. I had returned to my human form and on top of the Nighthallow City Gym with my servants. But instead of standing up, we ducked down and look for an opportunity to carry out our plan. I hadn't told my servants what happened in the dark dimension yet since the situation didn't allow me to do it. But for sure from my condition, they knew my plan was going well.

"There's Nathan here. I want to keep Celia out of his sight as much as possible," I said. In my original plan, Celia should have been involved with this plan, but with these circumstances. I couldn't let Nathan see Celia.

"Won't she be mad at you later" Luna reminded.

"She will. But I'll think of a way out to cheer her up later. Her safety is more important than this."

I turned to my servants. Some were ready with their disguises. Foxy and Ivy disguised themselves as 'Ethan'. Maria had turned into a Demon Hunter. While Luna and Yuffy were already prepared for their skills.

"Let's go. " And they nodded in reply.

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