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The Incubus System Chapter 364. Hallucination or Reality I

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The Incubus System Chapter 364. Hallucination or Reality I

Elenna's PoV

"Why can't we enter it Didn't the demon hunters already say this area is clear" complained Elenna between the sounds of the sirens that blaring loudly. She and the other reporters tried to break through the police barricades not far from the Nighthallow Gym building. It was unusual for the police to keep their barricade like this after the demon hunter association gave a signal that the attack was over.

Furiously, the police pointed to the plume of smoke and a large hole not far behind him.

"Do you see that There is more of it in this area. We are trying to handle it and keep stupid people like you away from danger. So get back or I will arrest you!" replied the police angrily. Since the damage was quite severe, the police had no other choice but to lock this area and only allow the rescue team to enter. After all, even though the demons were dead, the damage itself could claim new victims.

Elenna gritted her teeth. Her eyes were fixed on the chaotic scene behind the police, watching how the rescue team tried to evacuate victims and the firefighters who were working hard to extinguish the remaining fire. It was a terrifying sight to an ordinary person, but not to her. For her, it was interesting news that deserved her attention.

'Will my coming be in vain' she grumbled internally. She searched for a way out or anything that could be her news material and quickly found it. A smirk appeared on her face as soon as she saw Ethan come out of the Gym building alone as if what he was doing proved all her suspicions about him. The Gym was closed, but Ethan came out of the building. Even if he reasoned that he only took cover in that building, wouldn't people usually prefer to take shelter in a crowded place Not in an empty building like that

'There's no doubt! He is a demon hunter!' She was sure of it since she always saw Ethan in every big-scale attack like this.

Elenna retreated. Her attention shifted to Ethan. What was going on behind the police barricades ceased to interest her once she found him. She turned to her subordinates.

"Do you see that man" Elenna pointed to Ethan with her gaze.

"We'll catch and interview him. Make sure he doesn't escape like last time," she instructed.

"Are you sure, boss Didn't he refuse it last time" said one of the reporters.

"I said we're going to interview him tonight. So make sure we don't lose him," Elenna confirmed. She was not interested in other topics like sports, politics or anything else. Only topics related to demons and demon hunters could make her like this. And Ethan was the only man she was curious about. It was under her nose. She was sure of his identity yet she couldn't prove it.

Quickly, they started to chase after Ethan, who walked into the crowd. The difference was that they didn't call out his name like yesterday but just followed him as if they were chasing a thief. In just a few seconds, Ethan seemed to notice their presence and quickened his pace. He even mingled with the crowd to avoid their pursuit. And it worked. Elenna and the others lost him. But they didn't give up. They swept their gazes around to search where Ethan was. In just a few seconds, Elenna found him. They even made eye contact for a while.

As Ethan and Elenna's eyes met each other, she felt a strange feeling that she couldn't explain. It was as if her surroundings had disappeared and her focus was solely on Ethan. But since it was her wish, she ignored it and followed Ethan without hesitation.

Elenna continued to follow him, through the bustling streets to the empty one. She realized she was separated from the rest of her subordinates, but she didn't care. With or without them, she would do this interview. Her chasing game took her to a quiet alley, away from the crowds. The alley was between empty office buildings. The faint sound of police sirens indicated how far she was from her first location. Even the sound of their footsteps sounded much louder than the sirens.

Once they were in the middle of the alley, Ethan stopped in his tracks. Likewise with Elenna.

"It seems you like quiet places, Ethan," said Elenna. She remembered at their meeting at Diamond College, Ethan also did the same thing.

Unexpectedly, after Ethan turned to her, he looked at her with complete confusion, as if he didn't recognize her.

"Who are you What do you want"

Mocking laughter escaped from Elenna's mouth.

"That's funny, Ethan. Do you think I will fall for your cheap tricks"

"That doesn't answer my question," he insisted.

"Oh, wow. Do you think I will fall for your stupid lie" she scoffed. "Let me cut the case. You keep appearing at the attack scene. In the battle area. Among demon hunters. Do you think I would believe you are an ordinary person Just admit that you are a demon hunter and accept my exclusive interview. I just want to ask you a few things," said Elenna straight to the point.

Again, Ethan gave her a strange response. He tilted his head a bit and looked at her in confusion.

"I'm a demon hunter" he frowned.

His stupid reaction annoyed her.

"Stop pretending. Just admit everything, Ethan." Her voice was getting higher.

Yet, Ethan seemed to remain calm.

"But what if I'm not"

"How long are you going to deny it"

A smile appeared on his lips. He walked over to her casually and stopped a meter in front of her.

"I mean... What if I'm not the real Ethan"

She chuckled at his stupid statement.

"That's stupid. Of course, I know you are the real one. Are you saying there are two of you Or are you his double" She didn't understand why Ethan gave such a stupid excuse to avoid her. And obviously, that wouldn't work.

But a male voice coming from behind her interrupted her laughter.

"What is this stupid human doing here Why did you bring her here" That voice sounded familiar to her and it managed to stop her laughter. Spontaneously, she glanced back. Her heart was pounding hard as soon as her sight caught another Ethan standing there.

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