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The Incubus System Chapter 365. Hallucination or Reality II

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The Incubus System Chapter 365. Hallucination or Reality II

Elenna's PoV

Elenna's eyes widened in shock. She turned to the two Ethans who were standing in front of and behind her in turn. Not only faces, but they also wore the same clothes.

"Do you have a twin" she guessed. That was all that crossed her mind. But the two Ethans didn't seem to care about what she said.

"Don't get me wrong. Looks like this stupid human recognized this man's face. Didn't I tell you to search for a new face" said Ethan who was standing in front of her.

Ethan who was standing behind her looked annoyed and clicked his tongue.

"Tch! So this time we can only borrow this face for less than a month. On top of that..." He turned to Elenna.

"We have a witness now."

Their talk made Elenna shudder. Moreover, she remembered that some demons could pretend to be humans. Slowly, she retreated to the side to avoid the two of them.

"Stop your stupid prank, Ethan," she yelled to cover her fear.

One of them approached her.

"Prank She said this is a prank How cute." The smirk on his face turned into an evil smile. Somehow it made an uneasy feeling in Elenna's heart.

Then another voice came from behind him.

"Yes, how cute." His voice made Elenna shift her gaze to behind him. From there, she immediately got the answer as a transparent creature replaced the other Ethan. The figure looked like a ghost without a face. There were only a pair of eyes there. Surprisingly, he could speak without moving his mouth.

Elenna screamed and tried to escape. But another Ethan got in her way. He grabbed her shoulders. His evil smile still adorned his face.

"You should be careful with strangers..." After those words, he disappeared, replaced by another transparent creature. His hands were still on her shoulders.

Reflexively, she brushed the creature's hands away. But she didn't feel anything but hitting the air. Another scream escaped her mouth. In a panic, she turned around, trying to escape the other way. But she stopped since the alley was already filled with dozens of the same transparent creatures. They surrounded her, flew over her, went through buildings and her body.

Her body shook violently in fear. Sweat dripped down her face. Tears started to appear in the corners of her eyes. Her heart was beating wildly. Her legs felt weak at the horror sight in front of her. She knew she **ed so badly this time. She didn't follow Ethan, but a demon to his nest.

"What a cute little human..." The voice from one of them echoed in the alley. But it wasn't Ethan's voice and she didn't know where it was coming from since all of them had no mouth.

The others followed.

"Foolish little human."

"She went to her own death."

"Foolish..." Then evil laughs ended their mockery.

Elenna pressed her back on the wall in fear.

"No, please. Spare me! Spare my life!" she begged. Her body slowly slipped down as her strength dissipated. Her hands covered her ears.

"Miss, are you okay" A man's voice came from the end of the alley and was followed by the sound of footsteps. It gave her new hope.

Elenna turned to the origin of the voice. Her eyes could catch a demon hunter approaching her in a hurry.

"Help me!" she screamed.

But then, Elenna immediately caught the oddity. That demon hunter passed the transparent creatures as if he didn't see them.

"What's going on Did someone hurt you" said the demon hunter as soon as he got near her.

"What do you mean Don't you see those demons" Elenna pointed at the transparent creatures around them. It was impossible if he didn't see them since those creatures were standing and flying in plain sight.

He turned from side to side, trying to figure out what Elenna meant before he returned his gaze to her.

"Demons What demons There's nothing here," he said in confusion.

One of the transparent demons went through the demon hunter's body. His face stopped in front of her. While the other whispered by her side.

"He can't see us, human."

Sweat dripped down Elenna's body.

"That's impossible! You see them, right!" she screamed in desperation.

"See what There's nothing here," said the demon hunter in confusion.

"Are you hallucinating" he guessed.

"They're there! There! Right there!" She pointed around in a panic.

The demon hunter raised his arm and moved it in all directions before he checked a small device in his hand.

"There's nothing there, Miss," he confirmed.

"Impossible! Are you their friend!" she screamed.

"What happened" Another demon hunter approached them. This time, a female one.

"You can see them, right Right" said Elenna desperately. Her hand pointed in all directions.

The female demon hunter looked around them in the same confusion as the male one.

"I think she's hallucinating," said the male demon hunter.

"Because of the demon influence or PTSD" asked the female demon hunter.

"There was no one here when I found her. Looks like PTSD."

The female demon hunter extended her hand to Elenna.

"Miss, please come with us. We'll take you to the hospital."

But Elenna brushed her hand.

"I'm not hallucinating! I'm not hallucinating! They're here! Believe me! They're here!" Her eyes were on the transparent demons. They were moving around as if they were mocking her. Their laughter sounded clear in her ears.

"Miss, there's no one here. It's just your hallucination," the demon hunter reassured her. But Elenna wouldn't listen.

"They are here! Please believe me!" Elenna screamed. Her tears ran down her face.

The demon hunter turned to his female comrade.

"Call the rescue team now. We have a situation here."

"Got it!" she answered. She just raised her hand and pressed her device but Elenna brushed it off once again.

"I'm not hallucinating!" Elenna tried to convince them once again. But the demon hunters didn't believe her. In a panic, Elenna realized there was a gap between the transparent demons. Since she knew whatever she said would be in vain, she decided to run away. She didn't want to go with the demon hunters because who knew they were demons in disguise.

With all her might, she mustered all her courage. Then she stood up and ran as fast as she could past the demons and out of the alley, completely ignoring the demon hunters behind her.

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