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The Incubus System Chapter 366. Hallucination or Reality III

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The Incubus System Chapter 366. Hallucination or Reality III

Elenna and the demon hunter's PoV

Elenna walked weakly down the street. Her eyes stared blankly at the crowded street and her lips trembled in fear.

'What's that Why the demon hunters can't detect those creatures Why can't they see them' Not only that, but she also had met another demon hunter after she fled from there and showed him the place. Again, even though the two previous demon hunters were still there with those transparent creatures, the demon hunter didn't see or detect them either.

'Was it all just my hallucination' Elenna began to doubt her sanity and what she saw.

Her feet carried her back into the crowd, where she had seen Ethan before. Near the Nighthallow Gym building. But not finished with her shock, her steps stopped as she saw Ethan, who was being interviewed by one of her subordinates. Several cameras were on him and several demon hunters were standing around them.

Elenna approached them to make sure what she saw was true. Her subordinates quickly greeted her as soon as she approached them.

"Where have you been, boss We got him a long time ago," said one of the reporters happily.

But Elenna's gaze was still on Ethan who answered all the questions in an annoyed expression.

"It can't be... It can't be! Why are you here" she screamed. She shook her head from side to side in disbelief. Her mind and heart were filled with confusion. She didn't know anymore if this was a hallucination or reality.

Her scream invited the others' attention, including Ethan and the demon hunters. While her subordinates looked at her in confusion.

"What did you say, boss Didn't you ask us to go after and interview him We've been waiting for you for almost half an hour. So we decided to interview him ourselves," said her subordinate in confusion. Because of the commotion, the interview stopped.

But his words made Elenna even more panicked.

"Half an hour! That's impossible!" she screamed.

"Here, let me show you." The cameraman decided to prove what they said and showed the record to Elenna. It clearly showed what happened. How they found Ethan in the crowd, brought him to this place and interviewed him, including the time when it all happened.

But, that made Elenna even more freaked out.

"That's impossible!" She didn't know anymore whether the Ethan in front of her was a real one or a demon pretending to be him. Her scream drew more people's attention to her. They looked at her strangely, mostly confused by her attitude.

"Miss Elenna, do you hold a grudge against me" said Ethan in an annoyed tone.

That was followed by a demon hunter's voice.

"Miss, I think you are hallucinating. Please come with us!" said Ruby curtly. Her hand snatched Elenna's wrist. She and Larry had been keeping an eye on the interview since they knew Elenna was trying to break the association's secret. Besides, from Ethan's annoyed face, it was clear he was forced to do this interview. So they decided to stay there and would take action if the interview was too far.

But Elenna brushed her off. Instead, she grabbed another demon hunter who looked strong near her. Larry.

"Check him! There must be something wrong with him!" said Elenna as she pointed at Ethan. It shocked all of them.

Larry simply did as Elenna asked and showed her his Demon Compass.

"See There's nothing wrong with him," he said in annoyance. If Ethan was a demon, his Demon Compass would have reacted a long time ago. So what Elenna said was ridiculous.

Elenna shook her head from side to side once again.

"No... Liar. You lied to me..." she mumbled.

In the middle of the chaos, a male voice came from behind her.

"Get out of the way!" Without waiting for an answer from anyone, Nathan used his Holy Chain on Ethan. As the chain wrapped around his body, Ethan fell on his knees due to the effect. It shocked everyone, including Ruby and Larry. Everyone knew attacking ordinary people with demon hunter skills was a violation.

Ethan struggled to free himself. But he couldn't.

"What do you want from me" he shouted.

But Nathan didn't care. Instead, he threw his punch at Ethan's face. While Ethan could only close his eyes.

"Nat--- Stop it!" Ruby shouted angrily and immediately took out her Holy Chain to hold back his punch. So did Larry.

But Nathan stopped before his punch landed on Ethan. Likewise with Larry and Ruby who stopped their Holy Chains right on either side of Nathan. Calmy, Nathan turned to Elenna.

"Let's compare it to you," he said with a smirk.

Without further ado, Nathan released his Holy Chain from Ethan and threw it at Elenna. As the chain wrapped around her body, her body felt heavy and it made her fall on her knees.

Just like what he did to Ethan, Nathan threw his fist at Elenna. While she could only scream and close her eyes in fear.

But the fist didn't land on her face. Instead, a voice came from him.

"You have the same reaction as him. Does that mean there's something wrong with you too"

Elenna opened her eyes and found his fist stopped a centimeter in front of her cheek. She could also see an annoying grin on his face.

"Stop it!" shouted Mrs Clea who had just arrived with the police and rescue team. This was the first time she had seen someone this stubborn. Even her last report couldn't stop this annoying reporter.

Seeing her arrival, Nathan pulled his fist and released his chain. Likewise with Ruby and Larry.

The police quickly stormed at Elenna.

"You are under arrest, Miss!" They pulled her roughly and handcuffed her.

"What do you mean! I'm not lying! I'm innocent!" Elenna resisted. But with all she had done, did anyone still believe her

"You got in our way. That's your crime," Nathan said firmly.

"Examine her well. I think she is experiencing some sort of trauma or hallucinations," Mrs Clea added.

"Yes, ma'am," said the police. Then he took Elenna to their car. At this point, even Elenna doubted herself.

'Was it really just my hallucination'

Nathan took the initiative to warn the citizens since he realized there was a cameraman who still recorded them. Without hesitation, he directed the camera at him. Still, he wasn't going to let them catch his face.

"Dear lovely citizens, please don't do stupid things or make a fuss that can make us angry. We are working hard to protect you, not fooling around," he said in a relaxed tone. But everyone knew what he said was serious. Then he covered the lens with his palm and turned to Ethan.

"And you... You should have more guts than this." He could remember how Mr Renart fought. He couldn't believe that this man was his son.

"Yes, sir," replied Ethan simply.

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