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The Incubus System Chapter 367. Hallucination or Reality IV

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The Incubus System Chapter 367. Hallucination or Reality IV

Ethan's PoV

11.34 PM

My servants' laughter accompanied our steps as we passed through my portal.

[The portal has closed! ]

"It was so hilarious," Luna said as soon as we arrived at my house's living room. Her chuckles sounded between her words.

"Did you see her face" said Foxy excitedly.

"Yeah. She freaked out like crazy," Ivy replied with giggles.

"Her arrogant face turned pale as soon as she saw my Spectres," added Yuffy.

"It suited her," said Maria with a smirk.

While I listened to their conversation in silence and held my chuckles. We managed to execute my plan successfully, even better than I expected. The plan was quite simple for me since they played the most part. I just acted as the bait and pretended to be out of the Gym building to get Elenna's attention. After succeeding, I mingled with the crowd to get her subordinates' attention. While Ivy used her Manipulation skill to lure Elenna. Once we managed to separate them, I simply let them catch me and accepted their interview.

As for the rest, Foxy played as another Ethan to surprise her and Yuffy summoned her Spectres to scare Elenna. There should only be two demon hunters in my first plan, Luna and Maria. But Ivy decided to play as another demon hunter after her part was finished. I could say they did a good job. Overdid it, maybe. Especially after I saw how freaked out Elenna was. I bet it would cause a real trauma in her. Even if it was a bad thing for her, on the positive side, I hoped Elenna didn't do anything reckless again. I meant, chasing the news while risking her life was the dumbest thing I had ever seen. I hoped this incident could make her value her life more.

Even though the plan was going well. Some things were beyond my expectations. Like Ruby and Larry's presence. Especially Nathan. I didn't think he would appear and tie me with his Holy Chain just to prove my innocence. But luckily, I could play along and hold my reflex. Even though his warning was irritating me, I was sure it was enough to dismiss the presumption that I was a demon hunter or vice versa. So the spotlight wasn't on me anymore.

But one thing surprised me today... It was how Ruby and Larry reacted to what Nathan did to me. Despite their attitude, they did not hesitate to use their skills to protect me and almost attacked Nathan in public. I was sure it almost got them to commit a violation but it made me happy. Emma even said that they were worried that I would be afraid of the demon hunters because of what Nathan did to me. Unfortunately, I could only talk to Emma via Telepathy since she was securing another area. As for Nathan, based on what he did, I could say he was kinda crazy and looked like a villain more than me.

"Oh, you guys are home already." Celia's cheerful voice accompanied by her steps down the stairs broke my thoughts and silenced my servants.

"Have you guys met with Elenna Should we execute the plan now" said Celia excitedly as soon as she arrived in front of us. I guessed she didn't know that the Ravenetwork had already interviewed me. Well, the reporters had told me it wasn't a live interview. They chose to record it since Elenna wasn't with them. After all, Larry and Ruby forbid them to do a live one.

"What's with this sudden silence" Celia asked again. Her eyes looked at our guilty faces one by one. The smile on her face started to disappear as she started to sense something was wrong with us.

We glanced at each other and smiled awkwardly.

"Um... Actually, due to something unexpected, we've been carrying out the plan without you," I admitted.

"What Why Was this attack that bad" she whined. Celia looked disappointed since she missed all the fun.

"Yes. Even though there are not many victims, the damage is quite severe. Besides, Nathan is there. He will recognize you for sure," I explained.

"What about you I bet he also recognized you," Celia complained with a frown.

“I met him as Damian, remember I reminded her.

She clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes to the side.

"Oh C'mon. Ruby is crazy about you and dad was the best demon hunter. Are you sure he doesn't know who you are"

'Ah... She's sharp,' I thought. A long breath escaped my mouth.

"He does recognize me. But that shouldn't be a problem since I've never met him before. Also, he only said I should have some guts." I realized he knew that I was Ethan from there.

Hearing my last words, Celia's face turned serious.

"Wait... Did you fight him" she guessed.

"Yes, in my Demonic Form. But don't worry. I keep Ethan Strongheart's name as a good citizen," I reassured her. Although it sounded simple, it would not only affect me. But also Celia and the people around me.

"I see..." Celia said in relief. Still, that didn't mean her disappointment had disappeared. She lowered her head a bit.

"I wonder if there will be another same opportunity in the future," she muttered.

Foxy took the initiative to hug her in hope that Celia would feel better.

"I'm not sure about that. I bet Elenna doesn't want to know anything related to demons anymore now," said Luna bluntly since she didn't want to give Celia empty hopes.

"Yeah . . . Actually, I'm pretty surprised she didn't pass out earlier," Ivy added, just to tell how badly they had done it.

Another long breath left my mouth.

"You guys overdid it," I warned them. Luckily Elenna didn't have any congenital illness or anything that could kill her.

"And you guys look happy about it..." Celia said with a pout.

"Well, it can't be helped. We are demons after all," reasoned Maria with a shrug.

"Okay. Since the game is over, I think we should move into a real thing now," I tried to change the topic.

"Like... Another sex play" teased Ivy. Which was followed by a giggle from my other servants. Yeah, we just finished doing our night Ritual.

"No. I want to discuss a few things since Lord Damon has permitted me to go to the Dark Dimension in two days," I said straight to the point.

My words managed to turn all my servants' faces into a serious one and made Celia look at me in surprise.

"What did you say" she said in disbelief.

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