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The Incubus System Chapter 370. The Angels Fairytale II

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The Incubus System Chapter 370. The Angel's Fairytale II

Quietly, she closed her book. From her expression, I knew she wasn't interested in reading it anymore. In an instant, her book shattered into pieces of white light.

"When" she asked in a grim tone.

"In two days. So... Tomorrow is our last meeting," I said.

"Is that so..." she muttered. After that, she fell silent. Her silence made this room feel even more empty.

I turned to the side and looked at her sadly. Just like Celia, I was sure this was a huge blow for her. The difference was, I had hardly been away from Celia for too long before. I remembered the longest was 7 days. It was when I took a short summer camp in elementary school. While in Puriel's case, even though we had only met for a few days, she would lose her only friend.

"Puriel..." I called her name and extended my hand to her. But before I could touch her, she climbed on top of me and leaned her face to me. Her hands were on both sides of my head.

"It's a great great grandaunt for you." Despite her words, her expression said something else.

The silence took over our conversation as our eyes were on each other. It was the first time we were so close. Even though our bodies were transparent, her face was only a few centimeters from mine. From her expression, it was clear she was holding back her tears.

"I promise I'll see you as soon as I get back from there," I whispered. My departure wasn't only to help Lord Damon, but I also planned to claim my position as the Demon Prince after the battle was over. I hoped the battle could prove that I deserved it. That way, I could meet and communicate with her more easily.

Rather than answer me with words, her body descended on me. Her hands hugged me tightly. Indeed, I felt nothing since we were simply no different from Yuffy's Spectres. But I could feel her feelings... Her sincerity and how bad she didn't want to lose me.

"Puriel..." I called her name once more.

"Please think again, Ethan... The dark dimension is a terrible place. You could lose your life there..." she begged. But I didn't answer her since I was sure she already knew my answer.

"I'm afraid I'll lose you. I don't want to be alone anymore..." she whispered.

"You can use your dream spell on my sister. That way you guys can keep each other company," I suggested. That way Celia could find out a lot about the light dimension from her.

"As long as her seal isn't broken yet, I can't do it. I can only connect myself to certain people. People with above average magic power, more than an average magician. Otherwise, I wouldn't be this desperate. " Although I didn't know how strong an average magician back in medieval times was, I guessed their power was above an average demon hunter or the palace guards. Otherwise, she should be able to use her dream spell on them.

My hands moved to hug her gently, even though I couldn't touch her.

"Then... Please wait for my return." I was at a loss for words so that was all I could say to her.

"What if you don't come back" she said in a trembling voice.

"I'm not that weak, you know. Don't underestimate me," I clarified. It was not something I could control, but at least I tried.

But she didn't reply to me. A long silence followed. Yet none of us felt awkward about it.

"I'll be waiting for you tomorrow..." That was all she said before an announcement appeared in front of me.

[The dream spell has been canceled.]

[You will be out of the dream world in 5… 4… 3… 2…1]

I woke up with a mixed feeling. There was a reluctant feeling in my heart since I had to say this to all my partners. Even though they already predicted this, I was sure this would be a hard goodbye for them. But what could I do Nothing...

"Who knew it could be this difficult" I muttered.


Although it felt heavy, I decided to tell my departure to my partners right after I woke up. No, not only to my partners but also to Larry and Tiffany. Then I helped Celia to tidy up her clothes. I also didn't forget to pay all the bills and give Celia some money, so she could buy whatever she wanted during this holiday.

Just like Celia and Puriel, my other partners were also shocked by it. But most of them could understand it. Rather than a farewell party, they just wanted to meet me at Creststream's Mansion before I left. They said they didn't want to give me more burden and chose to believe that I would return safely.

Worse than me, Ivy and Maria were very busy taking care of all their affairs before they could leave for an 'important business trip' later. Well, Maria was the busiest among us since Ivy still had Camila and Olivia to manage the company, while she had none. She even had Miranda to take care of. So she could only depend on Myra's trustee confidants.

Upon what happened last night, again, Celia and I ate breakfast in silence. While the others decided to avoid our gloomy atmosphere and watched TV with the excuse of finding out about yesterday's attack. As I expected, rather than my interview, it was Elenna who managed to become Today's Highlight News. Not on her own channel, of course. But I was quite satisfied after putting her in the same position as me. As for Ravenetwork, they chose to cover it with other news. Like the stock market statistics and the damage from last night's attack.

"Thank you for the food, Celia," I said as I finished my breakfast.

And Celia only replied to me with a faint smile. Without answering, she tidied the dishes and washed them. I knew she prepared a special breakfast for me since the food was more fancy and nutritious than usual.

It was a quiet breakfast. Too quiet, since she didn't reply to what I said. I wished she could act warmer before I left. In a few seconds, my wish came true in another way. Celia's scream broke the silence accompanied by a foul stench piercing my nose and an announcement that appeared in front of me.

[!!! Warning!!! ]

[Another Demon detected!]

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