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The Incubus System Chapter 371. The Cute Messenger

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The Incubus System Chapter 371. The Cute Messenger

I got up from my seat and let out my Demonic Spike in reflex. Celia ran and hid behind me. While all my servants were also in their attack stances. Whoever the demon was, he was clearly unlucky.

But I held my attack as soon as I saw a small demon coming out of a crack that was the size of a rathole. His shape was similar to a small rat, a black hamster to be precise, with a pair of bat wings on his back. Even though his sheep-like horns above his head indicated his status. His face looked cute and innocent. A small backpack in the middle of the wings, making it look like most pet's costumes.

[Name: Innocent Winged Rat]

[Level: 2 ]

[HP: 101 /101]

[DP: 39/39]

Seeing my spikes, The Winged Rat curled in fear.

"Nuuu, dun hurt me!" he said with a child-like tone. It was not just the tone, his voice also made him sound like a 3 years old boy.

"That mouse can talk" said Celia in confusion. From there, I assumed she screamed because she thought he was a real mouse.

"It's okay, Your Highness. He is The King's personal messenger. Kir," Luna said as she undid her attack stance. Likewise with Yuffy.

Upon her words, I canceled my skill. My gaze was on Kir's small trembling body.

'That little hamster is The Demon King's personal messenger Seriously, what's wrong with Lord Damon' From his low level and small body, I was not sure he could fight other demons. I didn't even see anything that could be his weapon. For me... He wasn't different from a normal hamster. Lord Damon should have a more powerful messenger than that hamster.

"I'm delivering something from The king," Kir said. Quickly, he ran over to Luna and opened his backpack. His hand took out a black orb the size of a marble from inside it and gave it to Luna.

"Herew's the key. It will be active tomorrow at 02.00 PM so make sure you don't miss the time. Also, The king will send four of his elite soldiers to replace your duties," he said.

And Luna took it.

"I understand."

"That's it for now." The winged rat wore his backpack again.

"Cya tomowwow." He ran towards the crack, but I stopped him.

"Wait a second."

He stood on his two legs and turned to me.

"Whaw is it" He tilted his head a bit and looked at me with an innocent face.

"Why do we need the key I thought Lord Damon could open their access remotely," I asked.

"That's because The King has closed all access to the human world, blocked all portal devices owned by his soldiers and pulled back all of his subordinates a week ago. You are the only ones left here," he replied. Similar to the demon hunter's Compass, my generals also had a magic tech device that allowed them to enter the human world by sending a signal to the command center. But, rather than a watch, each of them could turn into something different. For example, Luna disguised it as the bell on her tail. Maria used it as the crest on her collar. While Yuffy turned it into her cellphone and Ivy as her small earring. When they said The King had closed their access, it meant the command center had denied their request.

"Then, what about the new elite soldiers What about their food" I asked.

"Don't worry. The king has provided them with sufficient food supplies and will send me to deliver their needs if your business is not finished on time. Since all of them have given their loyalty to The King you don't need to doubt them. So you can put your full concentration on the Dark Dimension," said the Winged Rat with a smile.

"Food supplies" I asked with a frown, asking him to explain further what he meant since all I could think of was a human body. Although he could have meant the devil fruits.

"Yes. They will bring their ration packs. So you don't have to worry."

'They even have ration packs' Somehow it made me curious about the dark dimension's staple food since all I knew was the fruit. While I had never asked my generals.

"Ow, one more thing, they didn't come to protect the humans. But only your sister and your girls," he added.

I was kinda surprised Lord Damon could notice such a small thing and I admitted, it eased my worries.

"Thank you for your answer."

"Kay. Cya tomowwow." Then he ran into the crack.

Their attention was immediately on the small orb in Luna's hand.

"That's the key How do we use it" said Foxy curiously.

"I'll tell you how later. Besides, it can't be used until tomorrow," answered Luna with a smile. Her tail came closer to her hand and once it got close enough, the orb went inside her bell.

Unlike her, rather than the key, I was more interested in why Lord Damon decided to block his subordinates' access. Although I hoped my guess was wrong, the only thing that came to my mind was, he had discovered betrayal among his subordinates. That's why he took this drastic measure.

My cellphone's message ringtone broke my thoughts. I took it from the dining table and checked it.

Larry: I'm at the coffee shop now. Where are you

Yes, after I messaged him this morning, he asked me to grab a coffee at a cafe near my place. I guessed he wanted to ask about my sudden trip and make sure it wasn't because of what happened yesterday. Either because of the interview, Elenna or Nathan.

'Isn't our meeting at 10:30 AM'

I looked at the clock on my cellphone.

10.19 AM.

It was rare for him to arrive so early like this, but it showed how worried he was. I typed my reply.

Me: Wait for me. I'm on my way.

After I sent it, I turned to Celia.

"I'm going out to meet Larry. Once I get back, we're going to Peace Blossom Square." I decided to spend some time hanging around with Celia and some of my partners today.

"Okay," replied Celia.

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