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The Incubus System 37 Chapter 36. Tame Me

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"Pearl Seabloom, should I the one who asks you why you are here Are you tired of playing around at Treasure Reef" Mia's gaze turned sharply as she approached us. Her expression turned serious.

Treasure Reef is a large island that belongs to the Kraken's descendants. The island has enormous natural resources, especially in the seas around it.

"I want to find my man, is that wrong" replied Pearl curtly.

"A Kraken's descendant is looking for her man among humans Didn't you say that all humans were stupid and weak" Mia said as she sat on the small sofa. A mocking smile developed on her face.

Pearl snorted in annoyance and tilted her head away from Mia.

"I changed my mind."

"I didn't know you knew each other," I said. Actually, it was an indirect question about their relationship because they didn't look like friends but seeing Mia still willing to sit with us, it seems like they aren't enemies either. But from their conversation, I can guess their relationship is not that good.

"We only meet at official events as our race representatives. So we have to behave like good friends although our opinions are always different," answered Pearl. She returned her gaze to Mia.

"Then what are you doing here Are you tried to neglected your duty and fooling around with humans"

"This is my exile period," Mia answered curtly.

"Exile period" I asked. I have heard of Lamia's mating period but have never heard their exile period.

"It is my kingdom's rule. A crown princess must live outside the kingdom for 5 years to prove that she deserves to be a queen. During that time the kingdom will not provide any assistance since this rule's purpose is to make the future queen experience how the commoner's lives outside the Serpent Rock kingdom, "Mia explained. She shifted her gaze back to Pearl.

"And of course this should be kept a secret," her threatening tone was clearly heard from her voice.

Pearl pressed her lips when she realized she shouldn't call her 'Your Highness' or bring up her status in front of me.

"I'll keep it a secret." After a brief explanation, I understood why she was here and why as long as she lived next door to me there wasn't any luxurious facility that showed her status. Even faced difficulties when her mating period came.

"Thank you, Damian," Mia said, looking at me gently.

"May I know why you want to meet me" I asked.

Mia glanced at Pearl briefly then returned her gaze to me.

"I ..." She paused and returned her glance at Pearl before shifting back at me. Then she bowed her head to cover her blushing face.

"I miss you," she said in a soft voice.

"Tonight Damian has promised to serve me and he will definitely be exhausted after doing it. So I hope you can come another time," she said curtly.

A burst of laughter came out of my mouth as soon as I heard her words. Exhausted It was clear she was the one who begged me to stop yesterday. Ever since I became an incubus, my stamina seems endless, especially for sex. Every time I finish doing it, my stamina is fully charge along with my Demonic Power. It doesn't matter for me to do it so many times. Also with my Demonic Erection skill, I can make my cock tense and enlarge without having to do any foreplay. Even I don't want to admit it, but I am a perfect sex machine now.

"Are you sure I'll be exhausted Weren't you the one who asked me to stop yesterday" I teased her.

Quickly, Pearl raised her head and looked at me irritably.

"Damiannnn," she sulked.

A teasing smile spread across Mia's face as her eyes looked at Pearl in disparage.

"Oh ~ really If I was not mistaken a few years ago, someone said that no one could defeat a Kraken's descendant during mating. She even said she could incapacitate ten men easily before they could touch her. "

Pearl returned Mia's gaze with the same gaze.

"Damian is different from the others. How about you Are you able to defeat him Didn't you say that with your Medusa's eye skills, no one can defeat you in bed" she replied.

"That's ..." Mia glanced back at me with a red face.

"I was in exile, I couldn't use that skill carelessly, of course, I lost to him," she defended herself.

"Hmph! Lame excuse!" replied Pearl curtly.

I sighed, this debate will never end.

"Can't you get along with each other" I said, trying to calm them down.

Both of them exchanged glances and looked at me as a mischievous smirk developed on their faces. I quickly grasped the hidden intent from them.

Pearl drew closer to me while Mia moved from her sofa to my other side.

"Then what if you become our judge" said Pearl.

"For what" I said confused.

"Of course, to determine which one of us is better," Mia replied.

"Now choose who's the first, " Pearl said again.

Okay... This is bad, they put me in a difficult position because whoever wins the other will be upset, our relationship will eventually deteriorate. In addition, I also do not like to compare people because, for me, everyone has their own strength and weakness.

"Both of you are royalty, I don't think this is a good idea," I said.

"It doesn't matter for me. Although I come from a royal family, Lamia does this with many men because our male and female difference ratio is too high," Mia replied.

I have heard that the comparison between Lamia and Python is 1:50, so polyandry is a normal thing for Lamia.

As I thought of how to avoid this unuseful competition, Pearl suddenly spoke.

"Same with me, all-male Kraken's descendants do polygamy while the female has been taught how to make our partner happy so they can't look away from us." Her eyes looked at Mia with determination.

I sighed once more as I realized I could not escape from this competition. An idea suddenly crossed my mind.

"Okay, I'll be the judge." My eyes are turned to Pearl.

"Is there a private room with a bed here"

"Follow me," Pearl said as she stood up and walked toward the other door in the room, while we followed her.

Our feet stepped into another room, a large bed shaped like a large clam in the middle of it with a soft blue carpet underneath. A dim blue light mixed with warm yellow light illuminated the room. While the room design was made as if we were at sea.

"I designed it myself. This room is the same as my room in Treasure Reef," Pearl said proudly.

"I didn't know you were good at this," I said. My feet walked in while my eyes looked around the room.

"Thank you," Pearl answered.

"Then who is the first" Mia asked.

"I don't want to be unfair. That's why I want to change the rules," I said casually.

"What do you mean" Pearl asked in confusion.

I took off my shoes and gave them a seductive smirk.

"The rules are simple, the winner is the one who can tame me in bed." My hands moved to unbutton my shirt one by one while my eyes were fixed on them. I know with my ability I could not lose at this, therefore I plan to make the result of this competition a draw. That way I can defuse their quarrel without having to make one of them feel defeated.

Mia frowned as she began to understand what I meant.

"Damian ... Do you want to do it with both of us at the same time"

"That's right," I said as my hand dropped my shirt to the floor, showing them my upper body clearly.

"And this time I won't resist at all," I tempted them.

They exchanged glances after hearing my offer. Every time I have sex I always position myself as dominant because of my demonic instinct, offering my position as submissive is certainly tempting for them. But of course, it was only limited to my movement, I couldn't promise that I wouldn't use my skills at all.

Another evil smirk developed on their lips then their gaze shifted at me.

"Then I hope you don't regret your words, Damian," Mia said as she approached me slowly.

"Looks like I'll get a new toy today ~," Pearl said excitedly.

"Please go easy on me."

Note: Python is male Lamia.-

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